Thursday, August 6, 2020

Dems pull out all the stops!

As we turn the corner going in to the last few month before the Nov 3rd election cycle. Attempts by the Left to railroad the results were swinging into high gear!

Voter fraud via mail in ballots, is currently showing up in many key swing states. This non partisan effort to employ easily corrupted mail-in ballots, was a key part of the Democrats corrupt strategy to try and steal the 2020 election. Early on, in 2020, it was apparent that the Left was going to milk the Covid-19 virus for all it was worth. (After all, a key concept of that Party is to never waste a crisis).

In connection to the virus, the Democrats have employed the time tested method of dragging their feet whenever and where ever possible. As a result, I feel that they have been instrumental in the deaths to tens of thousands who might otherwise have survived.

For his part, candidate Joe Biden is staying out of the public eye as much as possible. (Even the few brief televised appearances made it very plain that Joe is suffering from rapidly progressing dementia). And Joe, you will remember, was the best candidate out of a very large group of Presidential contenders early on, in the selection process... At least he was the only one that wasn't calling for an outright switch to full socialism. (A concept he is now fully endorsing along with gun confiscation, open borders and more extreme ideas).

To add to a feeling of an episode of living in the Twilight Zone, the mass media seems to be on a mission to erase history, twist everything the Right puts out and to outright lie at every turn if events do not fit their skewed narratives.

Caught in the middle of everything, are good and decent Democrats and Republicans, who are literately watching their cities burn. Those who endorse antifa and BLM are traitors, in my view. We seem to have allowed a very corrupt and evil group of individuals to divide us for ever more.

Monday, August 3, 2020

This is not what the media wants to show!

While the people who are uneducated concerning viral outbreaks worry over the increased number of new cases (due to increased testing and media coverage), those in the know only watch the rate of new deaths! That number, be it rising or falling, is the true indicator of how the disease is progressing.

Above is a graph through May 30 (the latest compiled figures) that shows the rapid rates for death and then the equally dramatic drop in the rate of death, in the US, from combined loses due to influenza, pneumonia and Covid-19. Note that even back in May of 2020, the rate of death was approach the normal baseline. This is information that the fake media does not want to get out!

Thursday, July 30, 2020

A darkness creeps over the land!

If one thing could be said about the United States, these past few years, it would be wow! Ever since the election of Donald Trump to office in 2016 the country has been on a roller coaster. Even with the combined might of the mass media and the Democratic Party, great strides were made on many fronts. Unemployment among blacks were at a historic low. Women, of all color, saw impressive gains in hourly wages and salaries. Historic trade mistakes were corrected with a resultant flow of money into the US, not out of it. It was as though as light had been turned on in a room that had been dark for eight long years. America was back and stronger than ever!

Then, January of 2020 happened. It was an elections year and almost as if on que, things began to unravel due to the China virus. The Left and the Media say this as the perfect opportunity to unseat Trump in November. Rather than rally around the flag, the Left choose to weaponize the Covid-19 virus with daily assaults and second guessing the President actions. The result, predictably, was chaos. Trillions were spent just to keep the economy afloat as things got worst under a fog of fear perpetrated by the Democrats and an all too willing mass media. The light that was, was no more.

Now with August, just around the corner, the rhetoric has been turned up even higher with calls for more shock troops like BLM and Antifa to go out to burn, trash and hurt Democratic run cities. The message was very clear. Elect Biden or there will be more of the same! Then, there was the spreading of fear....

Fear is one of the biggest motivators that there is, and the Democratic Party's 'machine of doom and gloom' ramped up into full gear as the summer arrived. No longer interested in the spreading of only misinformation, the Democrats unleashed a smorgasbord of outright lies that blamed Trump for just about anything and everything. When the Nation needed a level headed approach, which Trump provided, the Left attempted to convince the public that somehow Trump was completely to blame, even as the Governor of NY lead older people to almost certain death in elderly homes and subways...

Fear was also the hallmark of what happened after George Floyd was killed by offices on May the 25th in Minneapolis. What started as a justified protest, saw even the burning down of protesters places of business (WTF). Very quickly, (after Antifa forces were already in place before Floyd's death), they hijacked the movement and turned it into a ongoing terrorist action. Other groups of terrorists were also bused into other cities to light more fires, to spread more fear and to divide more people. And, I would lay at the feet, of all who were hurt, the Democratic Party and their bitches, aka CNN and MSNBC.

So, American voters do have a choice. They can move in a conservative direction the brings the hope of light, freedom and prosperity.... or they can move the other way. November will be the tell all.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Hiedies restaurant in Taneyville!

Taneyville Mo. - As the number of restaurants continued to shrink due to the virus, I found myself exploring new venues that were further afield.

A friend of mine opined that Hiedies located off Hwy 76 in Taneyville might be something for me to try. Their breakfast menu had one or two offerings that I found interesting;

At left, I noticed that they offered a 'Country Platter' that looked similar to an item offered by the now closed Long Horn Family Dining. With coffee, I was guessing that this meal-a-deal would come in at about ten dollars. That fit my budget and so I planned to stop there in the near future and to give them a try. I'll publish an update here when I do.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

The Forsyth Missouri City Council decided on 7/22 to require face masks be worn at all times. No end date was set for this ordinance! Why? I have no clue other than the exercise of political power or the spreading of fear. Whatever the reason, the net effect will be to further kill local business while having little, to no effect, on saving lives. As of July 23, Taney County Missouri had a total of only three deaths since the start of January! This out of a population of 56K.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

The next viral wave? Yes! It's coming to a town near you!

One aspects of life in America will be the coming of the fall viral wave, whether it's imaginary or not. 

I'm very sure that the Democrats, in conjunction with media outlets like CNN and MSNBC, are even now putting the finishing touches on scripts that will be designed to intimidate millions of Americans this conning fall. When one thinks about it, it's almost too hard to pass up.

What we're talking about is real power to change not only the outcome of the November elections, but to also to have the Democrats tighten an already secure grip of fear over the citizens of a 'formerly' great Republic.

No matter how large or insignificant the influenza and Covid-19 resurgence might be, the left leaning media will surely paint its arrival with a very broad brush stroke. Rumors (started by them) will likely abound. Schools will remain closed, the economy will begin to tank with renewed vigor and the Democrats will be quietly celebrating the destruction of a Nation.

Is this some wild theory of mine? Not really, as the forces of evil are out and about even on this day! They're doing their best to be a wrecking ball for the economy. (You see the worse off everyone is, the more likely it will be that a man with true dementia will be elected President on November the 4th). Want proof?

Beginning in August, figures that are part of the deep state (aka Pelosi, Nadler, Schumner et al) will begin to really ramp up their doom and gloom forecasts (if that's even possible). And, what's this? Almost magically, there will be rumors coming out of China of yet another accident! Everyone will panic while thinking, 'Gee, what a coincidence!'