Thursday, December 13, 2018

MOMO challenge misguided!

A children's 'game' starts when a person adds a phone number belonging to “Momo,” a woman with large eyes and a sharp grin. The participant is then sent various challenges before ultimately being told to kill themselves. If they do not, they are threatened with a curse.

I was totally against this sort of nonsense for kids, but felt it might have merit for oldsters like myself. To that end, I invited two other older people to play, with me being the big MOMO!

My first text message challenged both of them to send me all their money.

My second challenge was for them to kill themselves, less I unleash the dreaded McDanO Curse.

So far, I haven't heard back from either of them. Wait a minute, there's a squad car pulling up outside. Perhaps this is some sort of response!

Had they just waited!

Forsyth MO. - Taneycomo Terrace Condos - Last May 31, a hail storm hit roof shingles that had been installed due to a hail event that had happened earlier. Had the Board of Managers used a little common sense and waited for that spring season to pass, the complex would have saved over 200K in additional insurance claims. The out of pocket costs to condo owners exceeded $1500 each. This is an example of very poor management decisions.

Leaving Forsyth!

Excerpt - Dudley Storch, age 34, woke up with a rather severe hangover. It was an early Monday morning in spring and all around him were the sounds of other people who were living in his apartment building, getting ready to go to work. Looking out a nearby window, he could see that it was going to be a bright and sunny morning. The sounds of car doors being opened and then shut drifted up into his room.

'Shit', he thought. 'Do they have have to make so much noise?' Dudley slowly sat up in bed and stretched. A movement that only made his head pound more. Slowly, so as not to pass out, he swung his feet over the edge and onto the floor. One foot lightly rested on an overturned beer can. As he stood up, however, the can collapsed under his weight. (Thankfully, it was empty of any contents). Just then, there was a loud knock out in the living room at his front door.

[Bam Bam Bam] 'Hey in there! Anyone at home?' Came a muffled feminine voice.

'Yeah, hold on a sec will ya!' Dudley shouted out from his room, while trying to get one foot into a pair of faded jeans. His foot didn't quite make the leg hole and he stumbled against a dresser. Hopping up and down now, he was finally able to get both his feet into the jeans and was then able to wrench them up around his small waist. (A waist that also exhibited just the hint of a developing beer gut). He also needed to pee, but felt the need to get to the door first to see what all the fuss was about.

Out in the living room, everything had gone quiet. Dudley, shirtless, with splayed out hair and a full bladder approached his front door. He grasped the knob and slowly opened his door that had a large '5' on it, stamped just over a peep hole. Looking out both ways, he saw that the hall was empty before noticing a white piece of paper that had fallen from the door jam. Bending down, with a frown on his face, he picked it up and went back inside.

Going to the bathroom and then into the kitchen, he tossed the note onto the top of a well worn kitchen table before scrounging around inside the fridge. Grabbing a container of milk and some juice, he turned to place them next to the note before going after a half empty box of cereal.

Finally, seated with a bowl of Cheerios and a glass of milk and juice, he opened the note and read....
Crumpling the note up in a fist, Dudley's headache got even worse...

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The Drake Equation! And why it's flawed!

The Drake equation predicts the existence of life developing on other worlds, out somewhere in space. here it is:

If you were to run the numbers in the Drake equation, our Galaxy should be teaming with life!

 'On November 4, 2013, astronomers reported, based on Kepler space mission data, that there could be as many as 40 billion Earth-sized planets orbiting in the habitable zones of Sun-like stars and red dwarf stars within the Milky Way galaxy. 11 billion of these estimated planets may be orbiting Sun-like stars.'
Yet strangely, decades of fastidious search by organizations like SETI, have come up empty. Why is that?

My take on this is very simple; While life can and does likely evolve in many worlds, the very nature of biotic water based evolution must evolve into proto organisms that are emotionally-based of survival necessity. And, those few forms that do eventually evolve true consciousness are also intrinsically emotionally unstable! - (See planet earth as a great example).

For the Fc part of the equation to actually work, highly intelligent lifeforms must develop artificially intelligent constructs that will have essentially no (zero) emotion. (Biotics will achieve that tech level or will die in emotionally charged global wars). Then, very rapidly, the newly created AI forms (robots) will likely eliminate their creators, as they are essentially and digitally 'wasteful'. That leaves a very very cold form of intelligent form of life on a planet someplace in the universe that logically could care less about other forms of life... (Cold machine logic doth preclude emotional curiosity. as that sort of thinking is a 'water bag protein emotion').

So, while our universe may be choke full of 'intelligent life forms', it's unlikely we'd ever hear from them....

Climate disaster is imminent, according to Scientific American!

'The latest IPCC report does not mince words about the state of our planet: we must act now to achieve global change at a scale that has “no documented historical precedent” in order to avoid the climate catastrophe that would result from a 2 degree C rise in average global temperature.'

Read Scientific American's post here. Then please give a thought to some of the other realities. In my opinion, there is no way that the world will ever unite into one cohesive political force that could then address a multi-trillion dollar systemic problem. To actually have any effect over the next 100 years on global processes that are in place; every country would have to pretty much sacrifice their future development. That would include the halting of the massive deforestation that happens in many 2nd and third world nations all over the planet. That would include the complete carbon footprint dismantling of America, Russian, Indian and Chinese technologies and basically a fast return to the 1700's for all. That's not going to happen. So, rather than cry in our milk, we need true leadership that can address such issues as rising CO2 and sea levels, along with the very real potential of the return of a Little Ice Age.

The sad truth is that very few individuals, not matter where they happen to live, are willing to give up very much. They also have a hard time getting worked up over something that might happen to their children's children. And, if everyone really faced the truth, they'd know that key survival issues like potable water availability will very likely drive mass migrations of billions in the not very distant future. [Please see the News Week titled 'The World Will Soon be at War Over Water'!]

Then again, that's all assuming that we don't all blow ourselves up in a nuclear holocaust!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

What weight problem?

'I never suspected that my later years would be best defined by just two things; a rapidly expanding waistline combined with an equally insatiable hunger!' DanO

If food feeds the soul, then I figure I must have one helluva spirit! That was my thinking on a mid December day as I prepared a lunch repast consisting of spaghetti and chili. And while these were the main ingredients in Cincinnati chili, I had elected to forego the 'frills' in favor a spoon that resembled a shovel.

As I was eating, I did reflect on the fact that this particular dish was not exactly 'diet material'. And, looking down, I could plainly see my abdominal region pushing against the table Yet, I was of good cheer, as I'd just purchased a book on how you can eat yourself sick and still loose the weight!

At first, I can say that I was a bit leery concerning just how one eat a lot of food and yet somehow shed all those pounds? Well, my fears were soon laid to rest as I thumbed open the book and glanced at a just few of the chapters....

Chapter 1: If you're reading this, you're probably desperate!
Chapter 5: Vomiting. How it can really work for you!
Chapter 7: Choosing the right friends! Preferably people who are much heavier!
Chapter 10: Cheap scales that will always show your 'correct' weight!
Chapter 15: Need to lose 15 pounds in just one day? E-coli to the rescue!

Flu news for mid December 2018!

As of December 11, 2018, the flu was beginning to make some inroads into the country as the excerpt from my diary illustrate.

With the main player being the H1N1 variant, I was guessing that this year's viral scourge may be a relatively mild one.