Sunday, April 22, 2018

Wilco. I'll fight!

This video compilation is all about America, the heart of Americans and why we will fight to the death to preserve our freedoms! God Bless the United States and damn to hell those who would seek to destroy this Republic!

Good men will always seek to find even better women and then hope to begin a family. And so, a community does arise. Add a dose of luck, some hard work and a church and...well enough said by this aged gnome... 

Where is God? Right fucking here, I think! God is the dawn of each and every day of your lives. Walk, live and love in His light. For He is the bright star shining above your heads! [And He don't do typin vryt well...] Best light on this topic. No one in FB will ever visit this site. For they have none..

OK, so as you see who I am.. see this! 

Guys! Grab up your balls. Women, cross you legs. And let us stand!

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