Thursday, October 20, 2016

Critique: Texas Style Buttermilk biscuits!

While in the midst of yet another failing diet, I of course made the decision to make up a batch of biscuits, Texas Style Buttermilk biscuits to be more accurate from the fine folks at Best Choice! I also figured to make up a small pot of brown gravy, figuring that the two items would be a dandy way to completely sabotage my weight loss efforts.

At a cost of only $1.34 for the biscuits and .79 cents for the gravy, I figured this would make for a great meal on the cheap! And, anyway what could go wrong? And, as it turned out, nothing!

The biscuits took only eleven minutes in the convection oven set to 375ºF and the gravy was also a snap to make. At the last minute, I added a scrambled egg and small glass of tomato juice to the meal and still ended up at only about 400 calories!

The biscuits were pretty near perfect as was the gravy from the people at McCormick! And, my only real worry was just how fast I was going to motor through the other eight remaining biscuits over the next couple of days! The whole deal, including the tomato juice came in at under fifty cents!

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