Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Psychology 401! Lifehouse and Learn You Inside Out!

 "Each day, we rise and 'put on our best face' and then go out bravely, 
to weather the storm that is our life!" Dan Owen

Welcome my very fine net travelers from the other post!

Please do watch this most interesting video. Also, please carefully observe and perhaps learn something more than I have thus far! Lots to see here and thoughtfully gather from the lyrics of this emblematic song by Lifehouse! Personally, I think there are at least 'nine or more statements of life and living' all synergistically going on in this video/song combo....

Insight: I really believe that our living God is real and is a very dynamic part of my life and has always been so. His 'music' runs and thrills constantly into the very core of my being; an intrinsic living vibration, existing in the deepest parts of me, very much like a live electrical wire. A 'wire of life' that firmly connects me with this oftentimes insane reality. And then, just perhaps, to a much higher reality...mostly in my dreams. And then, there is the 'in your face God', who challenges us all as we go living our lives from day to day. Life is truly a mystery to me... This particular YouTube video and song came to me years ago, and I could not hear it very well, as my father was dying at the time. Later on, I could hear and understand the subtle nuances loud and clear... it's called being human and I now (in 2107) think I see life through a clearer lens, or maybe not. [Edit 60]

Lyrics by Lifehouse - > Learn You Inside Out

Sit, my feet on the ground...
It feels like the world's... gravity drowns!
When I'm with you, I'm high...

Oh, and instead of hiding my face
My minds in your eyes
Can your love embrace... me as I am?

Will the silence you stare at the world
Your eyes are screaming to be heard
I wanna learn you inside out...

And when time, is not on our side,
All we have is now
For the rest of our lives

Let's stay up all night...

In the silence you stare at the world
Your eyes are screaming to be heard
I wanna learn you inside out

All the changes each time
Can't keep you inside of me!
You're out of my mind
I wear you on my sleeve...

In the silence, you stare at the world
Your eyes are screaming to be heard
I wanna learn you inside out
I see all that you wanna be
Into your soul looking right back at me
I wanna learn you inside out...
We seem to be becoming increasingly strange(r) to each other, sometimes even in our own homes... As of (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017) it seems to me that we might just have a rather treacherous group of individuals running things behind closed doors. I feel more and more like a dumb sheep, just waiting to be sheared...

And so, as my father lived as a young man, and who worked a fighter plane in WWII and who killed the enemy. And so, who as a young man suffered those horrible acts of war time and yet who grew me up to young adulthood. A man who paid so dearly later on, with me never really knowing how he suffered each day. All this, at a time in my life, when everything truly sparkled for me growing up in the 60's and 70's... Fuck me forever....
Now, brave souls, on wards to ear bending stuff!

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