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Key points to a successful eatery!

Any venue that serves food to the general public is only as good as the people that work as employees and that make the place what it is; great, fair or poor. That's for starters. But, to be a success at all, it starts with the owner and then flows downwards from there. A great owner or owners can make all the difference and most people know that in their guts! Next in line come General Managers, Assistant managers, cooks and servers. In some setups, a guy or girl may wear more than one hat. But, it must be remembered that everyone involved that's their cues from the person or persons over them and that perception continues right up to the top!

Now in addition to the staff there are some other very important areas that must be maintained and even refreshed, from time to time, in order for any food venue to prosper;

Overall building appearance

I think someone got mugged in the joint on the right!
No matter what, it's the overall appearance of the building that often sets a customer's mind when viewing the eatery for the first time. A well maintained, brightly lit establishment with good parking will attract. A shabby establishment with peeling paint, cramped parking and a dark interior will repel. Maybe the food at that place on the right is cheap?


I'm in the mood for some pizza!
A great looking sign (like the one pictured on the extreme left) not only informs the public, but also invites the customer in as well. The other sign, at right, might indicate that the joint has a central food trough from which to feed. Yuck!

Interior ambiance

Let's go to the place on the right!
Ambiance is a complex term, but in general it refers to how a customer will assimilate the feel of the establishment in their minds. Lots of wood and shining surfaces with objects that push the overall theme will be met with pleasure and will support return visits...At left, two locations that drive home completely different viewer perspectives

Mission theme 

Actually, the venue at right is quite busy??
Most cities & larger towns boast quite a number of places to dine and the competition is often fierce! but, what sets a place apart from the rest of the crowd is what can separate the so-so from the excellent! For instance, everyone knows pretty much what to expect when they go to a Red Lobster or to an Outback. Each has a series of 'signature' meals and both are successful enterprises. But, what of the venue pictured at right? I wondered if they also served pancakes....


Colorful versus dull!
Once a patron makes it into an eatery of his or her choice, and are seated all comfy, it's time to view the menu! It is in that important 'document' that a customer can be enticed to order specific meals depending on how it is perceived. Colorful photos offering meals that push the general theme can be a big boast to profits while allowing the cooking staff to do what they excel at doing! by contrast, menu's that offer everything including the kitchen sink and with photos are a waste of time. Wait! I take that back. If a place is called DanO's Slop House, then such a meandering menu might make some sense!
Quality and presentation of prepared food

I think I'll try the one on the left!
If an eatery has got all the above items correct, then they're on the home stretch to success! It all now depends on the overall quality of the raw ingredients and the cooking and serving staff. High grossing venues pay their people very well and usually get even more in return. A professional maintained kitchen in which experience chefs create and which are supported by fast and competent servers will make the profit grade every time.

Cleanliness & Climate

Uh, no thanks!
Finally, success and cleanliness go hand-in-hand. Fail here and you not only will loose customers quickly, but you will also have the Health Department visiting way too often. Table surfaces should be spotless, silverware clean, bathrooms beyond reproach and the serving staff immaculate. Do all these things along with making sure to 'change things around' periodically and your 'joint' will be crowded most every day!

Web Presence

Lastly, there is how well represented a venue is on the Internet. Something that has become also der rigueuer over the past several years as people with smart phones whisper the name of an establishment into them to get needed information. No web presence means less business, it's that simple.

Scores of some area establishments

My scorecard for select sit down eateries, (shown below) is one based on opinion.... take it for what it's worth! Note that out of a possible 40 points, none of the eateries got really close.

Update: I recently visited Fat Daddy's for a breakfast and will be visiting a restaurant that is just across the street called the Long Horn Family Dining establishment to try out a similar meal!

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