Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Stevie Nicks - Stand Back!

CDale - a love in 1970

A song, from very long ago, so it seems to me now - I was a very different and younger man, in a much earlier time. A man with eyes that saw, (maybe not so clearly) and with a child's fragile heart! An aside - 'Perhaps, I should never have accepted that ring mouth to mouth from a witch - it caused me lots of emotional problems later on (trust me)!' And, those fleas, those dastardly and endlessly circling biters circling that cheap Buddha in that filthy living room who then later dined on me! Not a good thing, but I survived! OMG! Sorry, so this is now a rambling of an old and sick man! My apologies...We all have stories to tell! No wonder, circa 2014, I remain very much a basket case...

Anyway, Stevie Nick reminds me of a very crazy time of life!

Update: 2015 - This bite, by a real 'Lycan', still festers in my soul, to this day. And now I know there was something deeper, something there that transcended that hurt, in spacial time and space. God has perhaps given me a free pass... or maybe, I can now take a much more difficult road in life. Not sure what path I might choose. Perhaps I'll just wait a while for nature's cruel sword to lay me down...

Update: 2017 -Lots of pain, but never felt better!

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