Sunday, June 14, 2015

Cost of eggs skyrocket!

Back in the carefree days of the mid-sixties, a dozen eggs could be had for about fifty five cents! As a kid, I enjoyed them scrambled, sunny side up and as a key ingredient of French toast! Those sure were the good old days! and, as time has gone by, eggs and egg products have made their way to become a center piece of many breakfast foods (think Egg McMuffins)! But listen up Gerty! I want you to grab a hold of your garters - them days are long gone!

Even before the crippling effect that Avian flu has had on the poultry industry in recent months, the cost of all this poultry have gone way up! What cost a few pennies in 1965 now cost a few dollars and things are going to get worst... much worst, as the loss of millions of hens begins to impact the food industry in earnest this fall! A single large egg going for a buck may not be far off! And, experts also warn that as the cost of one 'meat' goes up, then so will the other popular meats including pork and beef. But, that's OK - our boys on Capitol Hill have everything under control....

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