Sunday, August 31, 2014

My thoughts on climate change!

Rough draft - OK, I'll admit that this may or may not be my final words on a tough subject! Yes, the earth's climate, she is a changing. And yes, us humans are having an effect. (Actually, all life has had an effect on the earth, most of which has been for the good. Were it not for the CO2 and Oxygen in the air, we humans would not have made it this far). In point of fact, the climate today is complex and evolving. A fact most climate scientists will agree on. What they may may not be agreeing so much on is whether or not our industrial technologies are messing with the composition of the atmosphere as well as the massive release of so-called greenhouse gases. CO2 and Methane come to my mind almost immediately. Not only do machines emit carbon dioxide, but so do the 7 billion humans that wander around on our planet. As far as methane goes, it is generated generated in large quantities by micro organisms and also some insects. Each termite (for instance) produces, on average, about half a microgram of methane per day, a seemingly insignificant amount. However, when this is multiplied up by the world population of termites, global methane emission from this source is estimated to be about 20 million tons each year. Also, remember that methane is much more an active green house gas than CO2 is! The truth be told, it is more a question of how much moisture is in the atmosphere as that has a much greater impact on the amount of heat it can even hold. In dry climates like death Valley, the temperatures often drop, when the sun sets, to freezing even though the CO2 remains at the same concentrations! Food for thought!

Then, there are all those pesky deep sea thermal vents. Seems there are a lot more of them than many first thought! Results of research being done by the likes of Dr. Nicole Dubilier at the MARUM Center for Marine Environmental Sciences and the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge indicate that many more of these small active thermal sites exist along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge than was previously assumed. According to Dr. Dubilier, “This could change our understanding of the contribution of hydrothermal activity to the thermal budget of the oceans.” These vents spew hot fluids of up to 300 degrees Celsius that contain large amounts of both methane and hydrogen sulfide. And, they've apparently been doing it 24/7 for many thousands of years! Now, am I saying that these vents may be contributing to the heating of the planet's atmosphere? No, not at all. Much more in the way of  research is needed!

What is not needed are those of us who attempt to carry forward some personal political agenda based on half truths and outright lies.The bottom line, the truth will out, perhaps a few thousands years from now...

Earth and the moon from a million miles out....

Hey! My name is DanO and I occasionally live on a distant rocky asteroid that is very dark, except for a lighted cross, just down a small path from my modest home. (One I built both over a long time).

Every once in a while, when I'm there, I will walk over to a small window and view the earth which looks a lot like a bright star a this distance.  No, it's not really a star, but a solitary planet along with its special moon. It's special, you see, as that moon was part of the ejecta due to a very remote collision and which gave Earth both a spin and a tilt. It gave the planet a 24 hour day and the seasons that allowed for the creation of life over billions of years. (Perhaps that was Gods' way of kick starting us all on our evolutionary path). Billions of years later, this world is now fighting for its very surival.

An atomic hotdog!

I found that sprinkling even a small amount of fresh Habanero pepper (little red bits in the picture) on your typical plain Jane hotdog will definitely make a statement of heat in the overall scheme of things. Thankfully, the very small amount made for an over pleasant experience! This meal came in at about 340 calories!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The 300 Calorie Toaster-Burger!

While I've always enjoyed eating the traditional deluxe hamburger, all those calories coming from the bun has bothered me. Hamburgers also suffer from what I like to call the 'add-ons'. Those are the little items like a slab of cheese, dressing, onions, pickles and all the rest that take a standard burger into the caloric stratosphere! Compare, if you would; the Burger King's Whopper at 650 calories, McDonald's Big Mac at 530 and Wendy's offering of Dave's Hot and Juicy Single at 580! Add in an order of fries and you can see how very easy it is to pack on those unsightly pounds!
The Whopper, Dave's H&J and a Big Mac!
Enter, my own home brewed creation that is easy to make, satisfying and low calorie! I call it the Toaster-Burger. The ingredients include a single slice of toast, a 100 gram lean ground beef patty with some veggies on top! (There's no cheese, fancy sauces or any other high calorie ingredient to blow everything out of proportion). It boils down to only about 305 calories, which also gives you plenty of room to add a side or two of fruit and veggies to help better the overall nutritional profile!

The meal, pictured above, came in for a total of 520 calories! It included the Toaster-burger, some fruit and veggies for a more balance dietary intake! Now, having said all that, I still like to make a bi-monthly trip over to some fast food franchise and pig out!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Aging water lines are prone to breaks in rural neighborhood!

Living in Valley View Village in Forsyth Missouri has many nice little perks! It's a rural neighborhood that is generally quiet and an all around nice place to live in. Unfortunately, it's also been in existence long enough to have begun to develop problems with its water system! This break near the corner of Brook and Baker Streets, while minor, is the third break in the same area over as many years. That points to an aging infrastructure problem that will have to be addressed at some point in time!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Get Back! - Original Beatles studio footage!

When this song was thrown together! A very pivotal moment for me, in so many ways! Young, hurting, and naive - I never-the-less, marched forward into life! That was then, and even now, the residuals of actions I took remain today!

And oh yes, the audio track is not quite in sync - I don't plan to fix it either - A state of affairs that was emblematic of the time back then and the time in 2014 - You see progressives never clean up the mess they left....Wow! Another double entendre.... I rock!

Herman's Hermits - Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter!

I saw this man at a venue in Schaumburg, IL many years ago. - And, on the night he performed, he had a bad cold and so asked someone in the audience to sing this great song.... That man (not me), did an outstanding job! A great night, so long ago, when I was very young...

'There are deep teleomeric harmonics in our basal and primitive cells that resonate, when we hear this old style music, don't ya know!' 

First makeup, and then shoe shines!

Sure thing! At the risk of losing my single blog follower, I bring you a Chi-Town man, by the name of Mike Wilson. He shines shoes, you see, and makes a decent living. I applaud him.... the man is employed, and he's ON FIRE!

Tricia Sawyer makeup!

I came across this really well done video by Tricia Sawyer and thought to post it. The production, as a video, was awesome as was this very talented makeup artist working in Hollywood! Not sure, as of Aug 2014, if she is still in business - still it's fun to watch! I'm not sure she is still on the net... Tara, btw, is (was) a well known super model...

Revised Paleo Diet update #1

It's been just a day, that's 24 hours of me being on my newly revised Paleo Diet and I'm seeing some result even that early on! Weight - done a 1.2 pounds! Was it due to water retention? I don't think so as I'm drinking eight 12 oz glasses of water and or juice a day. I can tell you that exercising just before or after a meal has had an interesting side effect. I'm sore all over the place! But, that would still be worth it if I drop a few pounds and feel healthier at the end.

One of my concepts was to have meat with both my lunch and dinner. (Breakfast is reserved for either a cereal or and egg dish with veggies). The meat portions, as you can see in the picture above are being kept really small - at about 72 grams. This allows me to buy a goof cut of fresh meat while still keeping my budget in line. Likewise, I'm adding or removing vegetables depending on what's on sale. These portions are a little larger as their caloric impact isn't that great and they're good for you.

This 250 calories meal (370 with the 2% milk) was filling and didn't weigh me down when I then went for a ten minute walk over hill and dale!

Update #2 posted 8/31/14: The Paleo Revised Diet I've been on has resulted in some substantial weight loss (2.2 pounds) after just one full week. This loss occurring, even as my overall caloric intake went up! I average 2175 calories consumed versus 2220 burned for only a 44 calorie net loss! The biggest changes were seen in my consumption of meats and fruits. Prior to this diet, I was averaging a consumption level of 1900 calories. The big jump was mostly due to me drinking more beer. Once I lower that back down, I should begin seeing some more good results.

Update #3 posted 9/13/14: Down 6.4 pounds this date and hoping to hit a goal of 180 by the end of the month. The combination of eating meat for every meal, proper exercise and zero snacks have had a good effect!

A pseudo Paleo hotdog?

When you talk about Paleolithic diet type weight loss programs, a frankfurter is usually on the forbidden list. Not because it's a meat product, so much as it is a processed one. So, how do I get away with eating one? And, on a bun at that!

The simple answer is because I can! So, what's in, say, a typical Ballpark dog you ask? You'd be surprised, as the list is extensive!

Mechanically separated turkey: As the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) describes it, this "paste-like and batter-like poultry product [is] produced by forcing bones, with attached edible tissue, through a sieve or similar device under high pressure." Unlike mechanically separated beef or pork, it can be present in hot dogs in "any amount."

Pork: Per 1994 USDA rules, any "meat" can be taken off the bone by "advanced meat recovery (AMM) machinery" that separates the edibles from the inedibles without smashing the bone.
Water: Hot dogs must be less than 10 percent water, according to the USDA.

Corn syrup: This common food ingredient—which is made differently from high-fructose corn syrup and has not been linked to the same health concerns—is often used to add texture and sweetness.

Beef: After the outbreak of mad cow disease, the USDA stopped allowing any mechanically separated beef in food.

Salt: A necessary mineral; each of these hot dogs contain about 20 percent (480 milligrams) of the recommended daily allotment.

Potassium lactate: Made from neutralized lactic acid, it’s a common meat preservative because of its properties as an antimicrobial, capable of killing off harmful bacteria.

Sodium phosphates: Any of three sodium salt of phosphoric acids that can be used as a food preservative or to add texture.

Flavorings: Under current U.S. Food and Drug Administration guidelines, most combinations of flavoring agents are okay to just be listed as "flavor" rather spelled out individually.

Beef stock: Meat stocks are usually made by boiling water with pieces of muscle, bones, joints, connective tissue and other parts of the carcass.

Sodium diacetate: A combination of sodium acetate and acetic acid, it helps to fight fungus and bacterial growth and is often used as an artificial flavor for salt and vinegar chips—and in the sodium acetate form, it’s found in instant hand warmers.

Sodium erythorbate: A sodium salt of erythorbic acid, it has replaced the use of sulfites in many foods and serves as a preservative and to help keep meat-based products pink. Some people report side effects, including dizziness, gastrointestinal issues, headaches and, if consumed in large quantities, kidney stones.

Maltodextrin: A compound made from cooked starch (often corn in the U.S. and wheat in Europe) that is used as a filler or thickening agent in processed foods. Brewers also often use it in beer.

Sodium nitrate: This common preservative helps meats retain their color and also keep food borne illnesses, such as botulism, to a minimum. Animal studies have linked sodium nitrates to an increased risk of cancer. It’s also frequently found in fertilizers and, yes, fireworks.

Extract's of paprika: An oil-based extract from the paprika plant, it can give processed food color and increase shelf life.

I prefer to think of all these 'ingredients' as 'micro-nutrients'. Served on its own, one of these doggies will cost you about 180 calories and include about a quarter of your suggested daily amount of fat (15 grams of total fat, five grams of which are saturated). Add 120 calories for a bun and you have a total caloric impact of about 300! all for just one dog with relish and mustard!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Moody Blues - On the Threshold of a Dream!

In many ways I think we are magnetic, and perhaps we all need to face piles of trials with smiles... and so move on!I love my country.
Please, sit back and relax in your easy chair - and do listen, as this video/dash audio might invade and even perhaps reset your reality ... 

Are you sitting comfortably, as Merlin casts his spell? Live hand in hand, and together, we will stand on the threshold of a dream...

Back to a revised Paleolithic approach?

After trying Dr. Loren Cordain's Paleo Diet, early on this year (a diet where I did lose quite a bit of weight), I've decided to resurrect it in a modified form to better suit my unique culinary leanings. My problem with this approach before was twofold; 1) it did not allow for dairy products or anything that was processed and 2) all the extra fresh vegetables and meat added up in terms of cost!
So, this time around, I wanted to flex the approach out a bit and to then tie in a particular meal that was eaten with exercise done just prior to sitting down. I figured that if I wanted to eat a particular 'restricted food on that day, then I could at least amp up my exercise routines to help compensate. (How such convoluted logic actually even works is beyond my skills to convey). The thing was, I began to pair 'bad food intake' with extra exercise, (which I figured was a good thing over the long haul). If I didn't feel like working out on any particular day, I would plan my meals accordingly. You know, something really boring like a salad.

The meal pictured above was consumed on a day when I also did moderate amounts of exercise just before eating. The exercise included a half mile walk and  five minutes on a stationary bike. (Note that my morning exercise consisted of simple aerobics movements like pushup and sit ups. That was because breakfast was cereal and a glass of tomato juice). It's my theory that doing some form of exercise just before eating helps to insure that my metabolism is ramped up and ready to handle the influx of calories. I would then make it a point to rest for a while to aid the digestive process. For dinner I plan to enjoy a hot dog ( a big no-no) along with a serving of coleslaw and 2% milk. Prior to eating this, I plan do another 10-15 minute power walk, followed by eating followed by rest. So, you can see now how this is going...

Now just in case you are wondering how long I can keep this up, I would point out that I done stuff like this before and will ease off the routines as soon as I reach my weight goal of 180 once again! Wish me luck. I'll do some posts over the month of September to report on how I'm doing!

Update: Circa August 2015 - And then there is the other way! Put your home on the market, buy a new place and cart all the crap of a lifetime to either a dumpster or you new digs. Over the course of a few weeks, I dropped the weight, improved my cardiovascular system and met some new people! See simple is as simple does!

Update: August 2016 -  Cycle forwards a year and the same old problems with weight remained. One again, it was time for me to get back down to the basics and to resurrect the Paleo approach!

Ah! Those summer tomatoes!

After a spate of 90 to 100 degree days in August, I harvested a tomato that was all it could be! Back a few years ago, I published a post titled, 'A tomato that's been raped!' It was a short piece that
contrasted the so-called 'hot house' tomatoes that are served at restaurants with the slightly better 'farm grown' varieties that show up at local groceries in the spring of every year. While the later do taste OK, they really don't hold a candle to the real thing! That is, a 'mater' that you have grown in your own back yard! I think these pictures tell the whole story all by themselves!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Are thoughtless people a sign of the times?

Yes, walking in August can be fun, (if you can take the heat)! But, it becomes not as fun when you encounter the thoughtless trash (over 50 aluminum cans), others have left on the side of the road. I can tell a lot about a person that does that sort of thing:
  1. The person has a major drinking problem.
  2. He has no regard for himself, others or the environment.
  3. He is most likely unemployed and unemployable.
  4. In other words, your run of the mill, total loser.
The sad part is he lives in my neighborhood and if I knew who he was, I be happy to fill up his rectal area with these cans he left behind for me to pick up. Actually, that would be something to videotape!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Drying hot peppers for use later in the year!

This time of year, when it's broiling hot outside, I like to harvest a crop of hot peppers to dry and then use over the coming fall and winter months. This year, I've had a good crop of Habanero's! And while these peppers are often found near the top of the Scoville Heat Index, I've found that once dried and then used in cooked dishes like chili, they tend to become a lot tamer in the heat department. Generally, they add just the right amount of bite if used sparingly. Say, about a half a teaspoon in an average pot of chili.

I also like to add some heat to my beef stir fry dishes, something I've written about quite often! (A good stir fry breakfast is all I need to make for a good start)! These dishes also allow for a great deal of creativity in terms of the ingredients. I've thrown in all sorts of veggies, including broccoli, tomatoes, bell pepper, onions and just about anything else that was laying around at the time! In addition, you can lay this type of preparation on a bed of pasta noodles or rice to really kick things up! Of course, you also have to watch out for those mean old calories. They will get ya every time!

A summer salad to enjoy!

What with having a great harvest of bell peppers, onions and tomatoes, I thought to throw together this nutritious salad that also contained enough ham to keep the meat eater in me happy!

As you can see from the nutritional panel, this meal has a lot going for it! At just 152 calories, it certainly won't break the diet budget this time around. I enjoyed this with a glass of orange juice a a single slice of toast.

A real beef stir fry!

Hey! It's what's for breakfast down here in SW MO! On this most bodacious Saturday (in late August, 2014 as the temps hit 100°F on a regular basis), I planned to fully enjoy what could soon be a vanishing taste sensation... a beef steak stir fry! (In the very near term, I figured that a good piece of meat would be beyond my meager financial status). To wit, I gathered to myself, about 2 ounces of cheap steak along with some home grown peppers, cherry tomatoes and onions. To this culinary soirée, I added just a touch of virgin olive oil to a small frying pan sitting over medium high heat. Everything was then sautéed for about four minutes! [While this meal was cooking, I also threw in a slice of bread to the toaster-roaster]. Towards the end of the cooking cycle, I also tossed in a dash of Oregano along with a couple of squirts of Worcestershire sauce, just to spice everything up! Wham bam, thank you ma'am, it was ready to go!

A form for living!

One of the good aspects of being OCD is my ability to set up a schedule of activities and then stick to it. Over the past couple of months, I've created a form that allows me to  focus on and then track some improvements I want to make in my life. They were, in no particular order;

1) Cut back on beer drinking.
2) Lose 15 pounds of unneeded weight.
3) Improve my diet.
4) Work on improve my over all state of physical health. This with an eye towards improving my foot pain due to sciatica.

I started this program on the third of July and have stuck with it. During that time, I managed to cut beer out entirely for the four weeks of July and the first week of August. I then fell back into my old habits, but have succeeded in improved moderation. I also went from 196 pounds down to a current 188, so that part of the program has also paid some dividends. The only area I seem to be lacking in is that of getting in a good 16 minutes of cardio-based exercise. still working on that one. Finally, my foot condition has improved also! Not dramatically, mind you, but I am seeing some steady progress.

The key to reaching a goal, any goal, is in the form of consistency of action. You have to be motivated enough to get up every day and perform some series of activities that gets you a bit closer to where you want to go. In my case, every day is a battle fought during the course of a long war. Some days, I've hit on all cylinders, while other days have been pretty much of a disaster. But, the important thing is that I will strive to do a little better the next day. (Say, that's that's pretty much what life is all about, isn't it)?

My new logo!

 We all exist in a sort of event horizon bubble that always moves forward throughout our lives. And that movement is not smooth! It exists as tiny jumps of what is known as Planck time. The formula, shown here:
defines time as divided into ten to the minus 44 segments that flash into and then out of existence at an incredible fast pace!  The past events that were so clear a moment ago, quickly become blurred and then eventually lost. The future hits us with incessant and ephemeral fury. Our lives are like some poor ship of souls, cast out on an endless sea, forever cleaving unknown waters while leaving a muddled wake of dreams behind.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Stranded on the Mun!

In a far away location in space exists a planet known as Kirbin. It's a nice little planet populated with
friendly inhabitants known as Kerbals. A race that is actually ahead of us on planet earth in terms of its technology as they have a very active space program. There's even a game out that's called KSP for Kerbal Space Program that us earthling can play for a small pittance.

Well, it seems that three if the planet's citizens, Bill, Bob and Jedediah Kerman (who are also brothers) have gotten themselves stranded on the planets satellite which they call the Mun. Strange coincidence that! Anyway, it seems that they ran out of fuel just as they landed and are now STRANDED! And, it will be up to me, a mere earthling, to try and get them rescued. 

After hearing of their plight, I jumped into a nearby space-time worm hole and flashed over to their planet in a jiffy. [It's too bad that worm hole travel is invariably fatal to Kerbians, otherwise I could have plucked their scrawny green arses right off that Mun without much ado]. No, I'd have to go to the planet, pay for and then build a ship to go get them. (Nothing comes easy for us hero types)!

After I got settled in at a hotel on Kirbin, (a rather shabby affair called The Droige), I got right on over to the local space center to head up the construction effort. Almost immediately, I was faced with some challenges.(But, thankfully, I also got a break. It turned out that the rate of exchange on Kerbin was a million 'kerbinos' per human dollar)! That allowed me to construct the rescue ship shown here! It cost just $3,577,000 kerbinos and was even fitted with a rescue cell that would just hold three lucky Kirbins! I could hardly wait to set sail!
The journey to the Mun was perilous to be sure. As Kirbin's gravity, at 9.81 m/sec2 was just about that of earth, I manged to burn up a couple of tons of fuel just to get into a 75km orbit around their planet. Then, I had to perform what is called a Hohmann transfer maneuver in order to transition to a stable Mun orbit. Lotta work that was!

From there, more calculations were needed to do a burn that would be precise enough to get my ship down in the vicinity of the disabled Kirbans. Yes, it was tough, but you know what they say about when the going gets tough...! Suffice it to say that I made it and was able to get Bill, Bob and Jed back to their home planet. That evening, we all celebrated in fine style!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Two probes meet in a far distant time!

It was with some irony that the Supreme Creator watched, with an amused smile, as the last two pieces of intelligent design met in silent tribute....

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Nick Drake and Saturday Sun - circa 1969!

'But Saturday’s sun has turned to Sunday’s rain
So Sunday sat in the Saturday sun
and wept for a day gone by..'

It took me just about forever to understand the real meaning behind Nick Drake's most beautiful song Saturday Sun.

Composed, and then released in 1969 under the Five Leaves Left album, Saturday Sun was the last song on that album. It was cut number 10, and sadly the album as a whole, didn't sell well at the time..... (It's picked up since then, and is selling well as of 2014)!

Just four short years after the albums release, Mr. Drake committed suicide, and died from an overdose of amitriptyline. Was it an intentional act? No one knows. What is sure, is that he battled constant depression, (something I too am very familiar with). Nick, you see, was very self conscious about his height, even to the point of distraction. And, he used that as a focus..... I guess that's all it takes.... some perceived short coming and off we all go to the deep end of the mental pool! Well, Nick, thanks for the song and a lesson well learned! (Thankfully, and in point of fact, I'm actually quite short myself)! But, in both our lives, a large dog still guards us nightly!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

PM Today - This Disease! A call to cellular reality!

Just in case your flying in from here ....


Listen at your own peril. Yes, I do like this kind of music....
Captured here is the essence of the the lyrics and expand your mind...

If I could say anything to you
If I had one chance to let you know
If my last words could make you choke
I'd save my final breath for you
And only you

Do you feel this disease kill my 
heart (eyes) like a summer breeze
maybe it's just my luck, hope I never wake up
goodbye to you goodbye to you just to be with you
and maybe I'm out of luck hope I never wake up
wake up [x2]

I'm dying just to let you know, that I could never let you go
I'm dying just to let you know, that I could never let you go

This could be the one this could be the one (one shot now) [x4]

Do you feel this disease
kill my heart like a summer breeze
maybe it's just my luck, hope I never wake up
goodbye to you goodbye to you just to be with you
and maybe I'm out of luck hope I never wake up
wake up
wake up [Repeat]

This could be the one this could be the one (one shot now) [x4]

Sorry! I know that song was severe to the ear, but then again, so is life! As we age, we all gradually lose our senses, literally! Olfactory, vision, hearing and touch all go by the wayside. Like a parade that passed by one summer day. Although, I'm not sure about the fifth sense -  taste.. so far, mine is working OK... for I am a tastefully useless entity!
"The essence of all burgeoning existence is, I feel, the un-hearable (to us) screams of eukaryotic cells that participate in the birthing process... A birthing event that occurs for all life forms that are brought into this existence... And, who then forget that pain...

After this inglorious arrival into a strange reality we call 'existence', a metatastic and wonderful evolution has shaped itself over many eons of time and which has resulted in a class of beings with an awareness of self! We are aware! Yet, we share a biologic awareness, to some degree or another, with all life forms no matter how complex or simple they might be. And therein lies the rub!

Sadly (even strangely), as part of the ticket of being a 'sentient form of life', we became divinely cursed (avowed) with an awareness of self. And, while all life forms share some level of this awareness in all the ensuing chaos of each proto-beings short existence; what happens to humankind burns at a much higher level of exquisite and beautiful pain! For a higher order of being holds us to His level.

In the end of all the protoplasmic insanity, as we age according to the flippant and harsh dictates of cellular and teliomeric shredding, genetic abnormalities and even bad luck, will be (hopefully) a God who cares! A supreme Deity who just might just catch our essence as we near the end! (Personally, and for myself, I  hope I never wake up, and that I continue to dream)!

Bottom line - I will not plan to go quietly into the night! I will fight for my life and my right to exist to the very end! To the extent that when I do pass through the next veil, I shall stand in tattered clothes, utterly drained from this life's experience and will smile! I think God might approve of that!" Note:this diatribe is a work in progress.... my heavenly Father has never made my course simple, but rather a challenge, and I thank Him for that!

In a dream, I stood before Jesus and He held out before Him a chalice, a cup of wine and then He asked me a question. 'Would you drink from this... you sad sad man? For who so ever tastes of the grape of this vine will also taste the pain of man.' I shook my head no, with my eyes cast down, and slowly walked away...You see, I remembered the pains of my birthing into this earthly existence clearly and so do remember even to this day. And so, I long ago, caught God's gaze.... not a really good thing, as it turned out. No bennies here and lots of trials and tribulations over my time of life.... Still, I know, as apart from simple belief, that He will catch me when I pass from this earthly existence... and that is good enough for this poor man's soul.....

Right at this moment. Only one in a thousand would have made it this far (OK, just 85K plus world wide)! Then, please go one video further! I would hope that He is not just one of us... Kristiina Brask, half in Finnish and the other half in English...thanks very much to the 81,000 plus who have viewed her very awesome video. Note: the author currently resides in a very nice home with only walls of rubber to silence him. Lastly, I have had many invitations to visit various centers of mental health... and a pardon goes out to PM Today... Oh, and yes here is that 401 link, that 2 viewers have asked me for....