Thursday, November 17, 2016

Death of person found by Shadowrock may have been accidental or not!

Indicated location a guess by author
Forsyth MO. – On the morning of Thursday, November the 17th, it was disturbing to see the horrible news flashed on a social media outlet. Apparently, someone had discovered a body of a woman near a bridge leading to the popular Shadowrock Park next to the Bull Shoals lake area.

KY3 aired a piece on the discovery but supplied precious little hard information. The local sheriff's police did promise to release additional details when the became available. Of great interest to most people living in and around the park area would be to have some idea as to how the victim ended up where she did?

According to a later statement by the police, 'Forsyth Police Chief Roger Ellis reports the body was found by a citizen Wednesday evening, under a bridge on U-S Highway 160. The location of the body was concealed from view by anyone who was traveling thru the area on the lower bridge leading from Shadowrock Park and from the bridge on U-S Highway 160 on Forsyth Hill.

Ellis also stated in a news release the decomposed condition of the body made it impossible to absolutely determine the identity of the victim. An autopsy has been scheduled for Friday and Ellis says it could take several days or weeks before the identity of the victim is known to authorities.

Ellis added that the investigation at the scene by the Forsyth Detective, two Taney County Detectives and the Assistant Coroner all concluded that the incident appeared to be non-suspicious and there are no concerns of public endangerment involved with this incident.

For now, everyone will have to content themselves with waiting for forensic identification of the person a week or so from now...

Update: November 19 - I had come into possession of the name of the deceased (not verified), the cause of death and the name of a person of interest to the police. None of this information will be released by me until such time as it is made official by the authorities.

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