Tuesday, November 29, 2016

H5N6 – An emerging dangerous form of bird flu that is 67% fatal!

Classified as H5N6 – This genetic re-assortment of the flu virus can cause the infection in both human beings and animals. And, while it is not severe in the avian population, it is when humans catch it.

As already noted, the H5N6 influenza is considered a new emerging infection. This viral disease is caused by influenza virus. It is considered to be a new 'atypical' viral infection. Any new bird flu is of serious concern as it is hard for to manage and control bird migrations. Since the first emerging of bird flu H5N1 in human beings, there are many scientists who currently following this particular strain with concern. The greatest fears surrounds its growing potential to become pandemic!

Most recently, H5N6 has cropped up in South Korea! The situation is so serious that the authorities there are in the process of culling 3% of the total poultry population in an effort to control its spread!

Despite these efforts, Korea's Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs said in a statement on Tuesday that four new cases of infected birds had been confirmed in central South Korea. That brings the total number of infected birds to 13 since H5N6 appeared about two weeks ago, according to the statement. Nine other farm birds are also being tested for suspected infections, it said. To contain the further spread of the virus, the ministry will slaughter at least 2.78 million birds, including the 1.68 million that have already been culled, the ministry said. 

The mortality rate of the infection among humans is 66.7%, which is considerably higher when compared to other new emerging influenza's, and so bears close watching by the World Health Organization. Right now, country's like China are the main focal point of infection. However, it should be noted that birds have a tendency to fly great distances!

Monday, November 28, 2016

The caloric low down on a serving of Spaghetti with meat sauce!

Whenever I set myself down to a plate of spaghetti with a meat sauce at lunchtime, I've often wondered just what the caloric impact is for a given serving!

Here are the averaged figures I came up with:

Spaghetti pasta = 3.6 cal per gram (based on using American Beauty spaghetti panel information)
Pasta meat sauce = 3.3 cal per gram (based on my research post)

So, the first task was for me to decide what size of a serving made any sense! As I have been on a diet for what seems forever, I'd long ago estimated that the average tri-meal caloric content I needed to hit was about 500. (That was an averaged figure that would work out to 1500 calories a day, leaving me a few hundred to use for snacks). Eighteen hundred calories was, in reality, a top limit for a male over the age of 60. At least for one who wanted to lose a few pounds a month.

OK, now assuming the meal would consist of only the pasta and sauce, I wondered what a 500 calorie deal would look like? OK. Let's assume I went for 100 grams of pasta. That would equate to 360 calories right there. Now, to be under that 500 mark, I could therefore apply about 40 grams of sauce (or 132 calories) for a grand total of 492 calories for the entire meal-a-deal! This seemed a livable portion. Note: One of the fun things to do on any diet is to cheat! (Something I do quite often)! I therefore added a slice of garlic toast and found myself in culinary heaven! what a great lunch! Then, I started to wonder about what I was going to have for dinner....

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Friday, November 25, 2016

Nick Drake with Saturday's Sun!

The who, what and why about Nick Drake can be garnered at other sites. Me (patently insane) and Nick (who I never met) did share many things in common. He obsessed with his height, I on the other hand, was concerned with other social shortcomings.  That said, each of us, man women and child, will face many life challenges. It's how we deal with them, over the course of a lifetime, that defines the way in which our peers perceive who and what we are at any point in time. (God, of course, knew that shit about us all along)..

The Truth About Eggs – What Commercial Egg Farmers Don’t Want You to Know!

Really? We can't do better than this?
A massive scale egg producer in Pennsylvania has made the news for its inhumane treatment of chickens and unsanitary conditions. 

Kreider Farms, which houses seven million hens, appears to be the next sickening example of what allegedly happens behind the scenes at CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations).

The Humane Society recently released an undercover video that exposes the horrific conditions endured by the birds in this operation. (Think Auschwitz on steroids, only for birds, not Jews).
Kreider Farm's owner, Dave Andrews, claims the allegations are false and that three state agencies have given the farm a clean bill of health. He did admit, however, that one of the farm's buildings tested positive for salmonella but has since been cleaned up. (Yeah, that makes me feel better).

Another study found that while more than 23% of farms with caged hens tested positive for salmonella, this dropped to just over 4% for organic, i.e. free-range pastured flocks. The highest prevalence of salmonella occurred in the largest flocks (30,000 birds or more), which contained over four times the average level of salmonella found in smaller flocks. Am I getting through to everyone?

Compared to official U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) nutrient data for commercial eggs, eggs from hens raised on pasture and allowed to freely forage outdoors may contain:
  • Two-thirds more vitamin A
  • Twice as many omega-3 fats
  • Three times as much vitamin E
  • Seven times more beta carotene
Hmm. Well, here's my point. The question is, what kind of food system do YOU want everyone? Do you really want to put this sort of commercially grown crap in your mouth? If every American decided to not buy commercially produced eggs, things would finally change in a heartbeat. All that's required is for each and every person to change his or her shopping habits whenever it's feasible.

Enough said. I buy farm fresh eggs whenever I can find them. For me, that means visiting John's Frosted Mug in Forsyth Mo., where I live.

Forsyth MO 2016 Christmas Parade on Dec 3, 2016!

Forsyth MO. - Everyone loves a parade and the folks living in my quaint southwestern Missouri town are no exception. The footage above was shot in 2010, showing the fire trucks and men and women of our great Fire Department throwing out candy to one and all!

Now sure, I get it. Forsyth's Christmas Parade could be considered somewhat lame when compared to say New York City! But, they are fun to attend and I would urge everyone who can make it, to show up! (At this time, I was not sure as to the exact time of the event, so you might want to call the Forsyth Chamber of Commerce at 417-546-2741 and ask)! Also, the parade generally starts on Coy Blvd and then proceeds down Hwy 160 to Y Highway. I think, if you get there around 1PM, you will be in plenty of time to witness the fun! In general, I like to arrive early and have lunch at one of the many restaurants that line the street like the Long Horn. Either that, or I take the opportunity to stretch my legs and do some shopping at venues like 'Etc. Etc'. Note that the 'Rain Date' is Dec the 10th! In any case, a lot of men and women spend the time to put it all together and I'd expect to see lots of community support on that day! God bless America and keep her safe!

Update: Forecast for Dec 3 - Cooler...cloudy. Slight chance of rain in the morning... then rain likely in the afternoon. Highs in the upper 40's. Temperature steady or slowly falling in the afternoon. Light wind in the morning becoming southeast around 10 mph in the afternoon. Chance of rain 60%. Anyone planning to attend might want to call the Chamber at 546-2741 for exact times and status of the event! According to my sources, the parade is on! Lineup on Coy Blvd at 1PM - Parade starts at around 2PM.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

I was frozen! Sorry, all you lycans out there.

OK. So it took more than a decade or two for me to bring it all together, after the fall and the aging crash that was my life.This number by Madonna gathers together some times past, times happening now and perhaps more times to come! Or not... The ticking clock of a mans life's time counts down so swiftly. The lady of my distant past, I can still remember just the way you passed me that silver ring, mouth to mouth! The chains we forged that day, were for forever...I suffer even now...Wait! Cathy I'm old now...

God help me! I'm now on Sound Cloud!

I've done something like six podcasts and even one other person signed in and 'liked' me! Wow!

Followup: Thanksgiving service at three locations!

Forsyth MO. – It was an partly cloudy November the 24th when some hungry members of my community celebrated Thanksgiving at a local high school courtesy of Fat Daddy's restaurant along with some of the area churches. There were also great meal deals offered at John's Frosted Mug and at Charlie's. Curiosity, (and my empty stomach) drove me to go and investigate these events!

While I didn't go into the High School cafeteria, I did note that the parking lot was already pretty full right after the 1:00 hour, when they opened. The Frosted Mug had light traffic at the 2PM hour while Charlie's had only a sporadic turnout.

I did eat at Charlie's with a friend and would say that it was one of the better meals I've had. The pumpkin pie desert, in particular, was awesome!

Dollar tacos offered at local restaurant!

Two tacos, two bucks!
Forsyth MO. - During Happy Hour, which runs from 2PM to 6PM Monday through Friday, Charlie's Ribs Steak and Ale located at Hwy 160 and Y, offers up tacos (both hard and soft) for only a buck a throw! At least, that's my understanding - the soft ones may cost a bit more, not sure. And, while I'm also not sure just how long this promotion will run, you can call 417-546-2011 for details!

Update: Dec 4, 2016 - The special was still ongoing and gaining in popularity.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Random Thoughts for late November 2016!

Steak with stir-fried peppers and onions!

Take a braised steak and combine with some stir-fried banana peppers, sliced onion, oregano, rosemary and dried basil and you've got yourself a great start to any breakfast!

Throwing together a tasty breakfast that's under 500 calories takes a bit of planning. This meal deal combines a small portion of steak (100 grams), that is grilled for a few minutes in a convection oven. To this is added a small batch of stir-fried home grown banana peppers (40 grams), onions (35 grams). The spices included a dash of dried Rosemary, and a teaspoon each of dried oregano and basil. Those guys added only about 350 calories to the total meal and when you added a cup of milk it came to 476 calories all told. See! I'm really trying to lose some weight here! Hey Washington DC! That's a hint! I'm trying to slim down and perhaps you should too!

Speaking of Stir-fried!

Rumors abound, these days on Capitol Hill, that Nancy Pelosi is on the way out! Who would have figured that such a nice, sensible woman would fall into such disfavor. Perhaps it's because the Democratic Party is currently holding a fire sale and she is their poster child. Fare thee well Nancy, I knew you not!

Future site of the DNC?

I went to no expense to grab a picture of the proposed new location for the next Democratic National Convention. It's a small 'planet-toid' named Ceres that is pretty far 'out there' in the Oort Cloud someplace. Now, while the surface of the site is rather cold and bleak, I thought it a fitting location for a political party whose style of thinking is also often sorta 'out there'!

I'm hoping, from time to time and over the coming decades, we hear from these people... Sorry, that's a fib.

Mediacom, WTF is wrong with you?

Over the weeks, month and years that I've been forced to subscribe to Mediacom Internet service, I come to realize what the word incompetent really means. By far and away, this cable company's managers are the most sorry bunch of failures and CF's I've ever had the displeasure of being associated with. I pray the new incoming President will make it a priority to draft legislation to help and escort these bums out of a business they are so ill-suited to perform.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Senior Friendship Lunches – Just the Facts!

Forsyth MO. - On Monday thru Friday (except on Holidays), the Senior Friendship Center located at 13879 US Hwy 160, offers up a fantastic assortment of meals (see November calendar) at incredible prices! Just how incredible you ask? Well, it's a donation kind of thing, so if your hurting give what you can. Otherwise, for men and women under the age of sixty, they ask $6, for those at 60 or above the suggested amount is $3.50! I didn't get a clear answer on what they ask for kids, but I got that it was whatever mom or dad could throw in the hat!

Meal time begins at 11:15 AM when the salad bar is ready to go, with the main meals served starting at 11:30 AM – My advice is to get there early to avoid the crowds! (I forgot to ask exactly when the meal service normally ends, but would assume it was not too far past the noon hour). Either way, you can give them a call at 417-545-6100 to make inquiries!

I eaten at this venue many times and can attest to the high standards of food preparation that are in place. The food tastes great and the company is even better!

Free Thanksgiving meal at Forsyth High!

Fat Daddy's in conjunction with some local churches have combined efforts to put together a Thanksgiving Meal starting at 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM at the Forsyth High School for anyone and everyone who would like to participate on November 24. The meal is free (a donation can will also be available).

There will be balloons and signs displayed on Coy Blvd to help guide people to the event! Sounds like a great idea! You can also feel free to visit Fat Daddy's Bar-B-Que on Face Book!

Diet and Thanksgiving really go together.. Really?

Speaking as an older person who has been battling his weight for decades, I wanted to put my two cents in on the Thanksgiving meal blastorama.

According to research from the Calorie Control Council, the average American may consume more than 4,500 calories and a whopping 229 grams of fat during a typical holiday gathering from snacking and eating a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with turkey and all the trimmings. Holy tamales! I've been eking by on only 1800 calories a day for what seems like forever just in order to lose a couple of pounds a month. (And, even that has been touch and go)! A 4500 calorie meal would set me back a very long ways indeed! And frankly, it just ain't worth it, to me!

This year, I plan to do something sane. I'm going to forego the huge Thanksgiving blowout in favor of a simple and sensible meal deal that will include the following;

 I feel I could live with the seven hundred calories, just so long as I scrimp a bit on breakfast and lunch. And, that horrible sodium reading... I'll just have to live with that.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

This year, I think we can all be especially thankful!

November the 24th, on an otherwise glorious Thursday, our Nation will take pause to celebrate Thanksgiving. This being an annual national holiday marked by religious observances and a traditional meal including turkey. The holiday commemorates a harvest festival celebrated by the Pilgrims in 1621, and is held in the US on the fourth Thursday in November. For millions of us, it is also a time to reflect on just how fortunate we are to live in a country like these United States. (For myself, personally, it is also a time of political celebration).

I would hope that we all take a moment to reflect on who and what we are as a Republic and where we are heading in the coming years. That we will face great challenges is a given. But, with new leadership in the Executive branch and in both Houses, I have a great hope that we may soon shake off the doom and gloom that seems to have pervaded the country for so long, And then, perhaps we can begin to make positive and common sense decisions concerning the very large concerns and hardships that are shared by so many. 

I know also that many of our citizenry will be working on that day. Men and women, who maintain essential services, will be on the job as will be many who work in the service industry. My hat goes off especially to these people, along with all those who have died in past wars, just so I can celebrate this day as a free man. May God look down upon all of us and may He guide us forward as a Nation... Amen!

Forsyth Christmas Parade Dec 3, 2016!

'I think everyone loves a parade, don't they? No matter how big or small, we all like to stand next to a roadside and be pelted by other people throwing candy at our soft heads.'

This December's Christmas Parade will be extra special to me for a couple of reasons; 1) we will be getting a new President real soon, and 2) I also have a good friend who will be in the parade that I hope to cheer on. Boy! I can hardly wait!

Now, while Forsyth Missouri supports a population of only about 2200, there seems to be no lack of enthusiasm when it comes to 'putting on the dogs'! I would therefore like to encourage everyone to show up and stand along Hwy 160 between Coy Blvd and Hwy Y and give a cheer out to all the great floats and marching bands. The kiddies will have ample opportunity to grab up a load of candy that I understand is donated by the area dentists. For my part, I plan to be hanging out at John's Frosted Mug and filling myself with good Christmas Cheer before standing bleary eyed to watch the parade rumble on by...

Note that the rain date for this event will be December 10th!

Body found at Shadowrock Park still clouded in mystery!

So, here are the facts as I understood them concerning the body that was discovered by a passerby on November 16, 2016:
  • That an autopsy had been performed.
  • That the person died due to 'self-strangulation'..
  • That the state of decomposition was so great, the determination of gender was impossible.
  • That an 'Investigation at the scene by both the Forsyth Detective, two Taney County Detectives and the Assistant Coroner (who is a retired Detective) all concluded that the incident appears to be non-suspicious and there is no concerns of public endangerment involved with this incident.'
  • That the Taney County Sheriff Jimmie Russell, in a separate statement also issued Thursday morning, did not rule out the possibility the body could be that of Amanda Hillhouse, a 30-year-old Forsyth woman who had been reported missing. Hillhouse was last seen Oct. 25 about a half mile from the site where the body was found, according to Russell. Unlike the statement from Forsyth police, Russell’s press release states that the body is a woman’s. 
If I were to read this the way in which it has been presented, I would tend to conclude that some poor individual, most likely a woman, crawled under the old bridge next to Shadowrock Park and then committed suicide by self imposed strangulation sometime in the past, say around Oct 24th when it also just so happened that a young woman name Amanda Hillhouse was also reported missing and who has not been seen since. And, now we are all waiting for dental records to see if that individual was indeed Ms Hillhouse. Hmm. And, it has been reported that 'Ms. Hillhouse was last seen on Oct. 25 at a location within ½ mile from where the body was located.' Quite a coincidence, wouldn't you day?

Finally, this factoid needs to be read again.. 'Investigation at the scene by both the Forsyth Detective, two Taney County Detectives and the Assistant Coroner (who is a retired Detective) all concluded that the incident appears to be non-suspicious and there is no concerns of public endangerment involved with this incident.' Wow! How'd they come up with that little tidbit so quickly? 

Other speculation. Were this individual turn out to be Amanda and were she to have expired on or about Nov 24, the temps were warm enough for rapid decomposition (see below).

Well, anyway we still have to wait for a positive ID on the body via a dental comparison with Amanda's dental records, but one could still wonder what would happen if it does indeed turn out to be her? Why that would certainly open up a new can of worms, wouldn't it?

Update: November 25 - Still waiting... crickets making sounds...

Update: November 28 - Taney County has their best man working this case... 

Update: December 4 - Nothing, nada. I assume that the body was identified, but that the person was so unimportant as to not be worthy of media followup....

Update: Body was identified!! What a sad surprise. And the who horrific and terrible event was still classified as a 'not suspicious' death!

  [Source: Branson Tri-Lakes News]

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Post Forsyth Senior Friendship Center 'all you can eat event' report!

VP Rodney Dempsey
Forsyth Mo. – I had the very great pleasure of attending a fund raising event held by the kind people at the Forsyth Senior Friendship Center located at 13879 US Hwy 160 who were asking $5 for an all you can eat breakfast! When I arrived, I was greeted by VP Rodney Dempsey (pictured above) who also took a moment to show me a display of what the new center will look like after it is built on Hwy 76, in the near future! Wow! Mr. Dempsey was quick to tell me that this center will be for 'everyone', not just just for those aged 55 or older. The site will contain all sorts of games and will seat an even larger number of diners, as the daily offerings of discounted foods are a very popular reason people like myself go there. (They have a monthly calendar of food and events that can be picked up any time at the site).
Hungry customers enjoying food and friendship!

When I sat down at a table, it was just like an upscale restaurant, only without the waiting. Almost immediately a volunteer server approached me, order pad in hand. On the menu was; scrambled eggs, sausage, biscuits with gravy and pancakes. For the beverage selection, there was apple juice, orange juice and coffee! As I was on a very strict diet, I decided to order one of everything!

Before I could have believed it, a plate of food and the drinks were brought to me. I was in culinary heaven and thought the $5 cost was a real steal of a deal! The quality of that food was excellent and as I dug in to eat, I had also a chance to talk to a gentleman named Rick who told me that he goes to the Friendship Center at least twice a week. (I agreed and would urge everyone to call 417-546-6100 if they have any questions or need more details)! The Center is here to serve our community, which it does very well, and only asks that everyone frequent it from time to time! I know that I plan to!

Pictured here is the November calendar of all the food that is being offered. You can click on it to enlarge.

See this and similar articles at www.taneyservices/mashed

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Forsyth Senior Center: All you can eat breakfast!

Forsyth MO - On Saturday, November 19, the Forsyth Senior Center located at 13877 US Hwy 160 just to the north of Forsyth will be hosting an all you can eat breakfast from 7AM to10 AM! This is a monthly breakfast to  help support the center and to pay some bills. The food is prepared by the seniors themselves and will consist of eggs, sausage, pancakes with biscuits and gravy. Beverages will include fresh coffee and orange juice. Admission is $5 with special pricing for children. For more information, call 417-456-6100! Source: Taney County Times

I'm planning to do a full report with pictures after attending this event!


Death of person found by Shadowrock may have been accidental or not!

Indicated location a guess by author
Forsyth MO. – On the morning of Thursday, November the 17th, it was disturbing to see the horrible news flashed on a social media outlet. Apparently, someone had discovered a body of a woman near a bridge leading to the popular Shadowrock Park next to the Bull Shoals lake area.

KY3 aired a piece on the discovery but supplied precious little hard information. The local sheriff's police did promise to release additional details when the became available. Of great interest to most people living in and around the park area would be to have some idea as to how the victim ended up where she did?

According to a later statement by the police, 'Forsyth Police Chief Roger Ellis reports the body was found by a citizen Wednesday evening, under a bridge on U-S Highway 160. The location of the body was concealed from view by anyone who was traveling thru the area on the lower bridge leading from Shadowrock Park and from the bridge on U-S Highway 160 on Forsyth Hill.

Ellis also stated in a news release the decomposed condition of the body made it impossible to absolutely determine the identity of the victim. An autopsy has been scheduled for Friday and Ellis says it could take several days or weeks before the identity of the victim is known to authorities.

Ellis added that the investigation at the scene by the Forsyth Detective, two Taney County Detectives and the Assistant Coroner all concluded that the incident appeared to be non-suspicious and there are no concerns of public endangerment involved with this incident.

For now, everyone will have to content themselves with waiting for forensic identification of the person a week or so from now...

Update: November 19 - I had come into possession of the name of the deceased (not verified), the cause of death and the name of a person of interest to the police. None of this information will be released by me until such time as it is made official by the authorities.

More search warrants issued in murder case!

Forsyth MO. – The investigation into the wrongful death of 18 year old Eric Summerfield continued, in mid November, as additional search warrants were recently issued. A request, by the media for the release of information concerning the search warrants had been rescheduled for a hearing scheduled for December the 6th. The issuance of more warrants would indicated that the investigation was still active and, of some interest, is that a least some of the warrants pertained to juveniles. 

Tristan Carr, the suspect in the case, remained in jail on a half million dollar bond. Source: Taney County Times

Update: Dec 6, 2016 - State by PA Merrell. Defendant was with Attorney Davis. Media request to be filed in this case. Request for next hearing to be held on 1/26/17 @ 1pm. Preliminary was then set for hearing 1/26/17 @ 1PM. Defendant Carr's request to bar the media for being present during preliminary was denied. Media to be restricted to still photographs only. Deft to be allowed to have a dress shirt, slacks and slip-on shoes for preliminary. Jail to allow the changes of clothes immediately before hearing. Clothes to be provided by the Police Department. Motion for bond reduction taken up. Motion for reduction denied.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Two local eateries offer great Thanksgiving meal deals!

Forsyth MO. - On Thursday, November the 24th, two area restaurants that I like to frequent will offer up great Thanksgiving meal deals to the public!

John's Frosted Mug - 15861 US-160, Forsyth, MO 65653 - 417-546-4149

As part of tradition that began many decades ago, owner John Sumner is offering a great Thanksgiving meal with turkey and all the fixings! At $6.50 a plate this is a very affordable and delicious entry.

Charlie's Rib, Steak and Ale - 139 State Hwy Y, Forsyth, MO 65653 - 417-546-2011

Having just recently gone smoke free, Charlie's offers clean air and a traditional turkey meal with all the fixings at only $9.99 a plate. 

Warning! If you go elsewhere, you might end up with a plate that looks like this!! Ugh!

This is an old pic of a TG meal I served from 1995!

Disclaimer: All data & info provided on this site is for informational & entertainment purposes only. The owner of this site makes no representations whatsoever as to the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any material presented here & will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or for any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use. All information is provided on an as-is basis.

Monday, November 14, 2016

The enigmatic super moon!

Back, something like four billion years ago, a young earth was struck by a large object. The result was a piece of the earth was gouged out, and in doing so, caused the earth's spin and tilt. That piece became our moon. Today it creates the tides and is a prominent feature in the sky above our heads.

On this date, the moon was very close to the earth and was thus said to be a 'super' moon. And, it won't get this close to us again until the year 2034. My simple poem from my even more simple mind, commemorated the occasion.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

We're all smoke free, so now what?

Tsk tsk..
 In the spirit of all the health movements that have swept the country in recent years, I decided to get the ball rolling on the big elephant in the room; obesity.

Back in July of 2015, A smoke-free ordinance for public and workplaces was passed by the City of Branson Board of Alderman.   The new requirements are intended to protect the health of citizens, visitors, patrons, and workers against the dangers of tobacco smoke, including secondhand smoke. The ban included:
  • All enclosed workplaces and facilities;
  • All enclosed public places;
  • Within 6 feet of outside entrances, operable windows and ventilation systems where smoking is prohibited.  
  • Within 4 feet of outside entrances, operable windows and ventilation systems where smoking is prohibited in the downtown district. 
That was a very fair and progressive thing to do by people who like to tell other people what liberties they might or might not enjoy. These same ideologues were nice enough to allow vaping for the time being, so nicotine addicts would still be able to get their 'fix'.

But now, I feel it's was past time that we begin to tighten up (pun intended) restrictions on those of us which are a few too many pounds overweight! After all, it is a well known fact that fat people are having heart attacks and strokes in record numbers. As a matter of fact, according to the National Institutes of Health, obesity and overweight together are the second leading cause of preventable death in the United States, close behind tobacco use. An estimated 300,000 deaths per year are due to the obesity epidemic. Oh my!

To that end, I hope to spearhead a citywide effort to force people to lose weight when they dare to venture out to eat, by requiring all the local eateries to offer one of the many 'Slimline' meals my company is now putting on the market. Yes, special meals customized for those considered to be a 'few too many pounds' over the limit. Slimline Inc. is a startup company that is based in India (really cheap labor), that puts out a 'healthy' and 'progressive' line of meals that are guaranteed to cause weight loss for anyone who is in need. Take my 'Slimline Turkey platter' No 472334, as a case in point. At only $6.99, your customers will get a healthy slice of turkey, a salad with bread sticks and a small cup of nuts! at just over 200 calories! Yessiree, your overweight clientele will begin to shed those pounds in no time.

Now that's a meal!
Now, I know what your all wondering. How the heck does a restaurant manager know if someone is overweight? I'm glad you asked! One of the requirements of the new law I'm proposing will be for every eatery in the infected area be required to order a Slimline Health-O-Scale that will be located by the entrance of every restaurant. When a customer enters and steps on the meter, either a green or a red light will flash - if you get a red light - Oops, you'll need to order yourself a 'Slimline' meal! Now how's that for real progressiveness??

Just remember, 'Dining on Slimline is divine'! Let it be your path to a healthy and disease free lifestyle, whether you want that or not.

Critique: Smart Ones Salisbury steak with Mac n Cheese entree!

Salisbury steak is a dish made from a blend of ground beef and other 'ingredients', which is shaped to resemble a steak, and is usually served with gravy or brown sauce. Salisbury steak was invented by an American physician, Dr. J. H. Salisbury (1823–1905), an early proponent of a low-carbohydrate diet for weight loss; the term "Salisbury steak" has been in use in the United States since 1897. The dish is popular in the United States, where it is traditionally served with gravy and mashed potatoes or noodles.

In point of fact, this is a gravy covered meatloaf of some questionable origins in terms of the ingredients. That said, this little number by Weight Watchers under the label Smart Ones is rather tasty and anyway, who doesn't like Mac n Cheese?

At just 260 calories, I've found a place for this meal in my freezer and will dig one out, from time to time. As it easily forms the basis for a more hearty repast, I often will include a side or two, making sure not to exceed a 500 calorie speed limit!

On sale, this meal can be had for just a couple of bucks and since it's frozen, it'll keep for quite some time.

Pasta Fagioli recipe courtsey of Teri Morgan!

With the cold weather comes the crock pot. Here's a great recipe for Pasta Fagioli that is bound to be a hit as shared by my Face Book friend Teri Morgan!

2 lbs. of ground beef
1 onion, chopped
3 carrots, chopped
4 stalks of celery, chopped
2 (28 ounce) cans diced tomato's
1 (16 ounce) can red kidney beans, drained and rinsed
1 (16 ounce) can white kidney beans, drained and rinsed
3 (10 ounce) cans of beef stock
3 tsp. oregano
2 tsp. pepper
5 tsp. parsley
1 tsp. Tabasco sauce (optional)
1 (20 ounce) jar spaghetti sauce
8 ounces of pasta

Brown the beef and drain the fat......then put into crock pot with all other ingredients except the pasta. Cook on low for 7-8 hours or on High for 4-5 hours. Add the pasta 30 minutes before eating. Serve with crusty warm bread!!! Note: If you do not have a large crock pot, cut the recipe in half. Pasta Fagioli also freezes wonderfully, so you can make a big batch and freeze the rest!!!

Charlie's announces it will be smoke free starting Nov 13!

Sign posted at Charlie's on Hwy 160

Forsyth MO. - In a move that was surprising to some customers (me included), Charlie's Steak Ribs and Ale, located on Hwy 160 in Forsyth MO has elected to become a smoke free restaurant starting November 13, 2016. Apparently the owner, who was forced to make his Branson locations smoke free due to local ordinance decided to go ahead and extend that restriction to his Forsyth location even though no such city ordinance exists.

That leaves just one other bar/restaurant in the area, John's Frosted Mug as a nearby location where smoker's are allowed to drink and smoke. And, while the author does smoke himself, he can understand why some of the regular customers might feel their rights are being infringed over the still questionable health risks of inhaling second hand smoke. Note that vaping is also not allowed..

My personal opinion is that a bar aught to be a place where a person can go and relax, and for some smoking is a key component of that experience. Over time, I also feel smoking will die out on its own...

On a good note, word will get around that the air has been 'cleared' at this venue....now if I could just convince folks that burning leaves is also a really bad idea...

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

OK, so now what?

At long last, we have an actual businessman holding the highest office. Donald Trump, who may be a lot of things, is no ones fool when it comes to making a buck. But, there will likely be challenges to be face in both the short and long term....

Starting in 2017, the United States will be changing course as for the first time in a very long time the forces of Conservatism will be steering the Ship of State, including both Houses. But, in truth, eight years of Obama and his bunch have left things a mess. I don't say that as a member of any Party, but as an American with average sight.

My country is in the dumps from almost any angle you might choose to view it. The challenges to clean it up and get it moving forward again will be daunting, to say the least. No less so due to the incredible amounts of hobbling debt, failing infrastructures, a terrible economy along with a leaky border that's admitted fifteen million illegal aliens who never bothered with the immigration process under the watch of a man who history may well judge as mentally impaired. Getting those items fixed would be a major challenge for anyone. A task made all the more difficult by a Senate and House, where half the members of each are constantly at each others throats. Men and women who have long since forgotten why they were elected there in the first place.

So, President Trump will face a true trial by fire, in the early going. I sincerely believe that there are men and women members of the Senate and House that would rather see our Republic collapse, rather than see their elitist views altered in even the smallest way. And until we can pass term limits for these 'children', I fear that there will be very little progress made, no matter how hard Trump works.

To wit, I'm looking for real problems with the Stock Market as it has been buoyed up courtesy of the fake money that the Fed has churned out for nearly a decade. When it crashes (and it will), the slower thinkers among us will cry out -'See! You should have elected Hillary!' Me? I will see the inevitable 'correction' that was long overdue and which the Obama Administration was so clever at avoiding...

Internationally and geopolitically, Trumps rise to power will be interesting to watch unfold. People like Putin know he cannot be 'managed' in the way Obama and Hillary could be managed. Members of NATO, along with the EU, will come to a heightened sense of attention as they realize that it will no longer will it be business as usual. (Just how that will all work out will be fascinating to witness).

And then, there is our southern border to consider. I'm sure that the hordes of illegals who were posed to come on over under Hillary's term will soon have second thoughts as will the President of Mexico. Just in what manner Trump will move on the illegals, (and he will move) will likely be historic for some and a tradedgy for others. Once again, great stuff for the media to spew out over the airwaves for months to come.

Of interest to me, at any rate. As I was writing this post, Mediacom suffered a massive outage in numerous cities across the Midwest...

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Mediacon, stay away from these folks if you can!

I headed the post Mediacon, as I felt that this would be a better descriptor for a company that seems to be run by either 'slow' or 'mentally unstable' people in upper management. The company enjoy a virtual monopoly in southwest Missouri, yet supplies poorly maintained and oftentimes sporadic service to their user base. I'd swear you'd get better and faster cable service in Afghanistan!

The pricing, for what you get, is way high. And, once you think you have a contract, at x number of dollars per month, that 'set price' begins a slow spiral upwards. It did for me at any rate.

Come this spring, I plan to switch over to satellite and DSL. I've had it up to here with these idjits.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Have we all had enough of this election cycle?

Election of a new leader for our country swings around once every four years, and most years I get through them in fine style. In general, we've had a pretty good run of president right on up to the election of Barrack Obama almost eight years ago. That period of time has been troublesome for me and for the country at large. Almost everywhere you look, Obama's tenure in office has been stamped a disaster when you look at; the economy, international tensions, terrorism, immigration, the military and the massive debt. These have all been hallmarks of failure and today we are much worst off than when he began office in 2009.

Now, in 2015 and 2016, we've come off of one of the most vitriolic elections ever seen in over two hundred years. The campaigns yielded two front runners, ie. Trump and Clinton, that no one seems to even really like! Worse! After a summer of debates, little of substance was ever presented, other than for each side to make increasingly even more threatening remarks concerning their opponents character, moral fiber or level of competency. Now, on the eve of the election on November the 8th, never before has a country been so divided....

Me, personally? I'm sick of the whole mess and wish we could start over again...

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Tristan Carr's November 1 court appearance!

Due to a medical appointment in Springfield MO, I was unable to attend hearing #2 that took place in the Judicial Building in Forsyth, Missouri on November 1, 2016. Apparently not much transpired as only a few motions showed up on the docket for Tristan Carr.

Of some note was the successful motion by the defense to change judges. Judge Williams is out and now Judge Eighmy will be in charge. Eric Eighmy is an associate judge of the 38th Judicial Circuit Court in Taney County, Missouri. He was elected on November 4, 2014, for a term that expires on December 31, 2018..

Previously, he was a municipal court judge for the municipalities of Forsyth in Taney County and Highlandville in Christian County. Between January 20, 2014, and his ascension to the associate circuit bench, he was the judge for the municipality of Hollister in Taney County during Judge Randall Anglen's leave from the bench. I don't have much else on this man, but had to wonder why the defense didn't desire to stay with Judge Williams??

Other motions made by the defense included asking for Mr. Carr to be allowed in normal clothes with no restraints while he is in court. That one is pending, and a request to limited pre-trail publicity in accordance with Rule 16. This too appears to be pending.

There was no mention of a future court date at the time of this post.