Sunday, November 20, 2016

Forsyth Christmas Parade Dec 3, 2016!

'I think everyone loves a parade, don't they? No matter how big or small, we all like to stand next to a roadside and be pelted by other people throwing candy at our soft heads.'

This December's Christmas Parade will be extra special to me for a couple of reasons; 1) we will be getting a new President real soon, and 2) I also have a good friend who will be in the parade that I hope to cheer on. Boy! I can hardly wait!

Now, while Forsyth Missouri supports a population of only about 2200, there seems to be no lack of enthusiasm when it comes to 'putting on the dogs'! I would therefore like to encourage everyone to show up and stand along Hwy 160 between Coy Blvd and Hwy Y and give a cheer out to all the great floats and marching bands. The kiddies will have ample opportunity to grab up a load of candy that I understand is donated by the area dentists. For my part, I plan to be hanging out at John's Frosted Mug and filling myself with good Christmas Cheer before standing bleary eyed to watch the parade rumble on by...

Note that the rain date for this event will be December 10th!

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