Friday, November 4, 2016

Have we all had enough of this election cycle?

Election of a new leader for our country swings around once every four years, and most years I get through them in fine style. In general, we've had a pretty good run of president right on up to the election of Barrack Obama almost eight years ago. That period of time has been troublesome for me and for the country at large. Almost everywhere you look, Obama's tenure in office has been stamped a disaster when you look at; the economy, international tensions, terrorism, immigration, the military and the massive debt. These have all been hallmarks of failure and today we are much worst off than when he began office in 2009.

Now, in 2015 and 2016, we've come off of one of the most vitriolic elections ever seen in over two hundred years. The campaigns yielded two front runners, ie. Trump and Clinton, that no one seems to even really like! Worse! After a summer of debates, little of substance was ever presented, other than for each side to make increasingly even more threatening remarks concerning their opponents character, moral fiber or level of competency. Now, on the eve of the election on November the 8th, never before has a country been so divided....

Me, personally? I'm sick of the whole mess and wish we could start over again...

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