Thursday, June 30, 2016

White River Plaza Laundromat!

Located just to the north of Forsyth Mo is a popular strip mall that contains a pharmacy, vision, a Dollar General and a Subway among other businesses. Behind that building, though, was the object of my interest on this date. Located there is the White River laundromat! A place that seems to be well run and which houses row after row of Maytag commercial grade washing and drying machines, some of which can handle really large items! And, according to the sign, they are open 24/7!

After moving to a condo, recently, I was downgraded to a small stacked washer dryer combo that has done a good job with washing my clothes. However, it was simply to small to handle large loads like bed sheets and comforters! So, I headed on over to the White River Plaza located on Highway 160 to check out the laundromat I knew was located there. I'd written a post some years ago, but had never gone there to do actual laundry!

When I arrived, I'll admit to some confusion as to what machine I needed to use. Thankfully, there was a nice lady by the name of Roxanne there who was also doing her laundry. She apparently was a regular customer and she knew all the machines intimately and was kind enough to point me in the right direction.

Before an hour had passed, I had a clean bed comforter at a cost of about $5 including the cost of a packet of detergent! While I was there I noted that the place was spotless, had game machines, a coin changer, detergent dispensers and bathrooms! It was also a lot more busy than I thought it would be!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A BLT my way?

A BLT or Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwich are a uniquely summer time delicacy, as that is when local vine ripened tomatoes are available from roadside stands!

Well, not exactly. At least not on this post. All I could find in the way of 'vine ripened' tomatoes late in June was a hothouse variety at a local grocery store. And, while it looked pretty decent, I knew that it was actually not field ripened. Not that that's all bad! Unlike the winter versions which are unfit to eat, in my opinion, the summer varieties are grown to maturity in climate controlled greenhouses and thus are much more pleasing color and taste!

After I had cooked up three generous slices of bacon, I slapped everything together make sure to use a goodly amount of mayo! The end result was fabulous!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fourth of July in Rockaway Beach!

Monday, July 4 - 'Come join Rockaway Beach for a day full of fun, food, crafts, games, dunk-a-cop, arm wrestling, and more! Be sure to come down early and bring your blanket or lawn chairs and enjoy a great night of fireworks! There will be a beverage garden, music, lawn mower parade, and car show and cruise open to all vehicles. No Entry Fee! Top 3 vehicle awards and a crowd’s choice award. The fireworks begin around dusk. This celebration is funded solely on donations from the community and visitors and continues to be one the largest and best in the area.'

The above text is a pretty good representation of the announcements I've seen in print as to the events planned for Rockaway Beach MO on the fourth of July. It's my plan, this year, to be there and to try and cover all the festivities. There are a few story lines there that I'd like to watch unfold and in no particular order, they are;

  1. New Bar – The owner of the newly opened White River Sports Bar and Grill (formerly the Taneycomo Market) plans to have their freshly outfitted deck open to the public along with a live band. Update: The live band may be in doubt!
  2. Dockside beverage garden – Another bar plans to have a 'beverage garden'. Just where exactly that will be and what form of 'beverages' will be served is unknown at this time.
  3. Lawn mower parade – OK, I may just skip this event.
  4. Fireworks – The word last year was that the fireworks were a bit 'disappointing'. It'll be interesting to see if there is any improvement in 2016.
  5. Police check points – As a counter check to all the fun and frivolity will be intersections where the police will do their best end your 'fun day of Independence' on a sour note, while filling County and city coffers with much needed funds via tickets and citations.

In my mind I keep seeing a vision similar to the parade scene in Animal House, complete with slashing mower blades running amok in a crowd reminiscent of a another scene out of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest..... sounds like a riot to me!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Good summer viewing. Watching California burn!

Only a few days into the start of summer and already over 18 'un-contained large' forest fires are raging out of control in the west!

Twin wildfires fueled by intense heat roared through brush surrounding suburban neighborhoods outside Los Angeles on Tuesday, driving residents from almost 1,000 homes ahead of the fast-moving blazes.

The fires, raging just a few miles apart in and around the Angeles National Forest, were both listed as 0% contained Tuesday.

With near record setting heat already plaguing the western states, Predictive Services is calling for the potential for exceptional fire related problems in 2016!

Forsyth to ban burning of trash!

Forsyth MO. – Recently, the Board of Aldermen asked the city attorney to draft an ordinance that would deal with problems associated with the burning of household trash! Apparently the Fire Department was having issues with some residents inside the city limits who were setting fire to all sorts of trash, including items as large as mattresses! About two to three times a month they would be asked by people living next to these idiots to come put them out. The city does offer trash pickup and even has a recycling center for its citizens. The ban, if enacted, will correct that problem while still allowing residents to burn leaves and yard debris.

Venezula today. Behold your future America!

CARACAS, Venezuela—The government began moving thousands of squatters from the capital's infamous "Tower of David," a half-finished skyscraper that is emblematic of the country's decay during 15 years of socialist party rule.

President Nicol├ís Maduro's administration said it was moving the 45-story building's more than 4,000 residents for safety reasons. But local news reports say the building—known here as the world's tallest slum—was sold to Chinese investors who plan to turn it into a hotel and financial center.

Look closely America. This is the path you have been set on by the traitor Obama and which will be continued by Hillary.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

French Dip and fries at the Mug! Perfect!

French Dip - In American cuisine, the French dip sandwich, also known as a beef dip, is a hot sandwich consisting of thinly sliced roast beef on a "French roll" or baguette. It is usually served au jus, that is, with beef juice from the cooking process. And where did this bit of perfection originate, why right here in America of course!

So, what goes really good with a French dip besides a side of crunchy French fries? Why a genuine American dip like myself! Seriously, the 'Dip' is served every Tuesday at a special price (currently $6.50) at John's Frosted Mug and it's one of my favorites! Everything about this very affordable meal is simply perfect! So much so, that I make the Mug a regular venue to visit just so I can enjoy a little bit of beefy heaven!

Monday, June 20, 2016

MaDonna and Frozen!

Was there, done that. And now, the dead and dying tissues of earthly existence are setting in. I struggle to gasp a mortals breath, moment to moment. From a sultry witches mouth did a silver ring go onto my virgin finger, so very very long ago. Decades have now passed with that link, yet unbroken, growing ever stronger. Cold darkness envelopes and welcomes me, as an old friend. The pains of dying, grows ever stronger. Still, I can manage to smile, even now...

How's that for dark prose Stephen King? Said the sad man from his bed in a local care facility...

Fifteen ways to get yourself on a FBI watch list!

In hopes of catching more terrorists, the FBI released twenty five instructional pamphlets intended for everyone from hobby store owners to karate instructors. The idea being that these businesses will turn in their customers to the FBI as suspected terrorists. Every single one of these examples were taken directly from FBI lists distributed to places of business in how they can help fight the war on terror. Do one of these, and you just might end up at a FEMA camp someday! You've been warned!
  1. Beauty shops have been instructed to look out for people getting picked up outside, rather than driving themselves. Sorry Grandma.
  2. Bulk fuel distributors, frequently known as gas stations, have been instructed to look out for people filling containers with gasoline or diesel fuel. Why do they still sell these tools of terrorism?
  3. According to the FBI, if construction sites find glue in a lock, graffiti or vandalism of any kind, they should suspect teenagers second and terrorists first. Seems logical to me.
  4. Renting a boat? Don’t do it for too long, or the FBI might have to step in.
  5. Better not ask how to swap a SIM card, because that’s a sure sign of jihadist tendency.
  6. Electronics shops have been asked to report those who buy assorted electronic components…at an electronics shop. I used to do this! But, not any more! I swear!
  7. Better not be cashing lots of checks and money orders. Only terrorists have multiple income streams. Duh!
  8. Overdressed for the weather? A sure sign of hiding bombs. Or of being cold.
  9. Don’t get caught drawing things in public. You’re probably planning to blow something up.
  10. Demonstrating interest in remote control planes at a hobby shop has been identified by the experts at the FBI as a sign of terrorist intent. I wonder if anyone has ever expressed interest in RC planes at a hobby shop? Nope not me!!
  11. Don’t buy pipe at Home Depot. The FBI told home improvement stores to watch out for that. What possible use for pipe is there, other than bomb making?
  12. The FBI says peaceful citizens don’t pay in cash. Practically everyone knows that cash is a sure sign of terrorism. Well, that's one thing I don't have to worry about!
  13. God help you if you’re missing a finger or a hand. Nearly every FBI list had this one, as if people generally chose to have their hands and fingers cut off. Could be a right of passage!
  14. Don’t change your appearance. Everyone knows terrorists get makeovers all the time. Also, don't slouch!
  15. And whatever you do, don’t get sweaty.That there is a sure sign!

Friday, June 17, 2016

A new menu item at Charlie's in Forsyth MO?

Rumor has it that Charlie's Steak, Ribs and Ale in Forsyth Missouri, has a new menu item! Be still my heart! The newest creation is called a Prime Rib sandwich! And, while I do not yet have a real time picture of their latest menu item, I did secure a stock image from the Internet! OK. It's time for me to make tracks over to the venue and scope out some details.... review to come!

Now, if I could just get them to add a French Dip....

Thursday, June 16, 2016

White River Sports Bar and Grill in Rockaway Beach!

A clean and airy venue with drinks, food and gas!

Rockaway Beach MO – On what was the hottest day of the year (96°F), I decided to stop by a newly opened bar in Rockaway Beach Missouri which I had alluded to in a recent post. There were a few things I wanted to get straight as I was confused about some of the contents of an article that appeared in a local paper (Taney County Times). I wondered how a venue, with limited parking to begin with, was going accommodate two seemingly divergent activities, namely bar goers and a gas station! I did note that there were about 20 or so parking slips located right across the street in front of the Post Office.

As luck would have it, I needed some gas and decided to 'fill er up' prior to 'filling myself up', so to speak. I also wondered if perhaps I could just leave my car at the gas island while dashing in for a quick brew-ski or or two. (Just he sort of half baked plan I was often known for hatching...). That turned out to be a no go.

When I arrived, it was early afternoon and just in case you've never visited Rockaway Beach before, it's a rather quiet place. (In fact, driving through that town on a hot day reminds one of the Old West town of Tombstone, only with no sage brush tumbling down the street). The bar-slash-gas station, whose name newly minted name was the White River sports Bar & Grill, was barren of any traffic when I pulled in. Well, I thought to myself, it was a mite early in the day. At the last minute, I decided against getting gas as I was anxious to inspect the bar. And, my hands were shaking pretty badly; either from the DT's or a possible heat stroke. I thought a cold beer might help either condition.

As I entered the establishment, I was met with a warm greeting from the Owner, a man named Al Al. There were also a couple of friendly patrons sitting at a well appointed bar with shelf after shelf of tempting libations only about four feet away. Al offered me an imported beer and I accepted - a welcome cold drink to enjoy while sitting in an air conditioned establishment! Life was sweet! Outside the temperature had just hit 95 degrees..

As I sipped my beer, I looked around and noticed that this was a very spacious bar complete with gaming consoles off by the front and two pool tables that looked brand new!  The numerous tables also hinted at food, and I learned that a great menu was in the works! Cool! 

My main feeling sitting there, was that the White River Sports Bar and Grill was an extremely neat and clean venue!  Al also promised that the food service would be of only the highest caliber and I believed him. As a matter of fact, I plan to eat there on the Fourth of July, a date when the expansive out door deck will open and will host a live band. Stay tuned for that report!

The Face Book link for this bar slash gas station can be found here. Please like them and then give this venue a fair shake.  


Monday, June 6, 2016

Video of a theft of a bike in Forsyth MO!

YouTube link

I was able to recover footage of a theft of my bike out of my garage in Forsyth MO - Date: May 18, 2016. Time 6:19 PM CST. A single theft wasted no time in grabbing the bike and exiting. In my view the garage had been cased prior to the act by a single individual. Someone who likely lives nearby. If he's smart, he'll get rid of the hoodie with that distinctive design on his back... Also, if you watch the far left garage door window, you can see the shadow thrown by an accomplice.. In any case, I won't hurt the retarded child, however I will go after his parents, or parent assuming any even exist...

And then there's the real story. Nothing will happen... ever.

Mobile One business for sale in Forsyth!

An oil change and maintenance shop located on Coy Blvd in Forsyth MO is up for sale by an area bank. I tried calling Michael Booth (card on the front door) at the Central Bank in Branson MO to see what the deal was but he is out until the 14th of June.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign!

By definition, a sign is 'a piece of paper, wood, etc., with words or pictures on it that gives information about something'. In general signs convey important information designed to promote safety, in one form or another, while others may also convey more of a threat. For instance, the average STOP sign conveys all the above; information that you need to come to a full stop and an implied warning that should you choose to disobey, you could fave a penalty. So, in general signs are pretty important...

Now let's take this pair of signs located at the Taneycomo Terrace complex in Forsyth Missouri. 

 One would think that the meaning of these would be pretty clear, wouldn't one? Well, apparently not for this crew from US Lawns who use that very same space to park their vehicle and trailer while cutting grass that is was on a separate property! How really crude...

Well, nothing really happened to these people from US Lawns. They got away with ignoring some signs that they apparently felt did not pertain to them. Their manager was notified by email of my  displeasure and I got to post this story for the benefit of anyone who was thinking about hiring a lawn care company for themselves. Why anyone would hire people as illiterate as this group seems to be, would be way beyond my comprehension...

As of mid June, I've never received a response from the management of this company... I was not surprised....

First American to skip Olympics due to Zika may be a trend!

According to a story in People magazine, American cyclist Tejay van Garderen has withdrawn his name from Olympic consideration due to concerns about the potential effects the virus could have on his pregnant wife. Bravo for him. I'm just surprised that NBC, who has the exclusive rights to broadcast the games, didn't try and opt for Venezuela! Such a location would not only have the added drama of a out of control pathogen but also could be viewed against the back drop of a country teetering on the edge of civil war! Well, perhaps in another four years...

Friday, June 3, 2016

Thieves running amok in Forsyth MO?

The times they are a changing and one of those changes we can all relate to are the kids and how they've devolved over the past decade into pseudo animals with little to no respect for people or their possessions.

Here in Forsyth, reports of thievery seems to be on the increase. One lady I know had her 50 inch brand new TV ripped off last December by young thugs who broke into her home while she was away at work!
Stock photo, but this was pretty close!

Where I live in Taneycomo Terrace, numerous reports have recently reached my ears concerning people who have invaded and taken stuff from private parking garages! The thieves have even been bold enough to steal a paddle boat from the dock area that is part of the complex. I understand that those idiots were caught, but one wonders if they were merely tapped on the wrist before going out and doing more mischief? Don't get me wrong, both the Forsyth and Taney Police do an outstanding job and have done so for a long time, but they cannot be everywhere and it seems to me that the number of people who don't care to follow the rules are on the increase.

At any rate patrol officer Viviana Giraldo of the Forsyth Police came and took down some information along with getting a written statement from myself. 

As a side issue: I recruited a street wise youth to go see what he could find out. The hunt is on!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

New bar to open in Rockaway Beach?

Apparently to lone convenience store slash gas station has decided to evolve into something new... a bar? Yes, my sources tell me that what was formerly the Taneycomo Market will soon be opening as.. I don't really know cuz the owners have failed to email me even though they have that information.
Just a thought...
Well, perhaps there will be a naming contest. My vote would be something like 'Captain Rags' or something like that. Anyway, while you can no longer get gas in Rockaway, there will again be three bars! So, make sure you get tanked up before going there and getting tanked.... Oh, and yes, there is a deck out back that should be quite nice, uh, when they do open...

Update: June 15, 2016 - According to a local paper, the bar/gas station is now open! I hope to visit there soon to get a few pics.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Traveling outside the box to help Taney County!

A rather crude effort, but you get the idea.

There is little doubt that the Landings is a very popular destination for many folks year round. Located as it is on Taneycomo Lake there exists all kinds of opportunities to expand services to reach out and to support neighbors towns and villages. Here is one thought that I had which is relatively simple, but which might have a large impact on those local economies.

Bass Pro Ferry Service

The establishment of a ferry service by some entity like Bass Pro that already had dock facilities at the Landings. This ferry would be a full featured craft capable of transporting guests on a scenic trip up and down the river with regular daily service. Of course it would be nice if there were some interesting stops along the way!

Rockaway Beach stop #1

Only minutes from downtown Branson, the Rockaway Beach stop would have shops, an eatery and perhaps even a hotel all in one location where passengers could come to stay for a day or two while getting the chance to dance on the special dance floor that floats on water!

Taneycomo Terrace Cabins stop #2

A small parcel of land that is situated close to Taneycomo Terrace could be developed with small cabins, a pool and a restaurant in a similar vein to what currently exists at Big Cedar Lodge!

Empire Park stop #3

The terminus for the ferry would be the Empire Park, a location that is just begging for careful and considerate development. All manner of eco-friendly park oriented facilities could be erected and maintained to the benefit of the community at large.

'I guess that if you are going outside any box, you might as well travel as far as you can'. Such a large development would take the resources of a number of organizations in order to succeed. But, if something like it were to be implemented successfully, many would benefit!

However, the bottom line is that this idea has the same chance as a snowflake in hell of passage. No entrepreneur would touch it. Like Congress, we are all slowly grinding to a halt under a mountain of regulations, as we will become just another second world country... 

Local County Fair just ain't what she used to be!

Wow, June sees the Taney County Fair – a multi day extravaganza of rides, animals, food and vendors! Who wants to go? Well, not me for one. And why would that be, you might ask? One word. Location!
Fair grounds behind storage units..

This year the Taney County Fair will once again be located at the 'official' site located off Highway 76 and Corner Stone Drive, out behind the Tri-Sons Storage units just to the south east of Forsyth Missouri. For years it was located at the scenic Shadowrock Park location. A location that has high visibility, good parking and even a river! That location was very popular and the crowds that attended were decent. And, you know what. I have a problem getting over this change of venue. Here are some reasons;

  1. Visibility – The new site is stuck out behind a development, so it's out of sight from local traffic, even when it's running full throttle. The old site could be easily seen by traffic on either Hwy 160 or 76 and no doubt caught the eye of more than one person who had not intended to stop.
  2. Security – The parking area at the new location is dirty and dark. The perfect sort of environment for crooks to roam freely. The old location had parking where there was almost constant traffic with lots of lights. I always felt quite safe.
  3. Bandstand – None at the new location aka Shoals Bend.
  4. Lighting – While the main event area is well lit due to all the rides, it gets a bit dark if you wander off too far. Shadowrock also has some darker areas, with the difference being that there are usually tons of campers and RV's milling about.
  5. Access – While both areas can easily be accessed, traffic at Shoals Bend has to pass closely by a development of homes. I'm sure the people that live there don't appreciate it either.

OK, I'll admit that some of my reasons are a bit flimsy. But, doggone it, I did really like the old location and still cannot get it in my head as to why Shadowrock Park can't also be used in those years when the Corps of Engineers isn't busy flooding the entire area.