Saturday, June 30, 2018

Wham, bam! Thank you ma'am, vegetable beef soup!

Getting the urge to make soup sweeps over me at random intervals and times. But making vegetable beef soup can be time consuming. So, here's a quick soup that comes together quicker than a cheap hooker's legs when she discovers I'm broke! What did he just say?

To set the stage, I often like to use a small crock pot that holds about 8 cups of soup (2 quarts). That's enough soup to last one person for about four meals or half that for two people. I then like to grab a few fresh veggies while also using three cans of assorted veggies. Note that left over amounts go into storage containers to be used as side for other meals. Note: the slow cook pictured at tight is a Crock-Pot brand 2 quart model that sell for about $15 and which has received rave reviews! And, while I have a couple of other larger deals I could use, I like this one the best!


200 g stew meat cut into small pieces (~1 cup)
16 oz can petite diced tomatoes (1 cup)
½ small Russet potato, peeled and cubed (½ cup)
2 stalks of celery, sliced (½ cup)
1 beef bouillon cube
½ cup red cabbage
¼ cup white onion, rough cut
¼ cup peas
¼ cup whole corn
¼ cup green beans
Dash of Cayenne pepper (optional)

Hey! Listen up! None of the amounts stated above are set in concrete. I generally just eyeball everything as it gets thrown into the pot. If I'm missing something, I smile and then move on. The beef gets a quick sear in a hot frying pan before it is unceremoniously dumped in with everything else! If there is some space left at the top, I add in some water. There! You're done! If you are practiced, like I am, this whole deal goes together in under ten minutes. Cover the slow cooker, set it on high and just walk away for four hours. Then, before too long, you've got yourself one awesome soup!

Friday, June 29, 2018

Grass Roots - Live for Today!

Living is tough. It's far too easy to focus on tomorrows possibilities, problems that might come to pass and other stuff that never will. My advice. Get your ass out of bed the next day, and make the most of your life! [A stereo mashed down mono to suit a man with only one ear.] On a regular basis, God shouts at me in my deaf ear.... 'I'm sorry, what's that you said?'

God: 'My children. Not all that you ever hoped for, will come to pass. Not all that you ever feared will rise up in your life and hurt you. Just keep Me in your dreams, and in your heart, and I will prepare new challenges for you on that day when you are again reborn....'

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Food container hot-cold smack down!

At some point while on a late night drunken bender, I had the brilliant idea of ordering a bunch of 3-compartment food trays with lids. I thought that it would be a great idea to make up a few meals beforehand to make things easier on myself...
Right off the bat, it became apparent that getting a 'workable combo' of foods together was going to be more of a challenge than I'd thought. At least, at times. For instance, there was the hot-cold food concept. If you tried to do a combo meal like that, it became a little problematic when it came time to eat! Here's an example:

As you can see in the picture above, I've got a spaghetti-chili main course matched to a small salad and mixed fruit pair of sides. How was the pasta going to get heated up while next to two cold foods? Aluminum came to the rescue! I merely lined the two cold food area in foil. The foil packets then could quickly be removed prior to nuking the pasta. This actually worked out quite well.

I ball-parked this 'tiny meal' at about 300 calories in a balanced mix of carbs, protein and fiber.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

I think I have a few immigrant solutions!

In what has to be a stroke of sheer genius, I believe that I have come up with a few viable solutions to the border problems that face America in 2018!

Solution 1

We decide, as a nation, to annex Mexico to California then divide that state up into three new states make them the 51st to 53rd additions to the Union! Now I understand that the Current government, in Mexico, might be a little upset with this move. To which I would say, 'tough nogies'. Life sucks and get over it! Once we march in a hundred thousand soldiers, what are they going to do about it? Nada! All Mexicans would then suddenly become US citizens living in 'South California' and we could tax the bejesus out of them while also placing them under the tender administrations of the Far Left....

Solution 2

We finish the wall, but also build a great highway connecting Mexico directly to Canada! Needless to say, that highway would also have pretty high walls! And, it would be very expensive as we would be forced to wall off Canada also. But once that was accomplished, we could sit back and see how the Canadian government handles the problem. Maybe we could even lend them Chucky Schumer on a semi permanent basis to act as a sanctimonious critic.

Solution 3

We open the border wide open, contrive to have the Republicans lose the next few elections. Then, we conservatives could sit at home and watch TV to see just what the Democrats will do when they suddenly find themselves neck deep in uneducated, dirty and hungry multitudes. What a hoot that would be. Of course, we'd all have to get used to a shift to Third World status, but that's the breaks of the game!


We could build that dumb old wall on the south border and enforce the laws already on the books. Boring!

Clear evidence of border children's abuse!

Horrific! Do Republicans have NO SHAME?
Close up! Oh my!
Breaking news! Photographic evidence emerged, which reportedly showed members of the Republican Party abusing young children at the southern border where they are being held and reportedly tortured! The photographs shown here were provided by someone named 'Chuck', a high ranking member member of the very kind, benevolent and so very progressive Democratic Party. 'The party of the future! The ONLY party who approves of totally open borders!'

Monday, June 18, 2018

The real truth about that radar dish going down!

Springfield MO. – Rumors have been running amok ever since late June the 14th when the Doppler radar tower stopped functioning after a freak 'storm' crossed the area. Almost immediately some people began to report on what they felt was the cause of the stoppage. One prominent rumor had it that an alien spacecraft had landed nearby and that strange creatures were using the dish to send signals out into space to help organize a full invasion! Balderdash I said. As I had the real scoop. But, I hesitated to speak about it as it might foment general panic to erupt. But now, after some time had passed, I felt it was time to come clean with what I knew.

Witches were responsible. There! I said it. More to the point, it was a witches coven that had set up shop at the Springfield building on West Highway EE near the airport. Sadly, I feared that all the weather personal had since been boiled in a large pot and consumed. Now four semi-attractive evil demons from hell were ensconced inside that white ball on top of a sixty foot tower, doing only God knows what.

Being a man of strong and true fiber, I've decided to wait until midnight on June 24 when the moon is full and then penetrate deep inside the ball and even perhaps one of those witches... Wish me luck!

Note: For a real situation report - go here!

A sanctuary condo??

It finally came to me that fighting the Left was getting to be a real bore and that perhaps I could become an active participant in the whole immigration thingy. To that end, I decided to offer up my condominium as a SANCTUARY CONDO and advertised its availability in local papers south of the border. I placed only a few ads down there and was overwhelmed with the positive responses. 

That's when I started to do some math. First off, I realized that most, if not all my new potential nationals would not have US currency, but only pesos on them when they arrived. So, I came up with a conversion table to make their early stay in America as convenient as possible....

 It  quickly became apparent that I could attain approximately $20K per month if I could manage to stack 24 Mexicali into the limited space I had available. And, after the first month, I'd already have enough cash to buy another condo and so on.... Of course, I also realized that some people (mostly Republicans) would be a little upset and would be likely to cause problems. So, a full time dude from the ACLU would be needed to run interference and to gain national press attention. America! What a country!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Random Thoughts for June 2018!

Hail woes!
After leaving May behind, but not before it managed to trash my car with hail on the 31st, I ventured bravely onward into June. A month that reminded me of the variability of what mother Nature can dish out when she's a little pissed. Half way through the month and over half the time the temps climbed to 90 and beyond! As I sweltered in the early heat, an insurance man came over and announced that I had about five thousand dollars worth of damage to my car and that they would be sending me a check in the mail. Swell. Meanwhile the weather people were calling for; heat indices above 100, scattered violent hail storms and just a smattering of tornadoes here and there. Oh, and my condominium complex, which just replaced the shingles on ten buildings at an insured cost of 200 thousand in April, would need to be replaced again. Oh, and by the way, we'd likely have to foot that additional cost ourselves! Double swell!

Whenever I get depressed, which had been happening more often as of late, I turn to eating as a calmative. Recently, I made up a batch of DanO's Chili! A dish that goes together quickly with little in the way of fuss or muss. 'Give a man a bowl of chili, a can of beer and a game to watch and all is well with the world!' (Well, it'd also be OK to throw in a winning lotto ticket, a very lose woman and a crazed chimpanzee)!

I can't wait for 2020!
Even as I am rapidly advancing to the age where cliff diving seems like a good alternative, I have to admit to feeling a bit excited about the presidential election of 2020! One the one side, we will have that ornery and cantankerous man known as the Trump! On the other side... who the fuck knows??

 Most of the wannabe candidates are so far to the Left that even old George Soros might have some doubts. Let's see now; there's a few well know figures like Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Those zany characters will be in the DNC hunt along with Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, Sherrod Brown and Cory Booker as of this post. Of this group, Joe 'the groper' Biden seems to have the best chance to get it all together. He's sort of a mild version of Obama who, once elected, would work like mad to turn everything Trump has done completely around. That would include wide-open borders, kowtowing to foreign nationals, closing down coal mines and offshore drilling not to mention the reimposing of a billion or so regulations on corporations! That rushing sound, you'd hear, would be trillions of dollars moving back offshore...

Fake news, fake rags and those oh so shallow reporters!

Sure, the picture above is full of it! Nothing printed there is real. It's all fake. Yet, under the rules of journalism that are in place today, I print crap like that and get away with it!

For the record, CNN simply could not collapse...any more than it already has. The outlet has had zero credibility for some time now and most thinking adults know that to be true. Rachel is not interested in men, any men, according to my male intuition. And if either outlet ever spoke the real truth, their collective tongues would fall right out of their mouths.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Extra Computer Class Added at the Taneyhills Library due to High Demand!

Branson MO. - Due to the high response of the computer classes offered in June through the Taneyhills Community Library’s INFO to KNOW program, the  upcoming Facebook class will be offered two consecutive nights, June 25 & June 26 at 5:00 pm in the Stanley & Elaine Ball Tech Room.  Repeat classes on Basic computer and Word documents along with Basic Internet skills are going to be repeated at a later date.  Call the library to reserve a seat: 417-334-1418

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Kenny Chesny - You had me from hello!

'Everything that was possible, at any one point in time,
feelings now faded, for an old and aged mind.

Those who I most desired to send a message to,
never fully caught my heart beating true!

Damn this short life, which has passed quickly by,
I've now found a 'bed', into which I must lie'

Capturing brief  moments, and all that's been said,
  I'd like everyone to know, that that I'm still getting... God...
God directs me daily, and frankly, He is a bit of an ass.
every morning....

Egg on toast with home fries!

One of my very large pleasures in life has been the many egg on toast with a side of home fries styled meal-a-deals I've eaten over the years. And, sure, there are a lot of people who might view such a meal with a jaundiced eye. High cholesterol and two 'whites', namely the bread and the potatoes. Both dietary no-nos for individuals trying to stay slim and trim.

OK, so I make amends by not eating this stuff each and every morning. But, let me tell you that there are some redeeming qualities....

Note that the spreadsheet I threw together is 'mostly' correct. Where it falls down is in the reporting of the fried potatoes with perhaps too high levels of salt. My best guess concerning the fried potatoes is that it is close, while the salt level may be a tad high as I used salt substitute. Lastly, I like A1 Sauce on my potatoes. Try it and see what you think!