Saturday, October 29, 2016

Kaboom! Watching the collapse of ObamaCare!

Them darn Republicans....
Obamacare is falling apart before our eyes. In state after state, insurers are withdrawing from the ACA exchanges and premiums are rising rapidly. Barack Obama’s promise that the ACA would bring down the cost of health insurance has become a bad joke. Then, United Healthcare pulled out. The latest news is that Aetna is leaving 11 of the 15 state exchanges in which it now participates. Right behind them are giants like Aetna is Humana.

It now seems indisputable that Republican critics of the ACA were right. Duh! So are Democrats despondent about the act’s failure? It doesn’t seem so....

Sabrina Corlette, an expert on the health law at Georgetown University, said the law is not in danger of melting down because of the way it is structured. She cited the financial subsides that the law gives lower-income people to pay for coverage. But wait a minute, if all we wanted to do was buy subsidized health insurance for a relatively small number of people not already covered by Medicaid, it could have been done at a fraction of the cost of Obamacare. Which is not to say that it would have been a good idea. Right?

Notably missing from the current discussion of Obamacare is any sign of disappointment, let alone panic, from the Democrats. The ACA was supposed to be Barack Obama’s signature legislative achievement. Doesn’t he care that the program that bears his name is falling apart? Seemingly not.

Likewise with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the other Democrats who pushed Obamacare through Congress without a single Republican vote. Pretty much everything they said about the ACA has been proved wrong. Do they mind? They don’t appear to.

Democrats don’t expect to be punished for inflicting an expensive, failed program on the American people. Instead, they really believe they will be rewarded. As Obamacare continues its slow-motion collapse, they will shift to Plan B. “We tried the market-based approach,” they will say, “and it didn’t work. Now there is only one alternative left: single payer health coverage.” At that point, with the government already dominating health care through Medicare, Medicaid and Obamacare, and with genuinely free and private health care a dwindling remnant of the industry, they think the road to socialized medicine, the holy grail of modern leftism, will be open, said no sane person ever.....

This post excerpted from an article by John Hinderackerin on his Powerline blog.

Hillary caught in FBI snare!

By the time of this post (Oct 29), most everyone was aware that the FBI had reopened the email investigation concerning Hillary Rodhammer Clinton. Like a bunny rabbit caught in a trappers snare, it seems she's having trouble hopping away from this one. The thinking men an women of the nation are likely to be getting rather tired of her antics by this juncture in time.

But, what's much more fun to watch is the media! Outlets like CNN, MSNBC, ABC - well, you know who I'm talking about, are all crying foul! as one they are trying desperately to cover this up as something that really had nothing to do with her personally. That there was about the pervert Wiener and his girlfriend, not about good old law abiding Hillary. No sir! No way!

Someone once said something to the effect that 'if it looks like a crook, talks like a crook and walks like a crook... it most likely is a crook'! (OK. so it was about a rose, but in her case, it's a stinking rose all the same)!

So, now we all get to watch out favorite channel to see which way they spin the truth in to some all new origami shape that has little bearing to reality.

Tristan Carr November 1 hearing!

Forsyth MO - Eighteen year old Tristan Carr, being held at the Taney Country jail on a half million dollar bond will appear before Judge Tony Williams at 9AM on November 1, 2016.

This will be the defendants second appearance in open court. The first time was on October 25 where his attorney asked for a bond reduction (denied) and a change of judge (also denied). His next appearance could go a number of ways, depending on the what options are available. But, what is pretty certain will be the need for the prosecutor's office to supply enough evidence for Judge Williams to make a decision on whether there is or is not enough there to either dismiss the case or to carry it forward to a trail. My bet is that the defense will ask for another continuance pending the outcome of a mental examination. That is speculation on my part, but were I in his shoes, I'd be looking at any way I could to plea down what is a charge of premeditated first degree murder. A charge that does carry the possibility of the death penalty in Missouri.

I hope to attend this hearing and will report on what I saw and heard later on November 1st.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Summerfield benefit set for Sunday, Oct 30th!

A chili supper and yard sale benefit for the family of Eric Summerfield will be held at the Taneyville Elementary school from 11 AM to 6PM on Sunday, October the 30th. All proceeds from the benefit will go directly to Eric's immediate family.

To donate or volunteer to help out, you can contact Steve Marler at 417-251-1634.

I was under attack! By my A1 sauce!

Forsyth MO. - At first I thought there must be something wrong with my eyes! I was sitting at a local restaurant having a nice quiet breakfast when I noticed that something very strange was happening to my bottle of A1 sauce. It seemed to be slowly oozing some sauce, or what looked to be sauce down the side of the bottle! Curious, I leaned closer. It was right at that moment that time froze for me. For I could see little pairs of eyes looking back! I leapt back from the counter in complete terror and yelled for help!

Alien pee?
'Hey come over and look at this!', I practically screamed. From twenty feet away, my sever looked up at me with bored eyes.

'What's it this time, Buster? Is your toast too soggy?', she inquired without moving at all in my direction. Meanwhile, one of the critters had made it down to the counter top and seemed to be growing at an alarming rate! I thought I could also hear a tiny tinkling sound.

Eyes, practically now bugging from my head, I couldn't help but notice that the A1 Thingy was also apparently relieving itself as it moved slowly in my direction... I hopped from one foot to the other and pointed excitedly at the still oozing bottle, or was it not a bottle at all, but perhaps some tiny alien ship that just happened to look like a bottle of A1?

Finally, taking her own sweet time, my server came over with one eye brow raised almost to her hairline. As she did this, the little alien guys scattered and disappeared. One second there, and the next gone!

'Look Bud', she intoned. 'They don't pay me nearly enough that I can to come running everything you thought you saw something. So, what is it this time? She asked me in a most sarcastic tone of voice.

Well, what could I say. Suddenly there was just that one pristine bottle of A1 on the counter, sitting there as innocent as all heck. Meanwhile the server continued her withering gaze, unabated.

'Uh, sorry. It was a false alarm', I muttered with my head down. 'I'll finish my coffee and leave.'

The server, still glaring, abruptly turned and walked away. But, just as she did so, that bottle spin around twice and vanished with nothing to show it had been there, but a slight popping sound as air rushed in to fill the sudden vacuum!

Later, after I got home, I began to wonder what had happened to the little creatures that had slithered off? Maybe, just maybe, they went somewhere to hide and to grow. Maybe, just perhaps they'll make a a grand appearance on Monday, October the 31st...

Disclaimer: This was a work of pure fiction. There were no creatures and the reason for the oozing was due to a bottle being overfilled'. Everyone at the restaurant, in question, maintain the highest professional standards!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Not a FaceBook event! It's an unfolding nightmare!

Posted on Facebook - Oct 26, 2016!

Life deals us all some pretty tough cards. On October the 15th, Amber Marie Cole lost her son Eric Summerfield as a result of a gunshot wound to the chest. The suspect, one Tristan Carr is another 18 year old, who graduated along with Eric from Forsyth High this past year. Both were friends according to many people I spoke with.

Both families are decimated as you might guess. None more so than the mother of Eric, as I witnessed her pain and grief at the courthouse in Forsyth on October the 25th where she came face to face with the alleged killer of her son.

Please get something straight from the get go. I was not a really great friend of either Ms, Cole or her son. But, nor was I a stranger. I knew Amber for some many years and we liked and respected each other. Eric came to swim in my pool along with Bandy NGO and her kids only just a year ago. Eric was young, he was full of youth and was great with her kids. (I wish now that I could have known this young man better). Time, however, does not allow for second chances it seems...

I'm posting on Facebook this just for one reason only. And, that is to ask for a few of you to show up at the next court appearance of Tristan Carr, currently scheduled for Tuesday, November 1, in a show of support for Eric's mom, Amber. The hearing is scheduled for 9AM at the Judicial Building at 266 Main Street in Forsyth MO.

I posted this on my own without anyone asking to do so. Living is full of a few wonderful times, interspersed with sadness. But, it is the coming together of a community that weaves a healing fabric, and which allows us to move forward.

October 25 hearing for Tristan Carr!

Eric Summerfield, deceased
Forsyth MO. – It was the morning of October 25, 2016 and I got myself dressed early, so that I might attend a hearing set for Tristan Carr, set for 9AM at the Court House located at 266 Main Street in the Division 1 Associate courtroom, with Judge Tony William presiding (due to a schedule conflict Williams could not make it and Eric D. Eighmy stood in for him). I went to the trouble of going there not knowing if I would even be allowed in, but made the effort anyway, as I knew the deceased Eric Summerfield and what an impact his death had been on those close to him. That morning dawned sunny, seasonally cool and with almost no wind. (A definite counterpoint to what was an otherwise very solemn day). For Tristan Carr was about to hear what sort of case the State had against him concerning the death of Mr. Summerfield, and whether Judge Williams felt there was enough evidence presented by the prosecution to carry it forward to a trail.

Some of the possible outcomes of a criminal trail are; involuntary manslaughter, voluntary manslaughter or murder in either the first or second degree (in my opinion). The differences being that voluntary manslaughter requires an intent to kill or cause serious bodily harm while involuntary manslaughter does not. [Note that premeditation or deliberation before the fact, however, are elements of a murder charge and not one of manslaughter]. Note also that any and all charges were subject to a preliminary finding that Mr. Carr was mentally fit to even stand trail in the first place.
Tristan Carr

Prior to the hearing on this date, the charges brought against Mr. Carr at his arraignment on October 17, were murder in the 1st degree and armed criminal action. Both of which, pointed to the serious nature of the evidence the State felt it had against him. [Note that in Missouri, murder in the second degree is a Class A felony punishable by 10-30 years or life in prison, whereas murder in the first degree is punishable by the death penalty or life imprisonment without the possibility of parole].

I arrived at the courthouse at about 8:50 AM along with a friend named Lisa. We entered into the admitting area where we were told by an officer named Jimmy to remove all items from our pockets, including our belts! An elevator then took us up a floor to the courtroom where we encountered Eric's mom, Amber Cole who was with friends and who appeared distraught. She had been through a lot over the past week and it showed clearly that morning.

Shortly after 9AM, we were all allowed into the courtroom where we were informed that there would be a two hour delay in bringing Tristan up from his cell to stand before the Judge. At that point, we all left to go get coffee, and in my case, some food. While eating I elected not to return to the courthouse, oping instead for my friend to go back and to take notes. The rest of this was according to Lisa....

Taney County Court
Apparently when everyone returned to the courtroom, Tristan had already been brought in and was seated. He made eye contact with the mother of the deceased, broke into tears and said he was sorry. At that point, I was told that the mother also lost it and began crying.

Two motions were made, once for a continuance to the following week and for a reduction in bond. The continence was accepted while the bond reduction was denied according to my understanding.

According to the docket entries, there was a motion for a change of judge filed by Mr. Carr's public defender and a continuance to Tuesday, November 1, 2016 at 9AM in the same courtroom with Judge Tony Williams presiding that time around. I plan to also attend that hearing..

Monday, October 24, 2016

Taneycomo Terrace features a crack maintenance team!

Damage to bridge structure done by a truck!
 After living at Taneycomo Terrace Condominiums for a year now, I have to admit to being impressed with maintenance staff that is comprised of two individuals; Craig and Chris! I've found their response to most of my work order requests to be prompt with the work done of only the highest professional grade! Sure, some requests could not be done as fast as I would have liked, but I realized that with over a 150 condo units not to mention boat docks, pools and grounds, these two guys have a lot on their plates!

Craig puts on the finishing touches!
Kudos on some great work, guys!

Thoreau on Civil Disobedience!

In 1849, Henry David Thoreau wrote a paper titled 'Resistance to Civil Goverment'. And, while they may have spelled the word 'government' differently back in those days, never have such words had such timely import! Today we refer to the intent of his essay as the practice of 'civil Disobedience'.

Thoreau begins his paper with, 'I heartily accept the motto, "That government is best which governs least"; and I should like to see it acted up to more rapidly and systematically. Carried out, it finally amounts to this, which also I believe—"That government is best which governs not at all"; and when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind of government which they will have. Government is at best but an expedient; but most governments are usually, and all governments are sometimes, inexpedient. The objections which have been brought against a standing army, and they are many and weighty, and deserve to prevail, may also at last be brought against a standing government. The standing army is only an arm of the standing government. The government itself, which is only the mode which the people have chosen to execute their will, is equally liable to be abused and perverted before the people can act through it.' [I supplied the bold type]

Those words really struck home, for me. As a Nation, we are preparing to elect a known crook and congenital liar to the land's highest office, in my opinion! When Hillary Rodhammer Clinton takes the pledge of office on or about January the 21st, the words she speaks that day will be meaningless other than perhaps to represent one of the final nails in the coffin containing the remains of a once great Republic.

Thoreau then goes on to state that it is never a government the propels a country to greatness, but rather the character of the masses, contained therein, that gets the job done. In his words, 'Yet this government never of itself furthered any enterprise, but by the alacrity with which it got out of its way. It does not keep the country free. It does not settle the West. It does not educate. The character inherent in the American people has done all that has been accomplished; and it would have done somewhat more, if the government had not sometimes got in its way.'

I doubt that old Henry would have believed the horrific state of this country in 2016. Back in his day, the 'structure of control on the Delaware' was vastly less complex. The cancerous tumor, it would it would one day become, only the smallest mole on the butt of a then healthy Nation. Yet, even back in the 19th Century, Thoreau wrote, 'All men recognize the right of revolution; that is, the right to refuse allegiance to, and to resist, the government, when its tyranny or its inefficiency are great and unendurable.'

Thoreau, and the people of that time, fully understood that things could go south in a hurry. Now, 167 years later, they have.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

How things are going to go!

If there is one potential piece of good news in the way I see our near future, it will be that the Republican Party will be held blameless, as the party will have ceased to exist!

Lima beans are what's good to eat!

As a food source, Lima beans were known to be cultivated more than 7000 years ago making them rather ancient! As they can stand the heat better than most beans, Lima's are often grown in tropical areas like Africa and Asia.And, I've found either you like the taste or you don't. 

The scientific name for Lima beans is Phaseolus lunatus and these puppies are chock full of nutrients as the graphic above shows. They are also high in fiber and really help to moderate or stabilize blood sugar levels which is a good thing for all us diabetics. Even more amazing, in a study that examined food intake patterns and risk of death from coronary heart disease, researchers followed more than 16,000 middle-aged men in the U.S., Finland, The Netherlands, Italy, former Yugoslavia, Greece and Japan for 25 years. Typical food patterns were: higher consumption of dairy products in Northern Europe; higher consumption of meat in the U.S.; higher consumption of vegetables, legumes, fish, and wine in Southern Europe; and higher consumption of cereals, soy products, and fish in Japan. When researchers analyzed this data in relation to the risk of death from heart disease, they found that higher consumption of legumes was associated with a whopping 82% reduction in risk!! Wow!

Every 100 gram serving (~ half a cup) delivers about 114 grams of calories and will fit nicely as a side for most any meal. I like to buy them frozen in one pound bags in the frozen food isle. They cook up in just a few minutes and cost just a couple of bucks!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Please support the Branson Local 15 FORR Toy Run in November!

Ron Jungbauer Vice President of Local 15
Branson MO - FORR stands for Freedom of Road Riders, a motorcycle organization whose 'main purpose of this organization is to guard the rights of all motorcyclists; to keep them informed of laws that will help or hinder them as motorcyclists; to promote safety, rider education, brotherhood, and freedom for all motorcyclists.' They can be found at and are a worthwhile group to associate with whether you own a bike or not! I've been a member for three years and though I don't currently ride, still like to participate in their many worthwhile activities.

Coming up on November the 6th will be their annual Motorcycle Toy Run (see flyer) that collects and gets toys to needy kids all across Taney County.a day ago, I was lucky enough to run in to Local 15 VP,  Ron Jungbauer, who was out soliciting items to go into the popular drawing they have at the event. the action starts at the Walmart parking lot of Hwy 76 in Branson from which they will depart promptly at 1PM where Santa will lead the large procession of cyclists over to the Lake Taneycomo Elks Lodge 2597 where everyone can enjoy a fine dinner compliments of the members of the Elks Lodge! This is a great event for all involved, remembering that it is the kids that gain the most from this fine organization!

Friday, October 21, 2016

The sad case of the death of a young man!

Summerfield and Carr
Forsyth MO. – As of this post, little in the way of actual facts are known surround the death of one Eric Summerfield at a home in Forsyth Missouri on the evening of October 15, 2016.

Here's what is factually known:
  1. Mr. Summerfield died of a single gunshot wound to the chest.
  2. The police arrested one Tristan Carr at his home where the shooting took place.
  3. Mr. Carr was later charged with armed criminal action and murder in the first degree.
  4. Mr. Carr is being held on half a million dollars bond in the Taney County jail.
  5. Mr. Carr has pleaded not guilty.
  6. Mr. Carr's next hearing is scheduled for Oct 25 at 9AM before Judge Williams.
That's the facts as best I knew them as of October 21st.

Here's what is not known:
  1. What was the official cause of death as determined by the coroner's exam?
  2. What kind of firearm was used and was Mr. Carr legally in possession of it?
  3. What witnesses were present at the time of the shooting?
  4. Were words exchanged just before the shooting? If so, what was said.
  5. What was the motive behind the shooting? A woman, money, something else, or was it just a terrible accident? 
These questions should come to light in the days to come, but no matter what, this was a tragic event that impacted not only Mr. Summerfield and Mr. Carr, but many others as well. Hopefully, justice will be correctly served and the circle of friends both these kids had will make such a disaster never happens to themselves or those they love.
Update: As Mr. Carr has already been arraigned and given a probable cause statement, the next order of business would be the Preliminary Hearing:

In criminal law, a hearing to determine if a person charged with a felony (a serious crime punishable by a term in the state prison) should be tried for the crime charged, based on whether there is some substantial evidence that he/she committed the crime. A preliminary hearing is held in the lowest local court (municipal or police court), but only if the prosecutor has filed the charge without asking the Grand Jury for an indictment for the alleged crime. Such a hearing must be held within a few days after arraignment (presentation in court of the charges and the defendant's right to plead guilty or not guilty).

Since neither side wants to reveal its trial strategy, the prosecution normally presents only enough evidence and testimony to show the probability of guilt, and defendants often put on no evidence at all, unless there is a strong chance of getting the charges dismissed. If the judge finds sufficient evidence to try the defendant, the case is sent to the appropriate court (variously called superior, county, district, common pleas) for trial. If there is no such convincing evidence, the judge will dismiss the charges.

Put another way, A preliminary hearing is best described as a "trial before the trial" at which the judge decides, not whether the defendant is "guilty" or "not guilty," but whether there is enough evidence to force the defendant to stand trial.

I'll have more late breaking info on Monday, October 24...

Dieting, old age and why they don't work!

Early most every morning, I crawl out of bed, muscles creaking in protest and head for the bathroom scale. As a practicing masochist, I like to give myself a jolt of depression by watching my inexorable weight increase. Over at my desk, I have a piece of graph paper that definitively shows my weight will top 500 pounds by 2020 if I stay the current course! Swell.

And, it's not that I'm not trying to lose weight. I've done every diet known to man, but always get the same results. Hey! Isn't that the very definition of insanity? The only diet I've ever found that worked, even remotely well, was the one where I cut down on my portions and actually went out and exercised. WTF?

So, here it is 2016 and I have become truly out of my mind, as I have embarked on yet another extended period of; denial, depravity and tiny little plates of food. And, this diet requires me to actually move from time to time! Some mornings I wonder just what level of Dante's Hell I happen to be standing on. (It was Level 3! Duh.)

So here's the real deal, I discovered after doing some research. It appears that once you get over the age of 50, your metabolism begins to play games. For instance, the less food you eat, the slower it gets. So, even though you're starving, you're not losing any weight! I think another WTF is called for here! Then, if you do sneak in a decent meal, that old body of yours roars into action converting every gram into fat! I've actually be able to gain two pounds after eating only a pound of food! I called Science Magazine about my new found ability to create matter our of nothing, but they hung up on me...

ACA rate hikes now in the mail!

Well right about now, within a few weeks of the Presidential election, many voters are getting the news in the mail that they will be taking it in the butt via multi digit rate increases! Remember when ObamaCare passed and how wonderful it for all was going to be for the country? What a 'signature' moment is was for Nancy Pelosi and friends!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Critique: Texas Style Buttermilk biscuits!

While in the midst of yet another failing diet, I of course made the decision to make up a batch of biscuits, Texas Style Buttermilk biscuits to be more accurate from the fine folks at Best Choice! I also figured to make up a small pot of brown gravy, figuring that the two items would be a dandy way to completely sabotage my weight loss efforts.

At a cost of only $1.34 for the biscuits and .79 cents for the gravy, I figured this would make for a great meal on the cheap! And, anyway what could go wrong? And, as it turned out, nothing!

The biscuits took only eleven minutes in the convection oven set to 375ºF and the gravy was also a snap to make. At the last minute, I added a scrambled egg and small glass of tomato juice to the meal and still ended up at only about 400 calories!

The biscuits were pretty near perfect as was the gravy from the people at McCormick! And, my only real worry was just how fast I was going to motor through the other eight remaining biscuits over the next couple of days! The whole deal, including the tomato juice came in at under fifty cents!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Kristiina Brask - Ohikiitävää ja Yksi meistä

Chinese-Mexican-Burrito restaurant!

OK, so the owner didn't have much imagination when it came to naming this venue, but at least it's descriptive....

Were it not for a friend of mine, by the name of Daniel Danielson, I don't think I ever would have ventured into this venue located at 15709 US-160 in Forsyth, Missouri. Frankly, I've never been a big fan of Chinese styled food, but I do admit to enjoying some Mexican cuisine from time to time. So, it was, I stopped there to meet and dine with a friend named Dan, on what had been a spectacular month of October, where we enjoyed balmy weather for much of the month!

The full name of this eatery is Chinese-Mexican-Burrito. And, as you can see from the photograph, they like to have a lot of foliage displayed in the front. I guess if I were a dog, I'd enjoy that feature a lot. I'm still not sure, however, what happens to all these plants come wintertime??

In general, the reviews I've read on Google have been positive. So that was encouraging. One thing I was also sure of is that the seating area is limited (~20) and it pays to get there well ahead of the lunch hour rush if you want a good table and desire prompt service.

As it was, I arrived on a Wednesday at about 11 AM and already there were a few patrons there for an early lunch. The weather was cloudy but nice at about 80 degrees. My partner was already there and had ordered some thing that looked rather repulsive. As an ex Navy Seal, he'd spent some time in Asia and likes that sort of food. Me, I wanted them thar Tacos! 

So, what did I think of the place. Well, it was clean and the service was excellent. My tacos were simple, but good if just a bit pricey. Still, not a bad venue to check out!

Stretching those dollars on leftovers!

OK, so I had some left over steak from the day before when I had visited a local steak joint. As I was on a diet, and as the meal cost me $10, I thought I'd kill a couple of birds with one stone. My breakfast the next morning, was about 40 grams of steak, an egg and a small glass of tomato juice. The whole deal came to a little over 200 calories and still managed to jump start the day! As the cost of eggs was at .89 per dozen, I figured this meal cost me about fifteen cents, all told.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Charlie's steak and eggs platter! Still, a great deal!

Yes sir! I do like A1 sauce!
Forsyth MO. – It's fall down here in southwest Missouri and the trees are just beginning to change color. You'd think it would be cool too, but you'd be wrong! The weather guy was calling for the temps to approach 90 degrees on this 17th day of October! Wow! Anyway, I thought it would be a swell sort of day to go have myself a steak and eggs platter at Charlie's Steak, Ribs and Ale. (Actually most any day is a good day to eat at hearty breakfast and I have the waistline to prove that)!
View from Taneycomo Terrace!

As I drove to the restaurant, I noticed what a picture perfect day it really was. There was a wonder light breeze with the air a very comfortable 74 Fahrenheit. The sky was clear with just a light touch of high cirrus. And, when I did pull in and exited my car, wonderful smells of food wafted on that breeze. My stomach rumbled in response.

Charlies in Forsyth Mo.

When I entered, I found about 8 to 12 other diners all seeming to enjoy their meals. I made my way to a booth, sat down and was greeted immediately by Lisa Davis, server extraordinaire. In my opinion, Lisa is the sort of person who can always make a nice day even nicer somehow. She was there working all alone, but handled her customers in a deft and professional manner, nonetheless. A cup of coffee, quickly appeared, as if by magic.

Lisa Davis working hard!

Not really needing a menu, I ordered the Steak and Eggs and Lisa recited the way I like mine from perfect memory. 'That would be rare, white toast, sunny side up for the eggs, A1 and jelly for your belly, right? She asked me. 'Why yes, that would be swell.' I answered back respectfully. And then away she flew towards the kitchen.... What a woman!

In short order, (no pun intended), Lisa was back with my order and I dug on in. The food at Charlie's is always near perfect and that day was no different. And, at only $10 for the platter, you get a steak that is well over an inch thick, loads of fantastic hash browns, toast and two eggs that stared and seemed to shout eat me! Which I did...

All in all a great start to a great day!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Watching Hillary will be fun!

When crooked Hillary gets elected (and she likely will), events will ramp up in at least one area – comedic media coverage!

Hillary, as portrayed by comedians such as veteran Kate McKinnon, and who does such a bang up job on Saturday Night Live, will have great material to work with over the next four years! That is, if the Hill can keep from being impeached! In that event, it would be Tim Kaine's turn to really shine for all the left to enjoy.

No matter what happens, Hillary will be entering into office during an interesting period in our Republic. With International countries on fire, the border bulging with eager refugees and a bankrupted government, she will certainly have all sorts of opportunities to mess up! I personally cannot wait to see just what Mother Hillary does! And sure, it will be hard to see her progress as she does most things under the cover of darkness or behind closed doors, but that's politics! No matter what her methods, she will almost certainly begin by raising up the black man to his 'proper level and standing' in the world. Well, that was a major campaign promise, was it not? That trick I just gotta see....

Then, there is the border thing, as Bush the younger might say. All them tens of millions of refugees who were practically guaranteed to be able to cross en masse, with the promise of free food, housing, education and health insurance. Why, I'd bet my horse that coming on January 21, 2017, they'll be standing 20 or more deep on the southern borders, just waiting for her acceptance speech! And that would be another good chance for media coverage, I'll tell you!

In short order, after the illegal's invasion, after the great stock market crash and after World War III had begun, there will also be a great chance for SNL to parody Hillary's escape from the US as tens of thousands of angry voters chase her sorry ass...

And so the beat goes on......towards war!

With crooked Hillary now a certain bet for prez of the US, it is most informative to watch the goings on, elsewhere, by the other powers.... and what they are doing right now!

Russia -  The highly provocative and unnecessary ongoing US-NATO buildup in the Baltic states and Eastern Europe is bringing Washington closer to war with Moscow than at any time since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.  The last time such hostile military power amassed on Russia’s frontiers was in June 1941, when Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union.

Putin is aware that NOW is the time to act to consolidate that when he feels belongs to him. He is certain that Obama will freeze like a deer caught in the headlights of a newly built T-14 Armata tank.

Russia and Iran are currently moving to secure Syria and clobber Saudi Arabia via Yemen.

An interesting “urgent bulletin” circulating in the Kremlin and issued by the Ministry of Transport (MoT) is “warning/strongly advising” that all Federation maritime concerns “remove/displace” their shipping vessels from the Atlantic Ocean region as sometime during the next fortnight (14-days) a catastrophic “storm of the century” event is likely to occur along the Eastern coastal regions of the United States. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

China - The Chinese have developed a “carrier killer” missile which was specifically designed to destroy U.S. aircraft carriers. There are some that have suggested that these new missiles may have made U.S. aircraft carriers obsolete… By the by, this is a nuclear tipped missile...

In China, there is talk that a war may be necessary to defend China’s interests in the South China Sea. In fact, a newspaper that is a mouthpiece for the Communist Party actually stated that war with the United States “is inevitable” if the U.S. continues to insist that the Chinese must halt activities on those islands… meanwhile the island building goes on...

China recently conducted a series of massive military exercises that simulated an attack against Taiwan. Since the U.S. is committed to protecting Taiwan, a real conflict of this nature would almost certainly involve the United States.

Add into this mix, please add the dark workings of ISIS and North Korea and you might just get the idea that this coming New Year's celebration may be the last for a while to come....

Coming in 2017!

It's really no secret that the Republican Party is currently on the verge of utter dissolution. I wouldn't be surprised, at all in fact, if this turns out to be the last election in which they play any meaningful role. The Socialist-Democratic Party will thereafter run pretty much unopposed, not too very unlike pre-war Nazi Germany back in the 30's. Hillary and the Democrats are aware of this real possibility and are celebrating as they make plans for the fulfillment of the New World Order!

So, here's what's on the chopping block in the near term, (in my humble opinion);

1) The elimination of the First Amendment. Speech will be something that the State gives you as a privilege, from time to time.

2) Open borders for all! Just imagine a daily influx of two to three million non-working, mostly illiterate and hungry refugees looking for another handout.

3) Totally free trade. America will be relegated to third world status in a scenario straight out of Dante's Inferno.

4) Corporations perform a mass exodus and leave for other countries after Hillary raises their taxes through the roof.

5) Massive new amounts of regulatory bills will be passed that will strangle any business that tries to remain inside our borders.

6) The passage of a single payer system whereby the government decides what doctor you will see or even if you will see one at all.

7) The installation of an all liberal Supreme Court that will insure far left policy for the next generation to come.

8) The encouragement of the country to being fully secular and the denouncement of all things religious.

9) The placement of minorities into positions for which they are unqualified in order to achieve 'quotas'.

10) And finally, the formation of a governmental police or security force, possibly in the guise of the EPA, that will enforce order for the well being of the masses.

Yes, we are on the verge of a brave New World order. A world of fairness and equality for all beings, as they bravely tread the downward path to Hell and Damnation.

Friday, October 14, 2016

While flu levels for October remain low, an uptic was observed in Mexico!

Mexico – While flu levels in the US mainland remain very small, Secretary Francisco Esparza Parada reported that cases of seasonal influenza in Aguascalientes (located in north central Mexico) increased by 565% during 2016, when so far, 306 cases have been registered compared with 46 in the same period last year [2015].

The secretary also reported that 404,411 cases of acute respiratory infections have been registered, compared with 358,241 cases reported during the same period of [2015], that is, nearly 13 per cent

On the increase in cases, the state official said that "the cause could be early onset of temperature changes; we are already in the 3rd cold front." He recommended, "care for children younger than 5, keep them warm, drink enough liquids, hot liquids and include fruits and vegetables in the diet." He also said it is important "not to visit places where there are large gatherings if you already have symptoms and seek prompt medical attention," and further stated that "so far there have been no deaths."

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Something's happening alright!

I just had to so a short podcast on my thoughts concerning Debate #2 - actually it was more like Master-Debate #2 in my view.....

Monday, October 10, 2016

Which bucket are you in?

No matter who you are here in America, you fall into one of two buckets! and, in any case, our country is in a real mess!

Oct 10 podcast - Russian moves!

Just keep it up you bad boy! WWIII on tap! Yes, I am preparing for an exciting career in broadcasting... no wait! I'm too old...

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Potty mouthed males!

America! Please get it together... you're being hoodwinked!

Note: This podcast was my third and now I'm waiting for the 'big boys' in media to discover me..... Fox, take note that I would consider hosting the Five, if only to have a chance to sit and stare in slack-jawed fashion at Dana Perino! Why do I keep hearing crickets?? 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Subway re-visited!

My chances to visit my local Subway are pretty few. As I don't prefer to eat alone, I have to wait and snag the one of two friends who also like the sort of food they serve. On this day it was my buddy Dan Danielson, a gnarly ex-Seal who also has a taste for their six and twelve inch creations. Me? I prefer the six inch cold meat combo that been toasted! That and a bag of chip and a diet coke and I'm good to go!

Ever since the untimely departure of Jared Fogle as Subway's spokesman due to personal deviate sexual problems, I'm sure that this fine company has been on the lookout for someone to replace him. In that spirit, I've sent them photos of me 'before' and 'after', but only got the response that I looked somewhat fatter – not true! I'm large boned is all....

Needless to say, the food at Subway's is healthy – although not quite the great diet food everyone is always talking about. My little meal came close to 600 calories! Whoa Nellie! Frankly, I could do better at McDonald's if I stayed away from the burgers and fries section! That said, the meal is filling and very tasty. Just the sort of fare everyone hopes for when they dine out.

Tabby's star unlike any ever seen!

Newly analyzed observations by NASA's planet-hunting Kepler space telescope show that the star KIC 8462852 — whose occasional, dramatic dips in brightness still have astronomers scratching their heads — has also dimmed overall during the last few years.

The steady brightness change in KIC 8462852 is pretty astounding," study lead author Ben Montet, of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, said in a statement. "Our highly accurate measurements over four years demonstrate that the star really is getting fainter with time," Montet added. "It is unprecedented for this type of star to slowly fade for years, and we don't see anything else like it in the Kepler data."

KIC 8462852 hit the headlines last September, when a team of astronomers led by Tabetha Boyajian of Yale University announced that the star had dimmed dramatically several times over the past few years — in one case, by a whopping 22 percent.

These brightness dips are too significant to be caused by an orbiting planet, so scientists began suggesting alternative explanations. Perhaps a planet or a family of orbiting comets broke up, for example, and the ensuing cloud of dust and fragments periodically blocks the star's light. Or maybe some unknown object in the depths of space between the star and Earth is causing the dimming.

The brightness dips are even consistent with a gigantic energy-collecting structure built by an intelligent civilization — though researchers have been keen to stress that this "alien megastructure" scenario is quite unlikely.

Montet and Simon said they don't know what's behind the weird behavior of Tabby's Star, but they hope their results, which have been accepted for publication in The Astrophysical Journal, help crack the case eventually.

"It's a big challenge to come up with a good explanation for a star doing three different things that have never been seen before," Montet said. "But these observations will provide an important clue to solving the mystery of KIC 8462852."

Even the folks at SETI are now focusing more attention on this strange beast in the sky!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Harvest Moon and Auto show in Forsyth MO!

Forsyth MO. - Other than one rather well written article by Jann Clark that appeared in the September 28 edition of Taney County Times and perhaps a few posters that were displayed at area businesses, little was apparently done to promote the Harvest Moon Car and Craft Festival that held on Saturday, October the first!

E. Clevenger, a rep for the JIC Nation working a booth

I'll admit that for someone who tries to make it a habit to know what's going on in his small town of Forsyth Missouri, this deal came to light at only the last minute! When I heard about it on the morning of October 1, I made an effort to try and locate any mention of the even on the net. Nada. Not at the Chamber site, not at the City site and not even at the KRZK site that is normally pretty good about advertising local events!

When I arrived at the event, two things popped into my mind; 1) there were a ton of cars on display along with perhaps forty or more vendors along with music and food and 2)) there were not enough people! This once a year event offers a great chance for the local folks to get out to see and be seen. The weather was also picture perfect; sunny skies, light winds and temps in the 70's. So, what the heck was wrong? My take on the low turnout was twofold; 1) inadequate advertising and 2) zero porta-pottie. If you had to go, you had to use the local church and stand in lines. This presented a real problem for any vendor that occupied a spot by themselves and was the almost universal gripe I heard from everyone I poled. Perhaps the organizers will do it better next year...

On a more positive note, the people who did show up seemed to have a good time. I heard that the food was great and I even had a chance get up and close to some of the most fantastic autos I've ever seen.

A Penne and pasta sauce blast!

The pasta came in at 350 calories - add another 150 for the garlic bread!

Who knew, but some Polynesian lady's casual remark would set me on the direction for creating a vastly improved pasta sauce!

I like making all my sauces from scratch and that's especially true when it comes to pasta sauces! After trying most of the bottled and canned commercial offerings, I've always thought they were lacking to one extent or another. So, as it happened one day, I was chatting with a lady named Brandy NGO when she remarked that the only form of meat sauce she preferred was one made with sweet Italian sausage. At first, I was against the idea, but in the interest of civility I decided to give it a go.

Here's the ingredient list I compiled:

½ lb sweet Italian sausage by Johnsonville
½ lb ground beef
½ bell pepper, minced
½ onion, minced
15 oz can diced tomatoes
15 oz can tomato sauce
8 oz can mushrooms, drained
1 tsp oregano, dried
1 tsp Basil, dried
1 clove of garlic, minced
½ tsp salt
¼ tsp pepper
1 dash cayenne pepper
1 pkg Penne or shell pasta


Brown the Italian sausage and dump it into a slow cooker set to low. Next, dump in the tomatoes and tomato sauce right along with the herbs, garlic, salt and peppers.

While that deal is warming up, minced the onion and the bell pepper and then add them along with the beef to a frying pan and brown the meat. Drain and add it to the slow cooker.

After three hours, pour the sauce into a standard pot and simmer sans lid for another hour. This will reduce the sauce to just the right consistency. Voila! World class pasta sauce!

I like to use quick cooking pasta's like shell or Penne as you can prepare them in just a few minutes. When ready to serve, just mix in the sauce into the hot pasta and off you go!