Monday, October 17, 2016

Charlie's steak and eggs platter! Still, a great deal!

Yes sir! I do like A1 sauce!
Forsyth MO. – It's fall down here in southwest Missouri and the trees are just beginning to change color. You'd think it would be cool too, but you'd be wrong! The weather guy was calling for the temps to approach 90 degrees on this 17th day of October! Wow! Anyway, I thought it would be a swell sort of day to go have myself a steak and eggs platter at Charlie's Steak, Ribs and Ale. (Actually most any day is a good day to eat at hearty breakfast and I have the waistline to prove that)!
View from Taneycomo Terrace!

As I drove to the restaurant, I noticed what a picture perfect day it really was. There was a wonder light breeze with the air a very comfortable 74 Fahrenheit. The sky was clear with just a light touch of high cirrus. And, when I did pull in and exited my car, wonderful smells of food wafted on that breeze. My stomach rumbled in response.

Charlies in Forsyth Mo.

When I entered, I found about 8 to 12 other diners all seeming to enjoy their meals. I made my way to a booth, sat down and was greeted immediately by Lisa Davis, server extraordinaire. In my opinion, Lisa is the sort of person who can always make a nice day even nicer somehow. She was there working all alone, but handled her customers in a deft and professional manner, nonetheless. A cup of coffee, quickly appeared, as if by magic.

Lisa Davis working hard!

Not really needing a menu, I ordered the Steak and Eggs and Lisa recited the way I like mine from perfect memory. 'That would be rare, white toast, sunny side up for the eggs, A1 and jelly for your belly, right? She asked me. 'Why yes, that would be swell.' I answered back respectfully. And then away she flew towards the kitchen.... What a woman!

In short order, (no pun intended), Lisa was back with my order and I dug on in. The food at Charlie's is always near perfect and that day was no different. And, at only $10 for the platter, you get a steak that is well over an inch thick, loads of fantastic hash browns, toast and two eggs that stared and seemed to shout eat me! Which I did...

All in all a great start to a great day!

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