Saturday, October 15, 2016

Watching Hillary will be fun!

When crooked Hillary gets elected (and she likely will), events will ramp up in at least one area – comedic media coverage!

Hillary, as portrayed by comedians such as veteran Kate McKinnon, and who does such a bang up job on Saturday Night Live, will have great material to work with over the next four years! That is, if the Hill can keep from being impeached! In that event, it would be Tim Kaine's turn to really shine for all the left to enjoy.

No matter what happens, Hillary will be entering into office during an interesting period in our Republic. With International countries on fire, the border bulging with eager refugees and a bankrupted government, she will certainly have all sorts of opportunities to mess up! I personally cannot wait to see just what Mother Hillary does! And sure, it will be hard to see her progress as she does most things under the cover of darkness or behind closed doors, but that's politics! No matter what her methods, she will almost certainly begin by raising up the black man to his 'proper level and standing' in the world. Well, that was a major campaign promise, was it not? That trick I just gotta see....

Then, there is the border thing, as Bush the younger might say. All them tens of millions of refugees who were practically guaranteed to be able to cross en masse, with the promise of free food, housing, education and health insurance. Why, I'd bet my horse that coming on January 21, 2017, they'll be standing 20 or more deep on the southern borders, just waiting for her acceptance speech! And that would be another good chance for media coverage, I'll tell you!

In short order, after the illegal's invasion, after the great stock market crash and after World War III had begun, there will also be a great chance for SNL to parody Hillary's escape from the US as tens of thousands of angry voters chase her sorry ass...

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