Thursday, October 27, 2016

I was under attack! By my A1 sauce!

Forsyth MO. - At first I thought there must be something wrong with my eyes! I was sitting at a local restaurant having a nice quiet breakfast when I noticed that something very strange was happening to my bottle of A1 sauce. It seemed to be slowly oozing some sauce, or what looked to be sauce down the side of the bottle! Curious, I leaned closer. It was right at that moment that time froze for me. For I could see little pairs of eyes looking back! I leapt back from the counter in complete terror and yelled for help!

Alien pee?
'Hey come over and look at this!', I practically screamed. From twenty feet away, my sever looked up at me with bored eyes.

'What's it this time, Buster? Is your toast too soggy?', she inquired without moving at all in my direction. Meanwhile, one of the critters had made it down to the counter top and seemed to be growing at an alarming rate! I thought I could also hear a tiny tinkling sound.

Eyes, practically now bugging from my head, I couldn't help but notice that the A1 Thingy was also apparently relieving itself as it moved slowly in my direction... I hopped from one foot to the other and pointed excitedly at the still oozing bottle, or was it not a bottle at all, but perhaps some tiny alien ship that just happened to look like a bottle of A1?

Finally, taking her own sweet time, my server came over with one eye brow raised almost to her hairline. As she did this, the little alien guys scattered and disappeared. One second there, and the next gone!

'Look Bud', she intoned. 'They don't pay me nearly enough that I can to come running everything you thought you saw something. So, what is it this time? She asked me in a most sarcastic tone of voice.

Well, what could I say. Suddenly there was just that one pristine bottle of A1 on the counter, sitting there as innocent as all heck. Meanwhile the server continued her withering gaze, unabated.

'Uh, sorry. It was a false alarm', I muttered with my head down. 'I'll finish my coffee and leave.'

The server, still glaring, abruptly turned and walked away. But, just as she did so, that bottle spin around twice and vanished with nothing to show it had been there, but a slight popping sound as air rushed in to fill the sudden vacuum!

Later, after I got home, I began to wonder what had happened to the little creatures that had slithered off? Maybe, just maybe, they went somewhere to hide and to grow. Maybe, just perhaps they'll make a a grand appearance on Monday, October the 31st...

Disclaimer: This was a work of pure fiction. There were no creatures and the reason for the oozing was due to a bottle being overfilled'. Everyone at the restaurant, in question, maintain the highest professional standards!

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