Saturday, October 29, 2016

Kaboom! Watching the collapse of ObamaCare!

Them darn Republicans....
Obamacare is falling apart before our eyes. In state after state, insurers are withdrawing from the ACA exchanges and premiums are rising rapidly. Barack Obama’s promise that the ACA would bring down the cost of health insurance has become a bad joke. Then, United Healthcare pulled out. The latest news is that Aetna is leaving 11 of the 15 state exchanges in which it now participates. Right behind them are giants like Aetna is Humana.

It now seems indisputable that Republican critics of the ACA were right. Duh! So are Democrats despondent about the act’s failure? It doesn’t seem so....

Sabrina Corlette, an expert on the health law at Georgetown University, said the law is not in danger of melting down because of the way it is structured. She cited the financial subsides that the law gives lower-income people to pay for coverage. But wait a minute, if all we wanted to do was buy subsidized health insurance for a relatively small number of people not already covered by Medicaid, it could have been done at a fraction of the cost of Obamacare. Which is not to say that it would have been a good idea. Right?

Notably missing from the current discussion of Obamacare is any sign of disappointment, let alone panic, from the Democrats. The ACA was supposed to be Barack Obama’s signature legislative achievement. Doesn’t he care that the program that bears his name is falling apart? Seemingly not.

Likewise with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the other Democrats who pushed Obamacare through Congress without a single Republican vote. Pretty much everything they said about the ACA has been proved wrong. Do they mind? They don’t appear to.

Democrats don’t expect to be punished for inflicting an expensive, failed program on the American people. Instead, they really believe they will be rewarded. As Obamacare continues its slow-motion collapse, they will shift to Plan B. “We tried the market-based approach,” they will say, “and it didn’t work. Now there is only one alternative left: single payer health coverage.” At that point, with the government already dominating health care through Medicare, Medicaid and Obamacare, and with genuinely free and private health care a dwindling remnant of the industry, they think the road to socialized medicine, the holy grail of modern leftism, will be open, said no sane person ever.....

This post excerpted from an article by John Hinderackerin on his Powerline blog.

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