Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Not a FaceBook event! It's an unfolding nightmare!

Posted on Facebook - Oct 26, 2016!

Life deals us all some pretty tough cards. On October the 15th, Amber Marie Cole lost her son Eric Summerfield as a result of a gunshot wound to the chest. The suspect, one Tristan Carr is another 18 year old, who graduated along with Eric from Forsyth High this past year. Both were friends according to many people I spoke with.

Both families are decimated as you might guess. None more so than the mother of Eric, as I witnessed her pain and grief at the courthouse in Forsyth on October the 25th where she came face to face with the alleged killer of her son.

Please get something straight from the get go. I was not a really great friend of either Ms, Cole or her son. But, nor was I a stranger. I knew Amber for some many years and we liked and respected each other. Eric came to swim in my pool along with Bandy NGO and her kids only just a year ago. Eric was young, he was full of youth and was great with her kids. (I wish now that I could have known this young man better). Time, however, does not allow for second chances it seems...

I'm posting on Facebook this just for one reason only. And, that is to ask for a few of you to show up at the next court appearance of Tristan Carr, currently scheduled for Tuesday, November 1, in a show of support for Eric's mom, Amber. The hearing is scheduled for 9AM at the Judicial Building at 266 Main Street in Forsyth MO.

I posted this on my own without anyone asking to do so. Living is full of a few wonderful times, interspersed with sadness. But, it is the coming together of a community that weaves a healing fabric, and which allows us to move forward.

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