Friday, July 24, 2015

Big Boy tomatoes did well in Forsyth MO!

As I was in the process of moving to a condo this summer, a couple of tomato transplants didn't get much in the way of care. However, copious rains helped to raise one of the best harvests I've ever had!

The Big Boy tomato, pictured above, was everything I remember a good summertime grown tomato can be!

Good handymen, (and handy women) are hard to find!

Finding quality handyman workers is hard! That was my current mission, after working my way through some, who were disappointing at best. I never knew if they would show up, if they would answer repeated cell phone inquiries or even if they had any real idea of what they were doing.

After letting that one individual go, I came across another lady by the name of Danette Stec. A serious woman whose sole desire, it seemed; was to work, do the work assigned as well as possible and to get it done at an affordable price. What the F! Refreshing stuff in a world I see as full of shysters, lackeys and ignorant nabobs.

Question: Can a mere women do a 'man's' job that requires stamina, strength and the desire to excel? Why yes! That was what surprised me the most about this fine lady. Ms. Stec is available to quote most any job, free of charge. She can be reached at 417-422-3127 during normal business hours.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

WTH is going on with the climate?

Popular Shadowrock Park near Forsyth MO. Water level was 686.96 feet.
The word climate change has been bantered around by the media for many years. There's Global Warming or do we actually have a mini ice age coming? The world wide CO2 average level was just at 400 ppm the last time I checked and still rising. Floods were experienced over much of the central portions of the US this summer and continue as we speak. Even drought plagued California has seen some rain action in the form of flooding, in recent weeks! So, what the heck is going on?

Truth be told, the climate does change all the time. It has for millions of years and will continue far into the future. Some changes are of short duration while others can go on for 800 years as witnessed by the so-call Little Ice Age in northern Europe stating in the 14th Century. Any scientists who tells you they know what's going on are likely lying. Understanding the forces at work, on a global scale, are simply to complex for even the largest computers to get a good handle on. The end result is, that will we can watch the weather, we can't really predict it very well and there is really nothing we can do about it at any rate.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I'm leaving a stick built home for life in a condo? WTF?

As an aging gnome of diminishing intelligence, I recently decided to shed my turtle's carapace of a long held ranch style structure for a much smaller, and cozy condo adobe.

Forsyth, MO - It's mid 2015 – lots of stuff going on in my Republic and the small town in which I dwelled ( or hid), or so it seemed to me. Uncertain times all around my world, (if one were to watch the news at all). The times it seemed, they were a changing. Nothing I watched on the media channels (Fox mostly), gave me any cause for long term expectations.. and so I thought to downsize. To find a place that better suited to both my collapsing lifestyle and financial future... more to come!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Charlie's breakfast Scrambler!

Three scrambled eggs with cheese and meat on top tasted surprisingly good. This along with hash browns and toast made for a great breakfast combo at an affordable price!

Unlike what you might or might not experience at the other Charlie locations in Branson, the Forsyth operation is run by a knowledgeable and thoughtful staff.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bull Shoals Lake – Now one large septic tank!

A picnic site lies peacefully below...

Miss-management due to government incompetence is widely known and almost an accepted fact these days. And, it would seem that even our water ways have not escaped their fumbling touch!

Forsyth, MO – The Bull Shoals lake level stood at 692.55 feet on July the 15th, 2015. That level was about thirty feet over what it is during a so-called 'normal' season. The interesting fact is that rainfall over the region has been only about nine inches more than is average at this time of year. With no real release being recorded at the Arkansas dam, the water is pretty much sitting stagnant, which will make it a great breeding ground for mosquitoes as we progress on in to the summer.

What's needed, in my opinion, is some real leadership at the state level. Not some bureaucratic bunch of Washington yahoo's who are clueless, deal making liberals.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Rain rain, just please go away!

Forsyth MO
Thunder leads the way
winds cause the grass to sway.
Rainfall, so sweet and clear
make crops grow, bringing great cheer!

That's the way it's supposed to go, anyway. However, this year it has seemed that overcast and rainy skies have become a bit annoying. On the TV, I've seen increased ads for toe fungus cures... could there be a connection, I wonder?

The bread I buy at the store molds in record time as the relative humidity has been hanging out in the nineties. Allergies are exacerbated and the local parks have flooded out. In short, it's become a pretty crappy summer barely half a month in.