Friday, July 24, 2015

Good handymen, (and handy women) are hard to find!

Finding quality handyman workers is hard! That was my current mission, after working my way through some, who were disappointing at best. I never knew if they would show up, if they would answer repeated cell phone inquiries or even if they had any real idea of what they were doing.

After letting that one individual go, I came across another lady by the name of Danette Stec. A serious woman whose sole desire, it seemed; was to work, do the work assigned as well as possible and to get it done at an affordable price. What the F! Refreshing stuff in a world I see as full of shysters, lackeys and ignorant nabobs.

Question: Can a mere women do a 'man's' job that requires stamina, strength and the desire to excel? Why yes! That was what surprised me the most about this fine lady. Ms. Stec is available to quote most any job, free of charge. She can be reached at 417-422-3127 during normal business hours.

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