Thursday, November 29, 2018

Those changing demographics confuse me!

Forsyth MO. - As of the last census, taken in 2016, I noted some interesting racial stats;

Population   2, 373
White          2,100
Hispanic        151
Two+              64
Asian              27
Black              22

Of that number 96% are citizens leaving 4% or about 95 who are non-citizens. I had to wonder how almost a hundred men and women were walking around our town as undocumented people? How do they get to the grocery store of a doctors office? A puzzler that...

Democrats wring their hands as economy surges!

WASHINGTON D.C. – Consumers boosted their spending in September at the fastest pace in seven months, while their incomes rose by the largest amount in nine months. Both are good signs for future economic growth.

The Commerce Department says consumer spending rose a sharp 0.6 percent last month. It was the biggest increase since a similar gain in March and was three times faster than the 0.2 percent September performance. Incomes, which provide the fuel for spending, were up 0.5 percent in October, a significant pickup from a 0.2 percent September gain.

A key gauge of inflation tied to consumer spending posted a 2 percent rise in October compared to a year ago, hitting the 2 percent annual target for inflation set by the Federal Reserve.


Holy Cow~! That was the news that has left the Left in a very rattled state of mind, as they continued to fumble around with a cast of ten potential candidates to be fronted for the 2020 Presidential election cycle! Apparently, 'Sleepy' Joe Biden is leading the pack in the early going. And what sort of platform will old Joe be championing? No one is really sure other than the rather ragged and torn mantra of 'We Hate Trump'.

Sure, the economy could go always sideways over the next couple of years. And, you can bet the family farm that the Democratic led House will do everything in their power to drag their feet on key social and economic issues. Why? Because it's not about the We the People, its about them regaining their lost power base. Duh.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Let's let the government take care of everything!

France - Thousands of French police fired tear gas and used water cannons against protesters who were destroying shops and lighting fires along Paris’s Champs-Élysées this weekend.

People were protesting fuel taxes, but the demonstrations are also an indication of growing animosity toward French President Emmanuel Macron.

The tax will increase the price of fuel by about 30 cents per gallon and will continue to rise over the next few years, the French government says. Gas already costs about $7.06 per gallon in France.
Whoa! Hold on! With gas at $2.15 in my neck of the woods in SW MO, I was taken aback just a bit. Teleporting my vehicle to France would mean I'd pay $105 plus just to fill up! And while France is only a Socialist leaning country at this time, I have to wonder how much worse things will get.... Thanks President Trump, you're doing a great job over here!

Steak, potatoes, toast and an egg!

Were I to strictly follow the path of 'good nutrition for old people', I expect I'd be a bit crazy by now. (Don't answer that)! Good health aside, a man's gotta indulge himself once in a while.

Thus it was, on a very cold late November morning, I decided to 'stoke my internal batteries' by throwing together a breakfast that I'd really enjoy for a change. A steak and eggs sort of meal, if you get my drift. And, just so as to stay somewhat sane, I made sure to keep the gram weights as reasonable as possible.


Breakfast steak    50 grams
Egg   45g  grams
Toast 26 grams
Fried potatoes   56  grams
Milk    100 grams

Total meal = 277 grams

By my figuring, this meal came in at about 390 calories. And, while it was abusive in terms of sodium, cholesterol and carbohydrate levels, I didn't really mind as I don't have this sort of breakfast every day.

The real benefit of starting a day off like this is the good feelings you get and the positive attitude thus generated.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

A great cheese omelet!

 Making a good cheese omelet, you know, one that wasn't burned or that came out runny was always a challenge to me. That was before I learned a key concept.... use low heat. Yes, by keeping the heat set to low medium, I have been able to come up with a good breakfast!
 I begin with two eggs in a small bowl.
 Next, I add just a bit of milk.
 This mix is stirred briskly with a fork.
 That is then poured into a small frying pan. I like to use stainless steel while using a induction plate for finer heat control.
 Lastly, a small amount of shredded cheese is added...
 This mix is covered and left on low heat for about three minutes.
Voila! The finished product! Note. The toast and bacon appeared by magic!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

A Grave Climate Warning, Buried on Black Friday! Total BS!

'On Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year, the federal government published a massive and dire new report on climate change. The report warns, repeatedly and directly, that climate change could soon imperil the American way of life, transforming every region of the country, imposing frustrating costs on the economy, and harming the health of virtually every citizen.' See the entire story here.

Here's the real deal. As everyone, at least many of my friends have hardened themselves to the tripe coming out of most media channels, so then too should they be careful when it comes to ANYTHING that the deep state government throws out. Anytime you see trigger words like 'dire', 'massive' or ''imperil', take a step back. Those are code words for massive tax increases soon to be headed your way.

The reality of the world is that yes, we do have global warming. The other reality is that many climatologists fully support that reality. We are adding about 5% new biomass to the planet due to increased levels of carbon dioxide. That's been going on for some time. That means longer growing seasons for larger parts of the world. That means more foods at lower prices. That is a better thing than seeing a 5% reduction in biomass per year due to global cooling. Duh.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

I made it through the rain!

'Give a person enough time, a computer and some liquor! And like any idiot, he or she will perform in a strange and a weird fashion'. After 1:03 the screen, please note that the screen above goes to black or blank or whatever. There's a reason for that. Just right this moment, I'm not exactly sure why that is....

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Planters peanuts can cut!

After cutting a finger twice now, while opening a can of Planter's Chipotle peanuts, I contacted the company who then opened a case log on the problem. I made the effort, not so much for myself or other adults, as I did for any children who might be hurt in a like fashion. Kids with dirty hands with cuts invite sepsis, don't ya know? After speaking with a representative for a bit, they informed me that the problem would be kicked over to Quality Control to see if they might desire to switch to a plastic-style top of similar design. I told them that I didn't think adding more plastic to our land fills was a very good alternative. Another idea was to bevel the edge of the aluminum top so as to make it a bit more challenging for oafs, such as myself, to get injured... Will that happen. Yes, that would be likely as I suspect other individuals, in America, are just as clumsy as I am.

Monday, November 19, 2018

No more wieners in buns!

'Sticking my pink wiener into a warm brown bun,
makes me happy and want to come...
to your nice house on some fine day,
where we can play this game the live long day!'

I politely submitted this rather good poetic effort to Michelle Obama, as I understood that she was something of a known food critic. The answer I got back, was less than gratifying, if I do say so...

I did write her back explaining that the original idea came from something I did earlier with Anthony Weiner. Soon after that I received a visit from the police. What?

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Pork n Beans on toast with a weiner!

A meal to be henceforth known as the Anthony Weiner meal!
Never let it be said that I cannot get it on down with the more common foods or people. For a Sunday repast, I elected to have a heaping dish of pork n beans on toast along with a firm all-beef wiener. For this meal, I chose only the best of ingredients; Sara Lee bread, Campbell's Pork n Beans and best wiener I could find. (Good nutrition counts for a lot, and I just don't cotton to any wiener that's just full of crap). This wiener was a really good wiener; containing lean and fit ingredients and all of that. It certainly complimented the meal.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

A pound of homemade potato salad? Yeah, that works!

Every so often I get a hankering for some good old fashioned potato salad. The problem was, I didn't particularly like the offerings at my local Deli. I also wasn't too fond of paying two to three bucks per pound! Thus it was that I came up with this simple old fashioned recipe which goes together fairly quickly, produces about one pound of salad and costs only about a dollar to make!


2 medium Russet potatoes, boiled
¼ tbsp vinegar
3 tbsp mayonnaise
2 tsp mustard
2 tbsp onion, minced
3 tbsp celery, chopped
2 tbsp pickle relish
1 hard boiled egg, chopped
Dash of celery salt to taste
Salt and pepper to taste
Dash of smoked paprika

To make hard boiled eggs
  1. Place egg into a pot of cold water.
  2. Heat to boiling.
  3. Remove from heat and cover.
  4. Wait 12 minutes, drain, cool and peel.

After boiling the potatoes for about 15-18 minutes, place them in the fridge until they cool off, then remove, peel and cut into pieces and place in a small bowl. Next, take the hard boiled egg and rough chop into pieces and add them to the bowl. Next, add the rest of the ingredients and mix everything together with a fork pretty well. Place into a covered container and refrigerate for at least one hour. Makes about four servings.

Notes: For a fast way to cook the potatoes, just nuke them for about four minutes instead of boiling.Much of the flavor is in the mustard, so adjust amounts accordingly.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

I guess things could be worse!

News anchor DanO Dingo with the KDIP News:

11:00 AM EST - 'Good even and here is the news for this December the 5th, 2018. I'm DanO Dingo and events were certainly heating up domestically as throngs of irate college students, dressed in ANTIFA garb, have now completely trashed downtown San Francisco in an apparent protest against Donald Trump and his attempts to shore up troops at our southern border! We're also informed that some seventy five thousand 'refugees' were even now storming random sites all across California and Arizona. Causality counts, while sketchy, were said to be mounting into the hundreds.'

12:00 Noon - 'DanO here and we have some somber news to report as a reported 100,000 plus Chinese shock troops were said to be headed for the Russian border in response to threats made by Putin to 'shut down that 'slant-eyed backward country' once and for all.'

12:20 PM - 'Boy folks. It's been a heck of a day already as reports are now coming in telling KDIP News that some type of nuclear weapon or weapons were detonated somewhere in Israel only minutes ago. Details are still very sketchy at this time, but all indications point to Iran as the responsible party. We'll follow that story and report back to you when there's more new information.'

12:45 PM – 'Scientists are now telling KDIP News that the floor of Owen's Valley near Yosemite has abruptly risen three feet over an area of approximately twenty five miles. Rumors of the super volcano that rests just below that spot, now rumored to becoming active, are flying over the airwaves as thousands of frightened citizens flee to the West Coast.'

1:00 PM - ' President Trump has announced that a Nationwide broadcast will be given by him concerning the loss of over half the worth of the Stock Market, just since the opening bell at the start of this day's trading. We've learned that he plans to announce the setting up of 'soup kitchens', for anyone who will not be able to afford to pay for their meals in the short term. Chuck Schumer was also scheduled to make an announcement where it was rumored that he planned to blame the sudden market drop squarely on the Trump administration.'

2:00 PM – 'DanO here. Well, just when you thought things could get worse, they did. The General Accounting Office for the US government has just issued a statement declaring that there is 'no more money' to pay for entitlement programs as most of the GNP will be directed towards paying just the interest on the National Debt. The action will 'severely affect benefits' coming from Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, for the foreseeable future. One official was heard to say, 'Good luck out there everyone'.'

5:00 PM – 'Hillary Clinton has just announced that she intends to run on a joint ticket with Oprah Winter for the 2020 electoral race for the Presidency! Good luck to them both. In other more exciting news, the KDIP News organization was just acquired by Media Matters, a George Soros run conglomerate. In a prepared statement, Mr. Soros assured everyone that KDIP would continue to publish only the truth, as he saw fit!'

9:00 PM – 'Sadly, this will be my final broadcast, as the new ownership has decided to replace me with Louis Farrakhan, beginning tomorrow morning. Mr. Farrakhan has promised us he will tone down his rhetoric on the Jewish problem and that hewill really clean up his act concerning 'those damn Middle Class white crackers'. That was all the news for this Wednesday in December! I'm DanO Dingo and I'll see ya all around'