Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Steak, potatoes, toast and an egg!

Were I to strictly follow the path of 'good nutrition for old people', I expect I'd be a bit crazy by now. (Don't answer that)! Good health aside, a man's gotta indulge himself once in a while.

Thus it was, on a very cold late November morning, I decided to 'stoke my internal batteries' by throwing together a breakfast that I'd really enjoy for a change. A steak and eggs sort of meal, if you get my drift. And, just so as to stay somewhat sane, I made sure to keep the gram weights as reasonable as possible.


Breakfast steak    50 grams
Egg   45g  grams
Toast 26 grams
Fried potatoes   56  grams
Milk    100 grams

Total meal = 277 grams

By my figuring, this meal came in at about 390 calories. And, while it was abusive in terms of sodium, cholesterol and carbohydrate levels, I didn't really mind as I don't have this sort of breakfast every day.

The real benefit of starting a day off like this is the good feelings you get and the positive attitude thus generated.

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