Sunday, November 25, 2018

A great cheese omelet!

 Making a good cheese omelet, you know, one that wasn't burned or that came out runny was always a challenge to me. That was before I learned a key concept.... use low heat. Yes, by keeping the heat set to low medium, I have been able to come up with a good breakfast!
 I begin with two eggs in a small bowl.
 Next, I add just a bit of milk.
 This mix is stirred briskly with a fork.
 That is then poured into a small frying pan. I like to use stainless steel while using a induction plate for finer heat control.
 Lastly, a small amount of shredded cheese is added...
 This mix is covered and left on low heat for about three minutes.
Voila! The finished product! Note. The toast and bacon appeared by magic!

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