Wednesday, April 30, 2014


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Random Thoughts for May 2014

Is it finally warming up out there??

SW MO. - I'll walk out on a very thin limb and predict that May 1st will be the start of a proper and fit spring with a warming trend that will see us in the high 70's most days with 50's for nightly lows! So, based on that prediction, I'd say it's time to get all those plants you have waiting in your garage out and in the garden!

There are a number of factors that might make a vegetable garden a good way to go this year. The continued drought in California will drive produce prices upwards. Historically low cattle herds will also insure that meat prices will stay at record levels! And last – a sagging National economy will all but guarantee continued high energy prices as we move through the year of 2014!

Liar, liar, their pants are on Benghazi fire!

Washington D.C. – Evidence has come to light, in the form of an email, that leads many journalists (perhaps correctly) to conclude that there was an intentional and premeditated cover up by the White House as to the real political reason behind cause of the Benghazi incident in which four Americans died! The question is, do we really want this bunch of idiots leading the United States any more? I'd bet that Jay Carney wished he was somewhere else.... Mr. President - Al Qaeda is not on the run. Truth be told, they are growing stronger than ever! Main stream America understands that fact!

China to surpass the US in economic productivity!

OK! There's a lot of dissent among the 'experts' as to what constitutes a 'standard measure of production'. Maybe China will, or will not surpass the US this year, but they are close! – And, the thing is, if and when they do, there has never been an instance in recorded history for any society once passed by to ever regain its superiority. WTF is going on? Am I the only American who is concerned that this Congress, that this Administration, that this President is leading a once great Republic to economic and spiritual ruin? Is anyone out there in the blogosphere even vaguely awake? I'm wondering...

The Middle Class under seige!

No matter what happens, you're in this together is the message from a government that increasingly is distancing itself from the rest of the country's declining fortunes. While the average American's income has gone down for the first time in memory, government spending has skyrocketed from 1.5 to 4.5 trillion under Obama's watch. It would seem the party in Washington goes on no matter what!

But wait! There's more!

The year 2015 should be an especially exciting time for the Middle Class, as it gets pummeled with an increasingly devalued dollar! All that happening at a time of major increases in the cost of food, gas and energy! (But that's OK, because most of the little you earn will have been targeted by new and more 'progressive taxes')!

Wake up America! - You are being progressively screwed by a smiling group of con men who will disappear into the woodwork when the final bill comes due!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Goldfrapp - A&E - Accident and Emergency!

A&E stands for Accident and Emergency across the water, don't you know!

It's a blue, bright blue Saturday, hey, hey
And the pain has starting to slip away, hey, hey
I'm in a backless dress on a pastel ward that's shining
Think I want you still but it may be pills at work
Do you really wanna know how I was dancing on the floor?
I was trying to phone you when I'm crawling out the door
I'm amazed at you, the things you say that you don't do
Why don't you ring?
I was feeling lonely, feeling blue
Feeling like I needed you
Like I'm walking up surrounded by me
It's a blue, bright blue Saturday, hey, hey
And the pain has starting to slip away, hey, hey
I'm in a backless dress on a pastel ward that's shining
Think I want you still but it may be pills at work
How did I get to accident emergency?
All I wanted was you to take me out high
I was feeling lonely, feeling blue
Feeling like I needed you
Like I hoped you'd call and hoped you'd see me
Our Creator did make us in His or Her image
and Both were proud parents!
Hey! As someone beyond the  pale...
I'm trying to work here!

A vegetable beef soup recipe - dissected!

One or two of my friends have asked just why I'm so obsessed with the making and posting of recipes about something like vegetable beef soup? A very good question!

Answer: From more than one health experts view, a well planned vegetable based beef soup hits many of the key nutritional marks needed for any health-centered diet program! Let's take a look at the minutia of what's involved!

The Meat! - Gasp!

Beef – For any vegans out there – the mere mention of meat is a big turn off! But, hold on! As a species, we've consumed meat as part of our diet for hundreds of thousands of years. If you go back just ten thousand years, or so in the past, (right before we began an agricultural diet of mostly grains); we all had lots of fresh meat as a key part of our dietary intake – And, most men and women were  lean and mean. No heart attacks (cardiovascular disease didn't exist), no dental caries and no cancers or many of the other deadly problems that stalk us today! The fact is, most of the palaeolithic peoples died of injuries inflicted by a life in the rough or by predation by other larger animals! By all historical accounts, these 'primitives' were more healthy than the best of our Olympic athletes living today! (How do you think we, as a species, made it through all those years - and so wonderfully thrived! )??

Beef – fresh, preferably grain fed – ~300 grams – Sear in a pan and then add to the pot!

The Veggies!

Carrots – Carrots are a root crop that were most likely not enjoyed by earlier palaeolithic peoples! But, that's a sad thing, as they bring much to the human nutritional table. Carrot seeds have been found in Switzerland and Southern Germany dating to 2000–3000 BC so we have a very long history with them as a dietary additive! Like most of the veggies that are in this mix, they add a blast of micro-nutrients whose long term effects are still unknown today, but thought to be beneficial to long term health!

2 Carrots – peeled and chopped!

Potatoes – Yet another root crop with a close genetic affiliation to tomatoes! The potato is best known for its carbohydrate content (approximately 26 grams in a medium potato). (Think energy, cellular energy)! It provides bulk, offers protection against colon cancer, improves glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity, lowers plasma cholesterol and triglyceride concentrations, increases satiety, and possibly even reduces fat storage. A good ingredient to bring to this soup party!

1 med Russet potato – peeled and cut into small chunks!

Celery, red cabbage, onion and bell peppers – OK, by now you've seen the future! Your getting fiber, more micro-nutrients than you can count and more importantly – they add lots of flavor!

¼ cup of each – hacked into small pieces like a fiend! Toss in with wild abandon!


OK, those are the basics! Take a small pot – add 2 cups of water and half a 6 ounce can of tomato sauce to get the swimming pool set. Then, add the braised beef and the veggies and a dash of cayenne pepper, basil, oregano, fake salt and pepper! Simmer for about an hour, or until the carrots are fork tender, and serve to a very happy intestinal track!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Critique: Aunt Jemima's Scrambled eggs and bacon meal!

Another way to describe Aunt Jemima's eggs and bacon TV dinner would be under 'Interesting ways to commit nutritional suicide! So, answer me this. What's packaged, highly processed, has 2 calories per gram and contains an entire days shot of cholesterol? Why this little gem of course!
300 calories - for this!

Other than sporting a fairly decent taste, this easy to prepare meal (slit the film and nuke for 2 ½ minutes) should remain at your local grocery while you go out and find other, more innovative ways in which to kill yourself! My score for this meal deal was a big fat ZERO – leave eating this junk to the experts – like myself!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Eating at a Deli is an experience!

Earlier today, I had the unique opportunity of dining at Deli's! This avant guard open isle restaurant is conveniently located inside a grocery store (who would have thought) and is the place to be seen on any given day in the busy metropolis of Forsyth Missouri. Garden Capitol of southwest Missouri!

As the lines form up early, I made sure to be among the first through the doors on a Sunday in April. Even so, I found myself waiting impatiently, while an older gentleman in front of me, ordered up the last of the link sausages for his grand slam meal! At only $4.99, you get scrambled egg like food mixed into an order of biscuits which themselves are literally swimming in a sea heavy gravy bashed up against a rock hard tube of hash browns! There's also a choice of meat, but as you can see, I had to settle for the bacon!

Seating at Deli's is also rather limited and I had to settle for standing with one elbow propped up against the glass of the meat display will attempting to spear a forkful of biscuit into my mouth. This met with glaring disapproval from the lady chef – let's call her Shelia, but I stood my ground (ahem) and ate quickly as the paper plate was threatening imminent collapse.

Deli's is open daily from 7:30 AM to 10:00 AM after which it reverts back to being a plain old deli where you can order coleslaw and slices of turkey before heading over the the Produce Department. (I understand there is a lunch crowd, but have never seen anyone actually eating, just a few older gents sipping coffee from time to time).

Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Works breakfast at Charlie's!

Charlie's Ribs Steak and Ale in Forsyth MO. serves up a full  menu breakfast including the Works - a hearty breakfast offering that is still a good deal at $5.49 when I posted this in late April 2014. Sadly, I'm betting this meal, and others like it, will soon see price increases due to the rising cost of beef nationally!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

River Run near Forsyth Mo! The 2014 season begins!

According to – River Run Park will open on May 1, 2014 for a season that runs through September 30th. I took a drive through this popular park and can report that things there looked pretty good! Lake levels look to be healthy and I've observed numerous fishermen who seem to be doing rather well! 

There is also what appears to be a Park Attendant on site and I noticed that one RV was located at one of the campsites and was hooked to both water and power. According to the aged sign that was near the attendant's office, the fees are $13 & $16 - not sure what you get for this, however.
My weather station is just a stones throw from the Park where you can see live realtime temperature and wind readings - catch it at!

The Infamous DanO Burger!

God knows, there's already a plethora of burgers out there for folks to eat! Fast food joints, standing cheek to jowl, took the original McDonald's 15¢ plain Jane burger and transformed it into a gazillion variations. So, why does someone, like myself, dare to present a 'new burger' here? I'll plead the fifth other than to state that this particular creation is not of the fast food gender – it's strictly homemade, simple and therefore by definition, delicious!

Ingredients and Notes:
A hamburger bun – go for the best you can afford!
¼ lb ground beef patty – just get the cheap beef! Those that have a lot of fat!
Onion slice – preferably white or red, but whatever!
Leaf lettuce – I prefer a leaf or two of romaine for added crunch!
A slice of tomato – make it thick and make it fresh - as in vine grown!
½ tsp ketchup
½ tsp mayo
½ tsp mustard
½ tsp horseradish – What! Yes, this little addition kicks everything up a tad!

That's all, and the the fat lady has sung! – This particular song, though, is a real winner! Grill the patty (yes grill it - pan fried don't work here) to medium rare, sear your buns for a moment or two and then add the condiments and devour like there is no tomorrow! Now sit back and smile! Serves 1.

A note about making and cooking the patty: When forming the patty, keep the meat as loosely held as possible and for goodness sake, don't mash the stuffing out of it while it's cooking on the grill! You want as much juiciness as possible to be retained in the burger! Oh, and a word of warning. If you substituted a hot house tomato for the real thing, I will find you!

This culinary creation was maybe endorsed by noted model
Cassandra Hierholzer! Which is no longer available. And who, upon seeing this post unfriended me on FB like her pants were on fire! :P

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New signs at River Run Park!

OK, these new signs just erected by the two entrances to River Run Park located near Forsyth Missouri and which are currently under Federal control, leave me somewhat puzzled! In the past, I would have shrugged something like this off, trusting in the Corps to their work. These days, however, this just makes me wonder what our fearless President and his minions are up to now?

River Run Park has been flooding ever since the Powersite Dam was first built back in the early 20th Century. When it does flood, it does so relatively slowly, giving everyone (locals and visitors alike) plenty of time to relocate. However, last year the Corps installed thousand dollar plus gates (at taxpayers expense) for those occasions when the felt they needed to close the park for either environmental, safety or political reasons. For instance, the Park was closed most recently, when one official told me that a ten foot wall of water was coming – it never arrived. Before that, they closed the park and thousands of other like it due to a failure of Congress to raise the National Debt ceiling – a move done solely to irritate citizens all across the nation by our fearless leader. Really! (Do we need this kind of BS from the people that work for us)?

OK, back to the sign. Just when and how it might be used is a matter of some conjecture. Perhaps there will be a great flood someday. A flood of such magnitude and scale that not only will the entrance have to be sealed, but anyone approaching the park area will be warned in plain language THAT THE PARK IS FLOODED! As though we – each and everyone of us are too stupid to surmise such an event for ourselves! 'Hey! Look Helen, there's water down there in the park! Maybe we should not drive down there!' - Duh! Look, if the park ever does get that flooded - then just close the gates!

Seriously, I strongly support my federal government, our leaders and our politicians! What I do not support is needless waste, incompetence and political games at a time of national crisis!

On a positive note - it appears that a Park Attendant has just arrived today and that the the power and water supplies to the camp sites is in service!

Let me get this pipeline thing straight!

After much research by many agencies of the Federal government as well as by independent experts over the course of half a decade, it has come to light that the existing methods of moving oil from Canada to the US via rail and truck is actually more harmful to the environment than it would be by pipeline! That much is an absolute fact. However, the oil WILL FLOW from Canada one way or another, so you'd think those Left Wing-nuts would want to choose the safest way to do it. No so, and the real reason may surprise you!

It seems that our feckless, lead from behind President wants a library to be built bearing his name. It'll cost about a 100 million and the funds will need to be donated, as neither the Republicans or the Democrats can envision going to the taxpayer's till to help build it. Enter the special interests – specifically those entities who are filthy rich and who know better than the rest of us! Rumor has it that they will foot the bill for the library, but only as long as; 1) the pipeline is not approved or 2) Obama finally leaves office. So, what did our President – (no, your President do)? – He's shelved the decision to have it built! So, now 9000 plus new jobs for us American's just went poof!

Thanks, Mr. President – thanks for nothing!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Have a new Weber grill, will least as far as my driveway!

You'd think what with a nice river, just a stones throw out my back door, I'd be spending my spring days hanging out in that vicinity. After all, there's even a park there! It's call River Run and I've written about it often in this blog. The park is run (abet somewhat poorly) by the Corps of Engineers. Although there is a movement afoot to kick them out of some of the states. I'm not sure if Missouri is on that list, but I can understand how local officials could probably do a much better job at managing it than the Federal government ever has. This year, I'm not even sure River Run will be open – things have gotten just that screwy with the Feds as of late! Even though they work for us, they still can't seem to find the time to let anyone know what's going on... man, if I had my way, I'd fire the whole bunch!

So, for this day at least, I decided to break in my new little Weber grill right there in my driveway, close to all the comforts to which I've grown so attached. (The grill had come yesterday and as soon as I got it unpacked and put together – I ran over to a local grocery store and bought myself a bag of quick light charcoal. Hey! - Nothing but First Class for this little baby)! I had planned to deflower it's virginal grilling surface by cooking a single hamburger patty – an all American food full of grease and other artery clogging substances. So, there I was at noontime – sitting in my little folding chair, a freshly lit and smoking grill at my side, some distant music playing... taking in a spring setting complete with warmish weather, birds singing and all that! Life was feeling pretty good right then! But, now it was time to get my aging ass up and make that f'ing burger!

On this inaugural grill day, I decided to conjure up a classic DanO Burger! (A hodge podge of various ingredients – none of them particularly good for the human body, but which when combined between two Pepperidge hamburger buns are sheer heaven to eat! Special ingredients in hand, I approached the diminutive little grill, lifted the lid and deposited a palm-sized hamburger patty on the now glowing grill surface. Immediately, there was a sizzling sound as fat juices met the hot coals and a raging little inferno ensued! Alarmed, I put the lid back down and fiddled with the little vents, trying to close them in order to prevent the now ongoing cremation that was my main meal! The vents, now fully closed, did nothing to stop large amounts of smoke from pouring from every crack and fissure. Inside the grill, I thought for a second that I could hear screaming, but I'm sure that was just my imagination. It was at this juncture in the now rapidly developing chaos, that I did what all men do when faced with similar circumstances – I went to the fridge and got myself a beer!

Fast forward a few more minutes... Back in the garage with a beer now in hand, I carefully grasped the top handle of the Weber lid and was somewhat troubled when I felt how hot the handle had become. Cautiously, I lifted the lid and dimly, through a rising veil of smoke I saw revealed a small blackened object that looked for all the world like a blackened hockey puck! Taking a pair of tongs, I carefully lifted my little 'char burger' and placed it on a bun where it now assumed the appearance of a cancerous mole on some white person's body. Thankfully, a large leaf of lettuce and an onion slice quickly covered it from view. I then added a squirt ketchup and a dollop of mustard, before entombing it fully by placing the top bun over the whole sad affair. For some reason or other, another beer or two seemed now in order.... I approached the fridge contemplating whether or not my dental insurance was fully paid up...

Three beers later, found me sitting at the dining table looking at my world famous DanO Burger and thinking that 'geesch that baby had seen better days'. Oh yes, much better days. What was most troubling to me was the sheer sogginess of the thing! Grease had migrated from the burger into the bun in copious amounts making the entire affair sag when I attempted to lift it from the plate. A cursory inspection of the little burger with a fork revealed a rock hard surface with no give what so ever. 'No way is this going in my mouth', I thought glumly and tossed it in the trash. I then sat down at my computer to send Weber a little descriptive feedback - anyway, the beer was pretty good!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Goldfrapp - Alive - Amo Cost Radio edit!

While this audio was mis-tracked (no way was I going to fix it). I did think to offer it up. The Goldfrapp number, from some years ago, garnered my attention in a good way. To wit. We all should pause to see, and to embrace, the sheer power of both good and evil. Two sides of a razor blade of immense religious power!

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up!

 'I was in my 30's at the time of this video. And I can now look back and perceive, perhaps belatedly, a body in it's prime. That was me. In 2019, everything else is now but a slowly disappearing shadow. Damn this rampaging passage of time'

Was Rick Ashley both gay and ginger back then...dunno? Not sure I'll ever really care! But, this offering was a great song of his, from the now distant past. I think it captured some of the feelings that I'm sure so many of us had during such an awesome time, so very long ago!

I had the great luck to hang with some very beautiful women, like those in this video, and I loved every minute of it! The 80's were very good times to be sure! Not only for me, but for our Nation! This is one of the best videos that was representative of that time (aka International Village as the List Keeper in Schaumburg IL) - my humble opinion...I was there, and lived every moment with zero regrets!

An Update: Very much later in my life, I've figured out part of the puzzle as to why a small part of any population strays from heterosexuality. Understanding that that the male of the species is 60% female, a trait masked by hormones, there are a few whose genitalia never produced the needed amounts of testosterone. Ergo, they walked the middle road, growing up and would run whichever way the winds blew (pun intended).... OK. Do we all have that? There are two genders; male and female. Anything else is just gay...

Don't let me down!

"Well.... at any rate, we had a band still playing!"
The 80's!  In truth, I was there, fully immersed in that sort of environment, and was baptized in all that shit! No real regrets, though! It was my reality for more than a decade or two!

'The life we now hold dearly, no matter how short or long it might be,
 is way too brief!
And, whenever we dare to look backwards at some times past. We often sometimes cringe at opportunities lost!

Caught, as we are pure souls,
in the eye and the event horizon
of some strange, but wonderful God!

For the brief times we have left here on this plane of existence,
each of us do cycle joyfully
and move
in endless loops!'

Last thoughts! And this be for two wonderful individuals!
(Dr. Lincoln declined)

God's greatest gift to us... was us...
well, except for me. Entanglement has always been a
barrier. Quantum entanglement, where sometimes that which we seek,
as a species, lies within us... and always has!

or something like that...

Faraday! Where the fuck are you now?

Gathering together a parting thought. I cannot span these
endless loops... I would, however
consider a job offer... just thinking!
FermiLab - will take a janitor position!

Fermilab's in box has been a dry well.
So, I look to my Creator and asked why?
'If you truly want to know, you very sad image of Me'
God laughed and fractal images of that Perfection flashed.

'Remember one time, my son. A short memory of when
your were perfect and whole and when all
your senses that I have given you worked.

A night of incredible avalanches of senses.
Something truly marvelous to behold.
A time when all five senses I gave you
worked in a chaotically perfect manner.
At the time you experienced this,
you discounted the my treasure given you at birth.
Later, should you wander into older years.
you wondered and craved those times.
Hear Me now!
The very best of those memories
will be part of the first day
of a new begginning!
Rock on!

Random thoughts for late April 2014!

Anniversary of Boston Marathon bombing!

What kind of sick mind would ever think that going out, blowing up and disfiguring and killing innocent people, would ever advance any cause? Islamic extremists would think that way and that is why they need to be eradicated from the face of this planet! One would think the average Muslim citizen would agree. I fear, however, that the sentiments against these people will continue to sour as time moves on....

The Ukraine: Our feckless and presumably dick-less leader continues to dither and to make meaningless threats towards Colonel Putin. A thug who is now openly laughing in his face! What shameful time for Americans everywhere. While we may be tired of fighting, that doesn't mean we would ever run from one!

I'm guessing that if Obama manages to do anything at all – it will be to involve the US in a World War where the threat of the use of thermonuclear weapons could be realized. What he doesn't understand about about foreign affairs (everything) could be the ruination of us all!

A rainy day in Forsyth: This Monday, April the 21st is shaping up to be a rainy and overcast day. Just the perfect treatment for the plants that were placed in my small garden over the past weekend. With a pattern shaping up that will see daily highs in the low seventies and night times only dropping to the low fifties, I even ventured to leave some tomato plants outside for a super early start on the season!

Each little smidge of light is a galaxy! Galaxies beyond count!

The Hubble image, released Thursday (April 17), is a 14-hour exposure that shows objects about 1 billion times fainter than the naked eye can make out, researchers said. Most of the galaxies visible in the photo lie less than 5 billion light-years away, but some objects are much more distant.

According to astronomers, our Milky Way is an average-sized barred spiral galaxy measuring up to 120,000 light-years across. Astronomers estimate that our galaxy contains up to 400 billion stars of various sizes and brightness. Most of the little disks you can see in this video are that large or larger...

When God builds, He does it First Class!
Here's a link for higher resolution!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Corneal Mass Ejection wave front to arrive today!

A CME (corneal mass ejection) was propelled toward Earth by the M7-class solar flare of April 18th is still en route to our planet. Forecast models predict an arrival on April 20th with a 75% chance of polar geomagnetic storms after it hits. The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory captured this image of the storm cloud billowing away from the sun at ~1000 km/s (2.2 million mph)! Earth would be in the direction of the bottom of the image.

While the effects of this event will be mild, a class X flare aimed at earth could result in trillions of dollars in damage to our power grid and take close to a decade to restore! Think of such an evetn as an instant ticket back to the Dark Ages!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Help by the Beatles!

My contribution to this Memorial Day!

An outtake from a movie, Jesus Christ Superstar, way back in my youth. What goes on today, in the world, went on back then. As always, hundreds of millions have died. On this Memorial Day 2016, I also honor all those who have perished, over the many centuries, in our Father's name. Amen.

Liberals propose a wealth tax!

With the ink barely dry on all the tax checks that were just sent out to the garbage disposal that is our government, liberals are now considering new laws to tax the wealth – they contend that people with a lot of excess money constitute a vast reservoir of 'idle wealth' which needs to be tapped for 'national investment' purposes... can you say hoorah?

Personally, I feel that is a great idea. Better yet, let the Feds take ALL the money wealthy people have thereby eliminating that societal class entirely. Then we'd only have two classes left; the poor and middle 'becoming poor' classes!But, take heart, there's a rumor afloat that our government will soon be sponsoring free seminars to teach everyone how to hold their hands out!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Bobby Vee - Come back when you grow up!

This song is expressly for an awesome lady, who captured my whole attention way back in my history, and then who used me and who then forgot about me. (Well, I've been there and sadly done that too)! I'd call that particular life experience, a push!

Future sight: May 22, 2018 - ////

Cost of food in April 2014!

Here was the cost of some select items found at a local grocery store in southwestern Missouri in mid April 2014:

Bell pepper .99 ea
Carrots .99 per lb
Celery 1.29 a bunch
Potatoes 2.99 for a 5lb bag
Onions 1.49 per lb
Lettuce .99 ea
Romaine 1.89 ea

Chicken 3.11 per lb
Hamburger 3.69 per lb
Pork chops 5.49 per lb
Steak 11.99 lb – KC Strip

Vegetables and meat are due to rise due to 1) the continuing drought, 2) rising oil prices which affects the cost of fertilizers and in the case of meat, the fact that cattle herds are at the lowest numbers since 1951! And, as in the title of song by Bachman Turner Overdrive, – you ain't seen nothing yet!

Notes: When compared to some of the cost of produce back in 2010, the prices have not risen all that much. Sadly, that is not the case with meat!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Was justice served here?

Cornealious “Mike” Anderson lived a normal life for 13 years following his 2000 conviction for armed robbery because Missouri officials forgot he was out on bail. He’s now in prison and suing for his freedom, but state officials say he’s not the victim of cruel and unusual treatment....

[In all likelihood Missouri governor Jay Nixon will not allow clemency in this case. He would rather the taxpayer pay for 13 years of internment after having destroyed this man's family, business and status in the community.]

You can contact Jay Nixon at:
Office of Governor Jay Nixon
P.O. Box 720
Jefferson City, MO 65102
Phone: (573) 751-3222
I emailed his office asking for Nixon to please consider giving this man credit for time served.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Kristiina Brask - Kuivilla Susta

The refrain from this video is to the point - Damn! It's August and I'm so over you!
No longer available on UTuber - It's banned worldwide... Well, not true. This 'edited version', by me, is banned.. And, likely for many good reasons. Anyway, the fight to enlight goes on!

The American Middle Class challenge! And, we are losing!

This rather crude drawing (avec moi) depicts the current plight of the Middle or 'working class' American citizen! These employed individuals, small business owners and corporate CEO's, are the main source of money to support our government, our roads and our way of life. And yet, they are under assault from so many directions that having a good sense of balance is now crucial to even their daily survival.

The question I have for them, is how long can they keep it up? Never mind. I'll answer that. Not for much longer. Our government seems is determined to crush what's left of a great Republic and I fear that, in the absence of any push back, they will succeed... after all, in the words of dictators everywhere - sheep are meant to be sheared!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Tremeloes and Silence is Golden

The 'heps' you might hear were the left lead guitar cuing marks maybe to help keep the whole deal on track (assumption) - Today, I'd guess they send electric shocks to the neck or groin region, (just kidding). Anyway, an awesome time, when the world was still very young!

Goldfrapp and Black Cherry!

How can it be? I can taste you now
How can I see when you're everything?

All the world to one grain of sand
And I've blown it
All my world to one grain of sand
And you own it

Black cherry, black cherry, stone
Black cherry, black cherry

Hearing you say it, I could die
Trembling star, just reminds me

All the world to one grain of sand
And I've blown it
All my world to one grain of sand
And you own it

Black cherry, black cherry, stone
Black cherry, black cherry

Excite me, ignite me
Oh and you know
I miss you, I kiss you
Oh and you know

Black cherry, black cherry, stone
Black cherry, black cherry

Excite me, ignite me
Oh and you know
I miss you, I kiss you
Oh and you know

Del Shannon with Runaway!

This song was originally recorded on January 24, 1961! Enjoy!
A wild time with English Leather the cologne of the day, punctuated and synergized by us men with our pheromones run amok!  

Everyone, get ready to get slammed!

You'd think that with the value of the American dollar sinking like a stone, we'd at least get a break when it comes to shelling those spondulicks from our wallets! Sadly, the answer is no! Get ready for almost across the board increases in the cost of such near and dear items as vegetables, meats and propane. Also looming on the immediate horizon will be increases in various and sundry state and Federal taxes! All this happening while the health insurance actuaries are contemplating 30% hikes in rates for 2015!

And who, or what, do we have to thank for all the pain and suffering? Let me put it this way - just how much of the last two trillion dollar stimulus packages have you and your family received? The country is going broke and the safety nets that used to be there for you are rapidly fading away. That's not me saying it - that's the word from a 2012 report by the GAO or General Accounting Office of our government! Please write your representative and ask them what part of the word 'unsustainable' do they not understand. Don't bother asking anyone in the Senate, however - for they are dead to the pleatings of mere sheep!

Egg monster attaches itself to Obama!

Where it originally came from, one can only guess. When it came was a much easier question, though. Tuesday before last, this gelatinous mass which appeared very much like a fried egg was spotted on a popular Washington D.C., street making its way and in the general direction of the White House.

Evidently authorities thought it more amusing than any actual threat and left it pretty much alone, (save for one officer who sprinkled some salt and pepper over it for a cheap laugh)! But other than that small insult, the 'egg monster', was left alone to slide along Pennsylvania Ave at the incredibly slow pace of one tenth a mile an hour. Days passed.... and everyone pretty much lost interest. After all, it was so damn slow!

Then, earlier today, I was startled when I saw President Obama on the TV! That egg monster had attached itself to the side of our beloved President's face! And, what was the most shocking to me – he didn't seem to take any notice! (Even Earnest tried to put a really positive spin on this unexpected development by commenting that Obama was apparently not afraid to be 'caught with egg on his face')! Ha ha.. ha.... Everyone got a good chuckle out of that.

For my part, I'm concerned that this evil monster is taking control of Obama's mind....(which would actually explain much of his recent conduct)...and that's no 'yolk' folks! As now, it apparently has
We come in peace!
reproduced itself! The new 'egg thing' has been spotted sliding down the Halls of Congress near Harry Reid's door - Which, now that I think of it, could result in a better human being....Go egg monster!!

Update: Circa 2015 - It seems the egg monster dudes have left our planet. Even they could not turn humans as vile as a politician, sunny side up!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

It happened again! Yet another mass stabbing!

Twenty students were wounded — four seriously — at a high school near Pittsburgh and one person is in custody early Wednesday, emergency officials say.
Dan Stevens, a spokeswoman for Westmoreland County emergency management, told Fox News that the male suspect is in custody following the incident at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, roughly 15 miles east of Pittsburgh. More to come on this breaking story at

When is the madness of allowing people unrestricted access to weapons like knives going to stop! While not yet confirmed, rumor has it that the knife used in the attack was a special combat style knife of the type used by soldiers in the fields of war! How is it that children are even allowed to have such weapons of destruction in their possession? Knives are good for one thing and one thing only! Cutting and stabbing defenseless meat! Congress, along with President Obama, needs to stand up and immediately craft a bill making the mere possession of a knife not only illegal, but a felony misdemeanor as well!

I call on all Americans to write their Congress Representatives and Senators and to demand that any
and all knives longer than three inches be confiscated by the authorities. The madness of people wielding such devices of death must stop!

The injuries sustained by these students was grievous and sad and my satire evident. However, I can practically guarantee some left wing nut job (and maybe one or two on the right) will soon point to the weapon as the cause and not the person and his mental illness which is what really needs to be addressed by the nation.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Psychology 401! Lifehouse and Learn You Inside Out!

 "Each day, we rise and 'put on our best face' and then go out bravely, 
to weather the storm that is our unique life!" DanO

Welcome my very fine net travelers from the other post!

Please do watch this most interesting video. Also, please carefully observe and perhaps learn something more than I have thus far! Lots to see here and thoughtfully gather from the lyrics of this emblematic song by Lifehouse! Personally, I think there are at least 'nine or more statements of life and living' all synergistically going on in this video/song combo.... Failing that, just drop down to the lyrics section....

A personal insight: I really believe that our living God is very real and that He is a very dynamic part of my life and has always been so. His 'music of life' runs and thrills constantly into the very core of my being; an intrinsic living vibration, existing in the deepest parts of me, very much like a live electrical wire. A 'wire of life' that firmly connects me with this sometimes insane reality we all suffer through. And then, just perhaps, there exists a much higher reality...mostly seen fleetingly in our dreams. Good stuff, and most nights I fall asleep, dreaming ever so sweetly...

 And then when I awake, there is this 'in your face God', who challenges us all as we go living our lives from day to day. Disease, famine and war go on as a kind of personal horror show in so many individual's lives!  Life and living and how we even manage to exist, date to day, here on this granite rock we all call Earth is truly a mystery to me...

Note: This particular YouTube video and song came to me years ago, and I could not hear it very well, as my father was dying at the time. Later on, I could hear and understand the subtle nuances very loud and clear... it's called being human and hurting and to know what hurting is! And, so I now (in 2019) think I see life through a clearer lens, or maybe not. [Edit 70]. This song is about us as homo sapiens, and of a God speaking so clearly to us, that it hurts my face...

Lyrics by Lifehouse - > Learn You Inside Out

Sit, my feet on the ground...
It feels like the world's... gravity drowns!
When I'm with you, I'm high...

Oh, and instead of hiding my face
My minds in your eyes
Can your love embrace... me as I am?

Will the silence you stare at the world
Your eyes are screaming to be heard
I wanna learn you inside out...

And when time, is not on our side,
All we have is now
For the rest of our lives

Let's stay up all night...

In the silence you stare at the world
Your eyes are screaming to be heard
I wanna learn you inside out

All the changes each time
Can't keep you inside of me!
You're out of my mind
I wear you on my sleeve...

In the silence, you stare at the world
Your eyes are screaming to be heard
I wanna learn you inside out
I see all that you wanna be
Into your soul looking right back at me
I wanna learn you inside out...
We seem to be becoming increasingly strange(r) to each other, sometimes even in our own homes... As of (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020) it seems to me that we might just have a rather treacherous group of individuals running things behind closed doors. I feel more and more like a dumb sheep, just waiting to be sheared... or worst yet, left to a pointless existence.

And so, as my father lived his life as a young man, and who flew a fighter plane in WWII and who killed his enemies. And so who as a young man, after suffering those horrible acts of war, and yet who steadfastly helped and who grew me up to a young and protected adulthood. A man who paid so dearly later on, all with me never really knowing how he suffered each day. All this happening, at a time in my life, when everything truly sparkled growing up in the 60's and 70's... Well, fuck me forever.... My father, my mother. you were everything and all things to me.... And, so, in some day in 2020, God's spirit renewed all the cells of the biotic that was me. Damn! And my wine glass was staying full! Go figure.

FYI: The original rabbit hole - Open your eyes and start here fellow travelers!
Now, brave souls, on wards to ear bending stuff! 

A new dawn in the Land of PUSS!

Fully outfitted and ready!

Picture a not too distant future where all those pesky jerks in the Conservative Party were no longer around! A United States now renamed the Progressive United Socialist States or PUSS for short! A supper government that is one giant all encompassing entity with deserving people like George Soros at the helm! (Think of an Orwellian State, but on steroids)!

In the Land of PUSS, there would be no tolerance for anything that was considered bad or not Progressive. The Gov (now renamed God by popular acclaim) would issue dictum's that all citizens would be required to follow, as by that point, everyone would know by heart the new motto printed on all their currency...

'Scimus enim quod melius est'
We know what is best

In the Land of PUSS, you would be expected to conform to certain state sponsored programs and would be (properly) controlled via control devices like those displayed in the graphic above. You would subscribe to the concept that the government (aka God) knows what BEST for you and more importantly what's FAIR for you and your fellow man. Every man women or child would be required to wear three lightweight 'devices' that would automatically help insure adherence to 'God' and what 'God' thinks best for the population at whatsoever time 'God' wants. I humbly submit them in reverse order:

Device C – an Anti-thief Identifier or ATI – Let's say you commit an illegal act like stealing some poor lady's purse! This nifty device would be activated (by the authorities of course) and would send pulses of Taser-like energy up your left leg causing it to jerk uncontrollably, thereby forcing you to run in circles while simultaneously peeing your pants! A sure and easy way for the police to identify and thus catch your sorry ass!

Device B – a Food Consumption Reminder or FCR – This device would routinely sample your blood for high sugar levels. Anyone found with more than the allowable levels of sugar in their blood stream would receive a gentle electric shock to help remind them to please stay within their dietary allowance! [This device, like all the devices would constantly communicate with a central authority who could reprogram it to monitor other blood abnormalities (like alcohol) should that be required]. After all, it's for your own good and more importantly, it would be FAIR to the other citizens!

Device A – the Ultimate Compliance Device or UCD – This little jewel would be lightweight, waterproof, tamper proof and would be attached from the age of ten until death. (Just like the other two 'compliance devices'). It's function would be to enforce a STOP & DIE police order by exploding and thereby severing the wearers head from his or hers evil body. [Please note that this particular device could only be activated only when a 'judge' gave the go ahead order for your termination for some wrong you perpetrated on society, whatever that 'wrong' might be]. As it's use is both immediate and final – expensive internment via jails and prisons (as well as other legal costs) would be thereby eliminated. See! Another cost saving feature!

These devices, originally thought up by some folks at the DOJ years before, SAVES MONEY and is FAIR to all the otherwise God-fearing and law abiding sheep citizens in the newly formed Land of PUSS! Long live the collective and our all knowing Progressive Party!

Attorney General Holder: Golly, just look at what Eric's up to these days?

It is not without some sense of relief that I recently discovered that at least a few of Obama's appointed officials are out there spending out money wisely. Take Eric Holder, for instance. He's been busy with his DOJ, thinking about how it might be possible to force gun owners to wear a bracelet that could communicate with the wearer's gun so that it would only fire for that individual. Seriously! Who else in this entire world could have thought up something like that? And, what could possibly go wrong with such an approach?

At a time when other agencies, like the Hilliary Clinton's State Department, who can't seem to account for billions in past expenditures, it's comforting to know that our Attorney General has his head squarely screwed on his shoulders and is spending the People's money so wisely! You can read more about this great idea here: -

Personally, I cannot think up even one thing that could ever go wrong with such an approach to gun control. Can you? Maybe, they could also come up with a neck brace that could go around overweight people necks! That way, whenever they try and walk into a fast food place, it could begin to constrict their necks in such as way as to make eating impossible! What? What's wrong with that idea? It's progressive, don't ya think?

Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Sunday trip to McDonald's!

'Oh boy! I'm going to the double Arches today!' That was my thought as I motored on over to the local McDonald's for lunch one overcast Sunday afternoon. The past week's diet had been pretty much blown all to hell and so I thinking that if I was going to be hung, it might as well be as a cat!

Now McDonald's on a Sunday is generally a drive through affair pour moi. There's two reasons why that's so; 1) the place will have more kids per square foot than at any other time of the week and 2) I can enjoy my lunch drinking a beverage I brought with me rather than pay the sky high rates they want for a coke or other beverage there! On this particular Sunday in April, I arrived a little after the noon hour, just as all the churches were emptying out. And where do the faithful go when they leave their church? Why, to McDonald's of course!

As I sat in line waiting my turn at the speaker-box thingy, I couldn't help but notice the sounds of sheer chaos coming from within the establishment. The center of all that ruckus seemed to be coming from the McDonald's unique indoor version of a 'playground'. A space that looked pretty grimy even from the relative safety of my car. I counted something like ten or more kids who were engaged in activities that ranged from licking the slide surface to hanging upside down from a bar while drooling on an unfortunate child below. Playground, I thought to myself. A better word would be germgroundzero! As I pulled forward, I wondered how many of those kids would be sick on Monday and who would be just in time to give the crud to mommy and daddy! Nothing like starting your work week with an unknown virus multiplying in your gut....

At last, it was my turn to order. 'Squorsh blecky bordash help you', came the distorted words from the speaker. (I've learned from past experience not to pay any attention to whatever it is the box is trying to tell me and hone in only on the word help as my cue to place an order). 'I'll have a cheeseburger and a medium fry,' I ordered in my clearest speaking at a box box voice.

'You want that pushed to the max, honey?', came the surprisingly clear response. Although, I wasn't quite sure what the 'max' actually meant...

'Naw, just give me a cheeseburger and a medium fry,' I responded in a calm and controlled voice. I like to pride myself on being able to survive the McDonald's order gauntlet while staying somewhat intellectually intact.

'OK,squarsh mother fundashs, that'l be ablish abundingee.', came a short retort through a now rising wave of electronic static. I briefly wondered if the order taker was going insane and definitely had no idea of what the correct amount I should pay was. Thankfully, the lit display flashed the amount of $3.02. I sighed in silent gratitude and pulled on up to the pay window, a fist full of change at the ready. I quickly payed for my meal, then pulled forward to the 'delivery' window, grabbed my meal and left. [When I arrived home, I sighed one last time and then enjoyed my Quarter Pounder and tater tots....] Yep! I'd survived a true gauntlet and was now contentedly munching down on a salt loaded, cholesterol hellhole that tasted pretty damn good yet was most likely doing a number on the old aortic arch! As I finished the last bite, I felt....

What's for dinner?

A perfect day!

For me, at my advanced age, just getting out of bed in the morning is a big step towards a good day.

The idea of a perfect day is different for everyone, I'm sure. Everyone has their own concept of what a perfect day would be. Some might offer that a warm sunny day with no wind would be a great start and I'd agree. But, really, for me a perfect day would involve five elements;
  1. OK, sure, nice weather would be a good place to start. But, only by the fact that I would be encouraged to get outside and actually get some exercise! So, number one is getting at least twenty minutes of some form of heart healthy exercise!
  2. Eating healthy would be number two for me. That would involve foods that were well balanced and nutritious – so, no junk foods allowed. I'd also like to keep the total calories below 2000!
  3. Frugality! Is that even a word? Well, let's just say not spending a lot of money and staying within a budget would be element number three to a perfect day!
  4. Goal advancement! For number four, I'd want to be able to advance, even if only a small amount, towards some goal.
  5. Meditation – Finally, a perfect day for me would be finding the time to sit down and meditate about things like friends, God and my country.
I feel that if I can just get those five areas nailed down each day, my life would be full and I would go to sleep each day a happy man!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Rat Pack with Johnny Carson and Dean Martin!

Part one of what is a tribute to a fine group of men!

The coming American Revolution! Will it be happening soon? Is it needed?

We are all living in very fast paced times, and some things that are happening here at home (as of late) are troubling to many! - although, I'm not advocating anything presented here in this video. That said, I am an American and I will defend my Republic and the citizens who dwell therein, to the last drop of my blood!

December 2015 - The Revolution is coming at us Americans like a freight train!

Hello Kitty!

If we can do this....what else are we capable of?
A thought. Small is good! Tiny forms of life can climb to the heavens
with little effort...
Maybe the true seafarer's of space are tiny! 

This might be a good year to plant your own veggies!

The ongoing drought in the Central Valley of California will definitely be affecting some of the prices you'll see at the supermarket later on this spring and summer! Some estimates are calling for 4% increases for much of the produce we all like to buy, so maybe a small garden by your home this year might not be such a bad idea!

When you consider that the cost of a head of romaine lettuce is currently at $1.49 while yellow onions are going for that price per pound and a single green bell pepper is at .89 cents, perhaps a garden that growing those items at a lot less cost could pay in the end!

Another way to save on your overall costs is to make sure you properly save the seeds you purchase in an airtight container in your fridge. I've had great success with pepper, tomato and other seeds that were as much as four years old! It also isn't a big deal to save some of the seeds from your yearly harvest assuming that they weren't hybrids to begin with.

Even a small four foot square raised bed can be very productive if you make sure to add fertile soil to start with and then continue to add chopped up kitchen scraps as the season progresses. I've personally been able to get as much as 50 pounds of edible vegetables out of such a space over the course of just one season! That's a lot of bell peppers, onions and romaine I don't have to cough up money for at the checkout counter over the course of the summer and fall months, and it adds up. In addition, many of these veggies can be canned or chopped up and frozen for use during the winter months!

So, consider taking the plunge and starting your own little island of plentiful food this spring! You'll be glad you did!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Wheel in the Sky!

A band called Journey - 1978 was great! And, strangely, though I never met this band - I remember listening to them while driving from Chicago to SIU.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Carpenters! Close to you!

Never enough words to be said for how this singer, this most wonderful woman get me through one of the most desperate times of my life. I will forever cherish her, and also curse her for not seeing her tremendous talent because of her ill perceived weight problems...

These boots are made for walking!

Recorded back in 1966, a true classic by Nancy Sinatra!!