Sunday, April 13, 2014

Everyone, get ready to get slammed!

You'd think that with the value of the American dollar sinking like a stone, we'd at least get a break when it comes to shelling those spondulicks from our wallets! Sadly, the answer is no! Get ready for almost across the board increases in the cost of such near and dear items as vegetables, meats and propane. Also looming on the immediate horizon will be increases in various and sundry state and Federal taxes! All this happening while the health insurance actuaries are contemplating 30% hikes in rates for 2015!

And who, or what, do we have to thank for all the pain and suffering? Let me put it this way - just how much of the last two trillion dollar stimulus packages have you and your family received? The country is going broke and the safety nets that used to be there for you are rapidly fading away. That's not me saying it - that's the word from a 2012 report by the GAO or General Accounting Office of our government! Please write your representative and ask them what part of the word 'unsustainable' do they not understand. Don't bother asking anyone in the Senate, however - for they are dead to the pleatings of mere sheep!

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