Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Infamous DanO Burger!

God knows, there's already a plethora of burgers out there for folks to eat! Fast food joints, standing cheek to jowl, took the original McDonald's 15¢ plain Jane burger and transformed it into a gazillion variations. So, why does someone, like myself, dare to present a 'new burger' here? I'll plead the fifth other than to state that this particular creation is not of the fast food gender – it's strictly homemade, simple and therefore by definition, delicious!

Ingredients and Notes:
A hamburger bun – go for the best you can afford!
¼ lb ground beef patty – just get the cheap beef! Those that have a lot of fat!
Onion slice – preferably white or red, but whatever!
Leaf lettuce – I prefer a leaf or two of romaine for added crunch!
A slice of tomato – make it thick and make it fresh - as in vine grown!
½ tsp ketchup
½ tsp mayo
½ tsp mustard
½ tsp horseradish – What! Yes, this little addition kicks everything up a tad!

That's all, and the the fat lady has sung! – This particular song, though, is a real winner! Grill the patty (yes grill it - pan fried don't work here) to medium rare, sear your buns for a moment or two and then add the condiments and devour like there is no tomorrow! Now sit back and smile! Serves 1.

A note about making and cooking the patty: When forming the patty, keep the meat as loosely held as possible and for goodness sake, don't mash the stuffing out of it while it's cooking on the grill! You want as much juiciness as possible to be retained in the burger! Oh, and a word of warning. If you substituted a hot house tomato for the real thing, I will find you!

This culinary creation was maybe endorsed by noted model
Cassandra Hierholzer! Which is no longer available. And who, upon seeing this post unfriended me on FB like her pants were on fire! :P

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