Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Random Thoughts for May 2014

Is it finally warming up out there??

SW MO. - I'll walk out on a very thin limb and predict that May 1st will be the start of a proper and fit spring with a warming trend that will see us in the high 70's most days with 50's for nightly lows! So, based on that prediction, I'd say it's time to get all those plants you have waiting in your garage out and in the garden!

There are a number of factors that might make a vegetable garden a good way to go this year. The continued drought in California will drive produce prices upwards. Historically low cattle herds will also insure that meat prices will stay at record levels! And last – a sagging National economy will all but guarantee continued high energy prices as we move through the year of 2014!

Liar, liar, their pants are on Benghazi fire!

Washington D.C. – Evidence has come to light, in the form of an email, that leads many journalists (perhaps correctly) to conclude that there was an intentional and premeditated cover up by the White House as to the real political reason behind cause of the Benghazi incident in which four Americans died! The question is, do we really want this bunch of idiots leading the United States any more? I'd bet that Jay Carney wished he was somewhere else.... Mr. President - Al Qaeda is not on the run. Truth be told, they are growing stronger than ever! Main stream America understands that fact!

China to surpass the US in economic productivity!

OK! There's a lot of dissent among the 'experts' as to what constitutes a 'standard measure of production'. Maybe China will, or will not surpass the US this year, but they are close! – And, the thing is, if and when they do, there has never been an instance in recorded history for any society once passed by to ever regain its superiority. WTF is going on? Am I the only American who is concerned that this Congress, that this Administration, that this President is leading a once great Republic to economic and spiritual ruin? Is anyone out there in the blogosphere even vaguely awake? I'm wondering...

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