Sunday, April 6, 2014

A perfect day!

For me, at my advanced age, just getting out of bed in the morning is a big step towards a good day.

The idea of a perfect day is different for everyone, I'm sure. Everyone has their own concept of what a perfect day would be. Some might offer that a warm sunny day with no wind would be a great start and I'd agree. But, really, for me a perfect day would involve five elements;
  1. OK, sure, nice weather would be a good place to start. But, only by the fact that I would be encouraged to get outside and actually get some exercise! So, number one is getting at least twenty minutes of some form of heart healthy exercise!
  2. Eating healthy would be number two for me. That would involve foods that were well balanced and nutritious – so, no junk foods allowed. I'd also like to keep the total calories below 2000!
  3. Frugality! Is that even a word? Well, let's just say not spending a lot of money and staying within a budget would be element number three to a perfect day!
  4. Goal advancement! For number four, I'd want to be able to advance, even if only a small amount, towards some goal.
  5. Meditation – Finally, a perfect day for me would be finding the time to sit down and meditate about things like friends, God and my country.
I feel that if I can just get those five areas nailed down each day, my life would be full and I would go to sleep each day a happy man!

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