Monday, April 21, 2014

Don't let me down!

"Well.... at any rate, we had a band still playing!"
The 80's!  In truth, I was there, fully immersed in that sort of environment, and was baptized in all that shit! No real regrets, though! It was my reality for more than a decade or two!

'The life we now hold dearly, no matter how short or long it might be,
 is way too brief!
And, whenever we dare to look backwards at some times past. We often sometimes cringe at opportunities lost!

Caught, as we are pure souls,
in the eye and the event horizon
of some strange, but wonderful God!

For the brief times we have left here on this plane of existence,
each of us do cycle joyfully
and move
in endless loops!'

Last thoughts! And this be for two wonderful individuals!
(Dr. Lincoln declined)

God's greatest gift to us... was us...
well, except for me. Entanglement has always been a
barrier. Quantum entanglement, where sometimes that which we seek,
as a species, lies within us... and always has!

or something like that...

Faraday! Where the fuck are you now?

Gathering together a parting thought. I cannot span these
endless loops... I would, however
consider a job offer... just thinking!
FermiLab - will take a janitor position!

Fermilab's in box has been a dry well.
So, I look to my Creator and asked why?
'If you truly want to know, you very sad image of Me'
God laughed and fractal images of that Perfection flashed.

'Remember one time, my son. A short memory of when
your were perfect and whole and when all
your senses that I have given you worked.

A night of incredible avalanches of senses.
Something truly marvelous to behold.
A time when all five senses I gave you
worked in a chaotically perfect manner.
At the time you experienced this,
you discounted the my treasure given you at birth.
Later, should you wander into older years.
you wondered and craved those times.
Hear Me now!
The very best of those memories
will be part of the first day
of a new begginning!
Rock on!

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