Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Planters peanuts can cut!

After cutting a finger twice now, while opening a can of Planter's Chipotle peanuts, I contacted the company who then opened a case log on the problem. I made the effort, not so much for myself or other adults, as I did for any children who might be hurt in a like fashion. Kids with dirty hands with cuts invite sepsis, don't ya know? After speaking with a representative for a bit, they informed me that the problem would be kicked over to Quality Control to see if they might desire to switch to a plastic-style top of similar design. I told them that I didn't think adding more plastic to our land fills was a very good alternative. Another idea was to bevel the edge of the aluminum top so as to make it a bit more challenging for oafs, such as myself, to get injured... Will that happen. Yes, that would be likely as I suspect other individuals, in America, are just as clumsy as I am.

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