Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bull Shoals Lake – Now one large septic tank!

A picnic site lies peacefully below...

Miss-management due to government incompetence is widely known and almost an accepted fact these days. And, it would seem that even our water ways have not escaped their fumbling touch!

Forsyth, MO – The Bull Shoals lake level stood at 692.55 feet on July the 15th, 2015. That level was about thirty feet over what it is during a so-called 'normal' season. The interesting fact is that rainfall over the region has been only about nine inches more than is average at this time of year. With no real release being recorded at the Arkansas dam, the water is pretty much sitting stagnant, which will make it a great breeding ground for mosquitoes as we progress on in to the summer.

What's needed, in my opinion, is some real leadership at the state level. Not some bureaucratic bunch of Washington yahoo's who are clueless, deal making liberals.

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