Saturday, June 16, 2018

Random Thoughts for June 2018!

Hail woes!
After leaving May behind, but not before it managed to trash my car with hail on the 31st, I ventured bravely onward into June. A month that reminded me of the variability of what mother Nature can dish out when she's a little pissed. Half way through the month and over half the time the temps climbed to 90 and beyond! As I sweltered in the early heat, an insurance man came over and announced that I had about five thousand dollars worth of damage to my car and that they would be sending me a check in the mail. Swell. Meanwhile the weather people were calling for; heat indices above 100, scattered violent hail storms and just a smattering of tornadoes here and there. Oh, and my condominium complex, which just replaced the shingles on ten buildings at an insured cost of 200 thousand in April, would need to be replaced again. Oh, and by the way, we'd likely have to foot that additional cost ourselves! Double swell!

Whenever I get depressed, which had been happening more often as of late, I turn to eating as a calmative. Recently, I made up a batch of DanO's Chili! A dish that goes together quickly with little in the way of fuss or muss. 'Give a man a bowl of chili, a can of beer and a game to watch and all is well with the world!' (Well, it'd also be OK to throw in a winning lotto ticket, a very lose woman and a crazed chimpanzee)!

I can't wait for 2020!
Even as I am rapidly advancing to the age where cliff diving seems like a good alternative, I have to admit to feeling a bit excited about the presidential election of 2020! One the one side, we will have that ornery and cantankerous man known as the Trump! On the other side... who the fuck knows??

 Most of the wannabe candidates are so far to the Left that even old George Soros might have some doubts. Let's see now; there's a few well know figures like Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Those zany characters will be in the DNC hunt along with Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, Sherrod Brown and Cory Booker as of this post. Of this group, Joe 'the groper' Biden seems to have the best chance to get it all together. He's sort of a mild version of Obama who, once elected, would work like mad to turn everything Trump has done completely around. That would include wide-open borders, kowtowing to foreign nationals, closing down coal mines and offshore drilling not to mention the reimposing of a billion or so regulations on corporations! That rushing sound, you'd hear, would be trillions of dollars moving back offshore...

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