Saturday, June 2, 2018

Egg on toast with home fries!

One of my very large pleasures in life has been the many egg on toast with a side of home fries styled meal-a-deals I've eaten over the years. And, sure, there are a lot of people who might view such a meal with a jaundiced eye. High cholesterol and two 'whites', namely the bread and the potatoes. Both dietary no-nos for individuals trying to stay slim and trim.

OK, so I make amends by not eating this stuff each and every morning. But, let me tell you that there are some redeeming qualities....

Note that the spreadsheet I threw together is 'mostly' correct. Where it falls down is in the reporting of the fried potatoes with perhaps too high levels of salt. My best guess concerning the fried potatoes is that it is close, while the salt level may be a tad high as I used salt substitute. Lastly, I like A1 Sauce on my potatoes. Try it and see what you think!

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