Wednesday, June 20, 2018

I think I have a few immigrant solutions!

In what has to be a stroke of sheer genius, I believe that I have come up with a few viable solutions to the border problems that face America in 2018!

Solution 1

We decide, as a nation, to annex Mexico to California then divide that state up into three new states make them the 51st to 53rd additions to the Union! Now I understand that the Current government, in Mexico, might be a little upset with this move. To which I would say, 'tough nogies'. Life sucks and get over it! Once we march in a hundred thousand soldiers, what are they going to do about it? Nada! All Mexicans would then suddenly become US citizens living in 'South California' and we could tax the bejesus out of them while also placing them under the tender administrations of the Far Left....

Solution 2

We finish the wall, but also build a great highway connecting Mexico directly to Canada! Needless to say, that highway would also have pretty high walls! And, it would be very expensive as we would be forced to wall off Canada also. But once that was accomplished, we could sit back and see how the Canadian government handles the problem. Maybe we could even lend them Chucky Schumer on a semi permanent basis to act as a sanctimonious critic.

Solution 3

We open the border wide open, contrive to have the Republicans lose the next few elections. Then, we conservatives could sit at home and watch TV to see just what the Democrats will do when they suddenly find themselves neck deep in uneducated, dirty and hungry multitudes. What a hoot that would be. Of course, we'd all have to get used to a shift to Third World status, but that's the breaks of the game!


We could build that dumb old wall on the south border and enforce the laws already on the books. Boring!

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