Monday, June 6, 2016

Video of a theft of a bike in Forsyth MO!

YouTube link

I was able to recover footage of a theft of my bike out of my garage in Forsyth MO - Date: May 18, 2016. Time 6:19 PM CST. A single theft wasted no time in grabbing the bike and exiting. In my view the garage had been cased prior to the act by a single individual. Someone who likely lives nearby. If he's smart, he'll get rid of the hoodie with that distinctive design on his back... Also, if you watch the far left garage door window, you can see the shadow thrown by an accomplice.. In any case, I won't hurt the retarded child, however I will go after his parents, or parent assuming any even exist...

And then there's the real story. Nothing will happen... ever.

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