Thursday, November 17, 2016

More search warrants issued in murder case!

Forsyth MO. – The investigation into the wrongful death of 18 year old Eric Summerfield continued, in mid November, as additional search warrants were recently issued. A request, by the media for the release of information concerning the search warrants had been rescheduled for a hearing scheduled for December the 6th. The issuance of more warrants would indicated that the investigation was still active and, of some interest, is that a least some of the warrants pertained to juveniles. 

Tristan Carr, the suspect in the case, remained in jail on a half million dollar bond. Source: Taney County Times

Update: Dec 6, 2016 - State by PA Merrell. Defendant was with Attorney Davis. Media request to be filed in this case. Request for next hearing to be held on 1/26/17 @ 1pm. Preliminary was then set for hearing 1/26/17 @ 1PM. Defendant Carr's request to bar the media for being present during preliminary was denied. Media to be restricted to still photographs only. Deft to be allowed to have a dress shirt, slacks and slip-on shoes for preliminary. Jail to allow the changes of clothes immediately before hearing. Clothes to be provided by the Police Department. Motion for bond reduction taken up. Motion for reduction denied.

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