Monday, November 21, 2016

Senior Friendship Lunches – Just the Facts!

Forsyth MO. - On Monday thru Friday (except on Holidays), the Senior Friendship Center located at 13879 US Hwy 160, offers up a fantastic assortment of meals (see November calendar) at incredible prices! Just how incredible you ask? Well, it's a donation kind of thing, so if your hurting give what you can. Otherwise, for men and women under the age of sixty, they ask $6, for those at 60 or above the suggested amount is $3.50! I didn't get a clear answer on what they ask for kids, but I got that it was whatever mom or dad could throw in the hat!

Meal time begins at 11:15 AM when the salad bar is ready to go, with the main meals served starting at 11:30 AM – My advice is to get there early to avoid the crowds! (I forgot to ask exactly when the meal service normally ends, but would assume it was not too far past the noon hour). Either way, you can give them a call at 417-545-6100 to make inquiries!

I eaten at this venue many times and can attest to the high standards of food preparation that are in place. The food tastes great and the company is even better!

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