Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Revised Paleo Diet update #1

It's been just a day, that's 24 hours of me being on my newly revised Paleo Diet and I'm seeing some result even that early on! Weight - done a 1.2 pounds! Was it due to water retention? I don't think so as I'm drinking eight 12 oz glasses of water and or juice a day. I can tell you that exercising just before or after a meal has had an interesting side effect. I'm sore all over the place! But, that would still be worth it if I drop a few pounds and feel healthier at the end.

One of my concepts was to have meat with both my lunch and dinner. (Breakfast is reserved for either a cereal or and egg dish with veggies). The meat portions, as you can see in the picture above are being kept really small - at about 72 grams. This allows me to buy a goof cut of fresh meat while still keeping my budget in line. Likewise, I'm adding or removing vegetables depending on what's on sale. These portions are a little larger as their caloric impact isn't that great and they're good for you.

This 250 calories meal (370 with the 2% milk) was filling and didn't weigh me down when I then went for a ten minute walk over hill and dale!

Update #2 posted 8/31/14: The Paleo Revised Diet I've been on has resulted in some substantial weight loss (2.2 pounds) after just one full week. This loss occurring, even as my overall caloric intake went up! I average 2175 calories consumed versus 2220 burned for only a 44 calorie net loss! The biggest changes were seen in my consumption of meats and fruits. Prior to this diet, I was averaging a consumption level of 1900 calories. The big jump was mostly due to me drinking more beer. Once I lower that back down, I should begin seeing some more good results.

Update #3 posted 9/13/14: Down 6.4 pounds this date and hoping to hit a goal of 180 by the end of the month. The combination of eating meat for every meal, proper exercise and zero snacks have had a good effect!

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