Sunday, August 24, 2014

Are thoughtless people a sign of the times?

Yes, walking in August can be fun, (if you can take the heat)! But, it becomes not as fun when you encounter the thoughtless trash (over 50 aluminum cans), others have left on the side of the road. I can tell a lot about a person that does that sort of thing:
  1. The person has a major drinking problem.
  2. He has no regard for himself, others or the environment.
  3. He is most likely unemployed and unemployable.
  4. In other words, your run of the mill, total loser.
The sad part is he lives in my neighborhood and if I knew who he was, I be happy to fill up his rectal area with these cans he left behind for me to pick up. Actually, that would be something to videotape!

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