Saturday, August 30, 2014

The 300 Calorie Toaster-Burger!

While I've always enjoyed eating the traditional deluxe hamburger, all those calories coming from the bun has bothered me. Hamburgers also suffer from what I like to call the 'add-ons'. Those are the little items like a slab of cheese, dressing, onions, pickles and all the rest that take a standard burger into the caloric stratosphere! Compare, if you would; the Burger King's Whopper at 650 calories, McDonald's Big Mac at 530 and Wendy's offering of Dave's Hot and Juicy Single at 580! Add in an order of fries and you can see how very easy it is to pack on those unsightly pounds!
The Whopper, Dave's H&J and a Big Mac!
Enter, my own home brewed creation that is easy to make, satisfying and low calorie! I call it the Toaster-Burger. The ingredients include a single slice of toast, a 100 gram lean ground beef patty with some veggies on top! (There's no cheese, fancy sauces or any other high calorie ingredient to blow everything out of proportion). It boils down to only about 305 calories, which also gives you plenty of room to add a side or two of fruit and veggies to help better the overall nutritional profile!

The meal, pictured above, came in for a total of 520 calories! It included the Toaster-burger, some fruit and veggies for a more balance dietary intake! Now, having said all that, I still like to make a bi-monthly trip over to some fast food franchise and pig out!

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