Saturday, August 23, 2014

A real beef stir fry!

Hey! It's what's for breakfast down here in SW MO! On this most bodacious Saturday (in late August, 2014 as the temps hit 100°F on a regular basis), I planned to fully enjoy what could soon be a vanishing taste sensation... a beef steak stir fry! (In the very near term, I figured that a good piece of meat would be beyond my meager financial status). To wit, I gathered to myself, about 2 ounces of cheap steak along with some home grown peppers, cherry tomatoes and onions. To this culinary soirée, I added just a touch of virgin olive oil to a small frying pan sitting over medium high heat. Everything was then sautéed for about four minutes! [While this meal was cooking, I also threw in a slice of bread to the toaster-roaster]. Towards the end of the cooking cycle, I also tossed in a dash of Oregano along with a couple of squirts of Worcestershire sauce, just to spice everything up! Wham bam, thank you ma'am, it was ready to go!

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