Sunday, February 20, 2011

Critique: Best Choice Double Stuffed Beef Ravioli

You’d think with such a long name that there might be some redeeming quality with this canned item. Well, you’d be wrong. I originally bought this product because the price was so attractive when compared to a similar can of Chef Boyardee Jumbo Beef Ravioli located a few shelves down. Here is what I discovered.

First of all, nothing can be done to disguise the amount of salt in this can of crapola. A 425 gram serving hits you with 2,200 milligrams of sodium (a whole days allowance). That’s almost enough to leave a salt ring around your mouth. In many cases, salt helps to camouflage bad tasting food in an effort to make it more palatable. In this case, all you actually taste is the salt. Oh, and after going to the trouble, eating a can of this stuff racks up over 500 calories! The Chef Boyardee version, while not much better in the nutrition department, does taste a whole lot better.

The bottom line: If you’re under the age of fifteen, you can eat this stuff on occasion and survive the process. Anyone older than that should maybe take a pass.

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