Thursday, February 3, 2011

Random Thoughts for Feb 3 2011

A word for our times…

After searching the Webster dictionary, I came up with the word I think best describes the time we live in…chaotic. By definition chaos is, ‘a state of utter confusion or disorder; a total lack of organization or order.’ That seems to sum up the state of our country, foreign events and the weather as of late.

The next big one!

The next world war will be fought over two ideologies; Christian and Muslim. Be sure to pick your side now. When the Suez Canal is shut down to the west (and I feel it will be soon), the price of oil for Americans will go through the roof. Couple that with an administration that is entrenched with a fantasy that solar panels will save the day and you have beginnings of a fire that will begin here and the rage all across the globe.

Wal-Mart may be wearing out its welcome.

The fine folks in New York City have had enough of companies that come in and strip out the ma and pa shops while most of the profits go to foreign interests. Add that to the manner in which it treats its employees and you have a company who has worn out its welcome in America.

EPA grants a GE power plant and exemptions from new regulations!

Wonder who currently in bed with our government? Why GE of course.

Seems the EPA is giving California a break, but giving Texas a really hard time? What gives?
Last week the EPA moved to punish Texas for being the one state with the temerity to challenge its methods. Can't stand Texans, President Obama? (See the entire article here).

Apparently, the EPA violated every tenet of administrative procedure in an effort to strip Texas of its authority to issue the air permits that are necessary for large power and industrial projects. A first in the history of the Clean Air Act, that the EPA has now elected to abrogate state control. A decision that will greatly impact growth in a state that is the U.S. energy capital.A decision that will only increase the distance that exists between those who have faith in the government to lead effectively and those who do not.

Perhaps some Americans will respond to the Islamic Brotherhood!

By my count there are more than enough extreme patriots in our country to make up a sizable force that could be used as a kind of ‘shadow army’. A Christian jihad army whose purpose would be to to infiltrate and create an Americanized caliphate of our own in select Islamic countries.Think that thought is way out there? Think again.

Personally, I would call these folks 'The Fitting Justice League' and maybe their emblem could be two crossed nukes with the words ‘Get it On’. Maybe it's time we gave the baby killing, godless extremists in the Islamic Brotherhood a beating they will not long forget. Oh, and a heads up. We don't throw rocks. We sling lead brother.

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