Thursday, November 8, 2012

Obama’s Dream of Nanny-land comes true!

'We’re living in a world called Nanny-land
and trying not to let it show…
Somewhere in that world called Nanny-land
Heartaches can turn into joy!'

Yes, my fellow thinking Americans, I know this is hard to believe, but millions of your not so smart fellow citizens have taken the bait! Obama is da king and America the beautiful will soon be magically transformed into Nanny-land - Taker from the evil rich and giver to the lazy, the poor and the weak. Yes, in Nanny-land it’s all about you baby!

Listen up! You say you don’t feel like working? You say you’re tired and worn out and can’t seem to get up off that couch? No problems matey! Nanny-land will come to your rescue with all the cash you can possibly handle! You just settle back and take it easy while Big Mama Washington makes that mean old booboo called work go away. Yeah, she’ll take it from the rich and give it all to you, you sorry sot, so you can sit on your ass for as long as you want.

See! It is all about YOU! Wow! And though it may seem just a bit too good to be true – our government has so many pockets (really deep pockets) and mirrors that you’ll be long dead and buried before your kids even get wise to this wild and crazy scam.

So, let us all rejoice, drink and make merry…..while we can, Jan.

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