Thursday, November 15, 2012

You elected him. Now live with it.

President Obama met Wednesday with 20 of the nation's top CEO's, looking to tap into their nearly $2 trillion in cash reserves to help stimulate job creation.

But the looming fiscal cliff, financial uncertainty in the Eurozone and the ongoing implementation of ObamaCare have businesses fearful of expansion. On Monday, Hostess Brands announced it is closing three bakeries and laying off 627 employees. The company joins Boeing Company, Groupon Inc, Applebee's international, Papa John's and Murray Energy, which have all announced layoffs or other job cuts since the election.

My take: 'This guy is not a total CF. He just needs a little more time....'

Now, how many times did I hear that lament in the months prior to this election? Well everyone, he's got four more years of rope with which to hang both himself and this country.

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