Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Eating pasta and potatoes while on a diet!

Small portions equate to diet success!
The author is currently on a diet and trying his best to lose weight, so what's with the pasta and potatoes?

For years, I was advised to stay away from anything white (breads, sugar, etc) and to shun other high carbohydrates like pasta and potatoes while trying to diet! The reasoning? That carbs quickly get converted into calories and breads and potatoes and pasta are loaded with carbohydrates! My answer
to that is, so what! Just about everything you eat is converted by one metabolic pathway or another into either amino acids or glucose. Both are essential to good health, only maybe not when you consume them in excess.

This meal was balanced and provided all the essential amino acids, while not going overboard on the carbohydrates. At right is a nutritional panel that goes into more detail for this particular meal. Note that the total calories was just over 500 and that fits in nicely with my planned total of 1800 calories per day. The only sour note was the high level of salt. Note: The potato, onions, green beans and tomato were all from my backyard garden!

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