Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Random thoughts on a rainy day in July!

July 2013 was a bit wacky weather wise!

As the month of July 2013 finally draws to a close, it's been a rather interesting 31 days. What has been billed as one of the two hottest months of the year was not the case this year. As a matter of fact, the last week of the month was both cool and wet with rainfall rates in excess of the historical averages. What's going on with that? I thought we were in a drought!

Perhaps it really is global climate change! I remember one of the concepts I took with me, after reading a book that described the 'Little Ice Age' by Brian Fagan, was the fact that it was not so much the icy winters that killed so many people over the course of 500 years... but rather it was the crazy weather that went from hot to cold to dry to wet, with no one year following the next in like manner. (Sorta of what we are getting this decade, only not as severe....yet). If you haven't read this book, I would encourage you to do so – a very good read.

The Arabs are now getting worried about America's oil reserves!

In an article recently published by Fox News, it seems that some of the Saudi oil elite are becoming concerned with the shitload of oil and gas that is under many American's feet. Apparently some investors, like Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal are writing letters to other oil rich sheiks informing them that America may not need their OPEC oil sometime in the near future. What? Well don't get too excited. To hear Obama and other Progressives talk, that just ain't gonna happen. Still it would be a nice dream to dream. Just imagine America as an oil independent nation of rich, happy people! Naw! Like I said, it ain't gonna happen under his watch.

Weiner may be withdrawing his 'weiner' from the race for Mayor!

OK. I suspect that when this guy was born, the die was cast. And, while I'm sure the Weiner family name is an honorable one, I can only imagine the taunts this man had to endure in grade school. Fast forward to the present and we now have an adult that likes to show women his manhood via the Internet. (In my book that's what's known as a pervert. But, hey that's just me). Still, it will be interesting to see just how many New Yorker's will actually vote for this guy if he stays in the mayoral race. It would put a whole new spin on the word 'tolerant'.

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