Thursday, August 8, 2013

A rainy day foil meal!

What's better on a cool and rainy day in August than a nice cooked foil meal done out on the grill? I came up with the meal deal on the spur of the moment when I was going through my fridge and noticed I had a few carrots, onions and red potatoes that had been harvested from my garden earlier in the week. I also had a hamburger patty and so decided a simple foil meal would just fit the bill for an hearty afternoon repast.


Ground beef formed into a medium patty (130 grams)
1 wedge of green cabbage (99 grams)
2 carrots, peeled and rough cut (27 grams)
1 onion, quartered (70 grams)
1 red potato, quartered (87 grams)
salt and pepper to taste
1 tbsp water
1 pat real butter
Aluminum foil

Prepared all the ingredients and center in a large piece of foil. Carefully wrap the foil around the meal making sure to seal the edges for a steam-tight fit. Place in the center of a charcoal grill where the coals have been pushed to the side for indirect heat. Cook for about an hour and fifteen minutes. Optionally, you can also use an oven set to 305 degrees for about the same amount of time. After the meal is done, carefully remove and open, making sure the steam doesn't burn your fingers. Enjoy!

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Nutritional information: 

The total volume of food for this meal was 413 grams. Note: with the addition of a pat of unsalted butter, the overall calories came in at ~565. I also made a video on this type of meal a few years back for anyone who might be interested.

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